“It sounds good, but young people in this world won’t appreciate it…” The system voice was dry. It was a system that had experienced many battles, but it had been tricked by the host?! Ahhhh, so angry!

“Oh.” An Yinong disagreed.

The system saw him randomly flipping through a sheet of music again, humming softly and singing a cappella on the spot.

He only sang it twice, and he was able to break the script the third time, without any jerky feeling, as smooth as if he had sung it hundreds of times. At this time, the voice was not dry and hoarse when speaking, and a little smoke would only add charming flavor, but it was full of feeling.

“I promised too soon before.” The system wiped its face bitterly, the sweet voice was cute, and the hoarse voice was cool, and most people in this world could appreciate both together in one person.

The host asked him if he could sing, and the answer was of course… yes! This was definitely a professional level singing, the only downside was hyperventilation. But this was the fault of the original owner, his lung capacity was too low and he needed to exercise.

The system didn’t understand, hadn’t his host not sung for seven or eight years? He was a well-known good-for-nothing beauty in the entertainment industry, and there were still a lot of scandals, how could he be good at it?

The system bowed its head and searched: According to the host’s resume, he had only debuted for half a year, and he had only participated in one competition and won the championship once.

But! The runner-up of that year was the queen who won domestic and foreign music awards, and the third runner-up was the new generation of heavenly kings who created the era of drama.

“What kind of devil was the host who overwhelmed the two of them and became the undisputed champion?” The system seemed to know this person. It hit the ground with its head: Blame him for being too young! He didn’t know the dangers of the world.

An Yinong didn’t care whether the system was in pain or not, he laughed heartily, as if he wanted to let out the frustration of breaking his dream. All kinds of past lives appeared in front of his eyes, and his eyes were even a little wet.

However, An Yinong didn’t want to be seen as a little ‘coward’, so he turned his head and wiped the tears away, and picked up a pen to write on a blank post-it note: mild smokey voice, wide range, high plasticity.

Confirming that he could continue to pursue his dreams, he walked out of the recording studio: “Stop talking, it’s cold, let’s make some brown sugar ginger water first.” The most important thing to singers was to protect the throat, and some colds could cause throat inflammation.

While cooking the ginger soup, he was in a happy mood while whistling. The tune was lively and light, just like his footsteps.

At the same time, in a certain high-end neighborhood. Zhao Ze had also arrived at home. He recalled the ‘Ke Yinong’ who viciously threatened him in the rain and choked, and his heart felt blocked. He couldn’t remember the appearance of ‘Ke Yinong’ in his previous life, as if everything was blurred.

“Oh, Ke Yining, I have to make you cry and beg me for mercy!”

Walking around the room, Zhao Ze remembered something, and he made a phone call: “The plan continues. I want the worst character design, I want him to ‘take the initiative’ to leave the entertainment industry. By the way, put on the hellish, ugliest makeup for him.” 

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Ze seemed to be in a better mood: “The thing I raised casually, really thinks I can’t turn the world upside down?” 

After drinking half a glass, his ‘friend’ came in the rain: “I called you a few times, why didn’t you answer?”

This friend’s family collapsed and went bankrupt, fell out of their class, and they never saw each other again. Zhao Ze almost couldn’t remember who he was?

“Xi Ke, aren’t you busy today?” Zhao Ze remembered that during this period of time when Lu Yu officially entered the Huanyu Group and became the intended heir, he was too busy to take any break.

“Father asked me to practice with the entertainment company at home.” Lu Yu sat down and poured himself a glass of wine. He looked at Zhao Ze, “You know that my aunt’s son also opened an entertainment company.”

Of course Zhao Ze knew that if the legitimate child hadn’t been so arrogant and determined to sever ties with his family, then the big group would not be able to get Lu Yu who was an illegitimate child. Of course, in the future, they will know that the arrogance of the legitimate child was emboldened.

“I’m going to swallow it.” Lu Yu smiled like a jackal, and his handsome face was ruined by the grin.

Zhao Ze was not surprised, he also did the same in his previous life. Speaking of this, he remembered one thing, Ke Yinong seemed to be in that entertainment company, called… Starlight Entertainment.

Lu Yu didn’t notice Zhao Ze’s abnormality, he raised his head and drank half a glass of red wine, and murmured viciously: “I will never forget the way he stood above and looked at me when he came to Lu’s house for the first time, condescending and dismissive.”

Zhao Ze came back to his senses, and didn’t take it seriously. “When a legitimate child sees an illegitimate child, is it possible that one should welcome the other warmly?”

“If he has nothing from now on, can he still keep his composure?” Lu Yu couldn’t hold back as soon as he talked about this person, and he said with a sour face, “Maybe he can, a person who saw his biological mother die without shedding a tear is a monster.”

Zhao Ze was not interested in the short stories of these parents, he interrupted Lu Yu’s complaint: “It’s noon, do you want something to eat? Yinong, let the kitchen…” He habitually ordered Ke Yinong…Zhao Ze was taken aback: No, he has been reborn.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Yu wondered.

Zhao Ze was silent for two seconds, and finally smiled with relief: “It’s nothing, the cook is not here today.”

He remembered. He had no job, no social circle, no hobbies, and dealt with trivial things every day. Looking at him from a distance, he felt that he was surrounded by oily smoke. This was the ‘Ke Yinong’ in his memory.

“A servant who often asks for leave should be fired, because he doesn’t know his duty.” Lu Yu frowned.

Zhao Ze smiled again. Did Lu Yu really not know that his mother was a servant of the Lu family before, and only after hooking up with the male master did he take over?

“They have been fired.”

The old community at this time. A sudden chill caused An Yinong to shiver. He rubbed his arms: “I don’t really have a cold, do I?”

After turning on the thermostat, he walked into the bathroom with a change of clothes in his arms, and a strange yet familiar figure appeared in the mirror. The strangeness was due to the face, and familiarity was due to a certain feeling.

“The soul and the body will influence each other. After three to five years, you will find that this body is three or four points similar to the original you. If you were a minor, there would be more similarities. But now the biggest change should be temperament.”

The original owner’s temperament was harmless and gentle, but the host… the system glanced at it and then looked away: It wanted to be grass on the ground.

“I have already agreed to the singing, so should the host also take the task seriously? I have a lot of products. If you really don’t want to improve your appearance and voice, you can also consider cooking. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

An Yinong suspected that the system had graduated to the ‘mother-in-law advanced training class’, otherwise, how could it say such words that have a sense of the age of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. If you can’t catch this man’s heart… then change it? Why should he embarrass himself?

He changed the subject: “It’s private time now, let me take a good shower, okay? You play for a while.”

As he spoke, he lifted the doll-like system out and placed it on the small mat at the door. The system stared blankly at the closed door, and was furious: “Are you cheating on me?” I don’t think you care about the mission at all!”

There was the sound of rushing water in the bathroom, and the system puffed its cheeks. It decided to ignore the host for an hour to let him know how bad it was. However, this determination did not last long because its host, An Yinong, had a fever.

“Do you want to buy medicine? Fast-acting antipyretic.”

“Thank you, I don’t need it for now.”

An Yinong took his own temperature, it was 37.9, a low fever, no need to go to the hospital. Then he took the antipyretics from the medicine cabinet, and then lay down on the bed. Just a little bit of wind and a little bit of rain, why did he catch a cold?

An Yinong used to have a physique that was hard to get sick. He never thought that someone could be so fragile.

“You need to exercise more.” He thought, and closed his eyes.

The system sitting on the small pillow was going to talk to him about the mission, but as soon as he closed his eyes, he fell asleep in three seconds, and slept soundly.

“…” This heart was too big.

“Forget it, you look so good-looking.” The system crawled over, reached out and touched the forehead of the host, “Let you go, and get well soon.”

An Yinong didn’t sleep well that night, always dreaming of things in the past. From the time he started learning vocal music with his teacher at the age of four, to winning the championship in the Young Singers Competition, and then to being thrown away like garbage when his dreams were shattered. The pride was broken, fell in the mud and could barely get up. All hope was lost.

He also dreamed of his own death. When he was dying, even how the knife pierced into his chest was slowed down ten times in high-definition. Watching the blood gushing out from the wound, and a strong smell of blood gushing from his throat. He could no longer see his attacker clearly, only a boundless blood color.

The water stains on the pillow faded away, the system woke up, and saw the host when it opened its eyes. He frowned in his sleep and muttered. Fine sweat broke out on his red face due to fever, and the sweat gathered on the corner of his forehead and fell like tears. Unlike the strong man in the daytime, he was very fragile.

“Buzzing buzzing.” The phone vibrated beside the bed, and An Yinong woke up with a start. He exhaled, only to find that his pajamas were soaked in sweat and his body was sticky.

“Where am I?” He sat up with his hands propped up on the bed, and it took him a long time to remember what happened like a dream yesterday. Death, and crossing.

It was already bright outside, but his head was still a little groggy.

An Yinong touched his forehead, his hands were as hot as his forehead, but his throat didn’t hurt, and he didn’t have other symptoms, probably the fever hadn’t subsided yet. If it wasn’t too powerful, did he really want to buy a high-efficiency antipyretic from the system on credit?

He shook his head. Once there was a first time, he had to restrain himself from not using the system, and if he couldn’t, he would go to the hospital.

“Host, did you have a nightmare?” The system asked with its head raised, “You were talking in your sleep last night.”

An Yinong was stunned. For a while, he couldn’t remember what he dreamed about yesterday, but it was definitely not pleasant.

“Probably,” he said, “I just dreamed that I broke something I loved.”

The phone on the bed was still vibrating, An Yinong picked up the phone while thinking about something, and the word ‘boss’ was displayed on the phone .

He pressed the answer button: “Hello?”