Chapter 271 Spindle Hill Bounties Done

Chapter 271 Spindle Hill Bounties Done

He saw the stats of the Twin Tailed Lizard and confirmed that it is much stronger than the previous ones.

'No wonder it could damage Brambles. First attack was Tail Whip and this was Draconid's Breath.' Arthur thought.


Having witnessed the power of the Twin Tailed Lizard, Arthur knew that it would not go down as easily as the others. Especially due to the fact that the beast had ambushed him this time, instead of the opposite.

As such, not only was Bramble's injured, Arthur now needed to use another strategy.

'First to get it weakened.' Arthur thought and activated the Key Spear's skill. "Lock!"

>Weapon Skill Lock has succeeded!<

>Twin Tailed Lizard's Intelligence and Wisdom will be sealed!<

>Twin Tailed Lizard has been weakened: Intelligence -2, Wisdom -2<

"Ugh, this won't help as much." Arthur muttered as he saw the effects take place.

Rather than lowering stats that would give Arthur an advantage, the skill had lowered the non-physical stats. The intelligence of the Twin Tailed Lizard meant that it wouldn't be able to use its MP too much as it would fall, but it didn't matter much to Arthur in the long run.

Having used some of its skills like Tail Whip and Draconid's Breath earlier, its MP had taken a fall. Even its stamina was lowered which made Arthur think that the beast had rushed here from somewhere.

'I could have been on top of one of the Spindle Hills too and managed to spot me. It then came to attack, possibly thinking that its kin was threatened too.

And seeing the level of the Twin Tailed Lizard, Arthur wondered if it was the leader of the other Twin tailed lizards. Whatever it might be, he needed to now get rid of it.

"Brambles, charge at the Twin Tailed Lizard when I signal you." Arthur said, a plan already present in his mind.The source of this content can be linked to n0velbin•

"KII~" Bramble's responded and deactivated the Carapace Shield skill.

Arthur on the other hand, skirted around the Twin Tallied Lizard and quickly used two skills in a row.

"Skewer! Fireball!" Arthur wanted to deal the most damage possible in one go and went with his most destructive skills.

A Fireball first shot from Arthur's hand, which blinded the Twin Tailed Lizard and allowed him to get closer. And once he was closed he sidestepped and stabbed the spear through the side of the beast's neck.

"Brambles, NOW!" Arthur ordered.

"KI!!!!" Brambles charged toward the Twin Tailed Lizard, his horn pointed at him.

[-17% HP!]

The beast was struck with the massive horn of Bramble's and was pushed back while Dietrich was still stuck in its body. This caused the beast to wince in pain, but Arthur was still holding onto the Key Spear.

After all, he still had to deal the final blow.

"Spear Coating: Water Slicer!" And once the spear had managed to pierce the beast's neck, Arthur activated the skill stored in it.

>Player Arzhur is fighting a Draconid!<

>Dragonic Vengeance has taken effect!<

>All damage will be increased by 100%!<


[-39% HP!]

[Critical Hit!]

The first chunk of damage was from the Skewer skill, but it did not manage to inflict bleed this time.

[-44% HP!]

[Critical Hit!]

The second chunk of damage was caused by Water Slicer, which was activated once the spear was already inside the twin Tailed Lizard.

[Fatal Hit!]

The second hit was fatal for the Twin Tailed Lizard and finally ended its life.

Arthur readied his spear and finally pointed it at the Hammer Head Ox when it was in the right spot.

"Lock!" Arthur debuffed the Hammer Head Ox the moment it was just a couple of meters from hitting Brambles.

>Weapon Skill Lock has succeeded!<

>Hammer Head Ox's Toughness and Strength will be sealed!<

>Hammer Head Ox has been weakened: Toughness -3, Strength -3<

"Haha! Just the stats I wanted!" Arthur was pleased with the skill's activation this time.

Lowered Toughness and Strength would reduce the amount of damage the Hammer Head Ox could deal while increasing the damage it took.


[-0% HP]

>Hammer Head Ox's Wild Charge has failed!<

Finally, the Hammer Head Ox collided with Brambles, the horns of the two beasts locking together. Bramble's had Carapace Armor activated, as such he did not move much from his position and neither did he sustain any damage.

Arthur took advantage of the moment where the Hammer Head Ox was unable to move and launched his attacks.

"Fireball!" from the back Arthur shot a spell, causing the beast to get burned.

[-12% HP]

>Hammer Head Ox has been inflicted with burn!<

>Hammer Head Ox will lose 1% HP every second!<

[-1% HP] [Burn]

This was barely the start of the beast's misery as Brambles too counterattacked.

>Dragon Horn Beetle has used Horn Lift!<


The Hammer Head Ox was stick below its head and was pushed back.

"Skewer!" Arthur used the momentum of the Hammer Head Ox to further deal deep injuries.


Since the beast was coming towards Arthur too, Skewer worked really well and pierced all the way from the back of the beast to the middle.

[-56% HP!]

[Critical Hit!]

[-1% HP] [Burn]

With 70 percent of the Hammer Head Ox's HP reduced, its end was now near. Or rather, the end was already inside it!

"Spear Coating: Ware Slicer!" Arthur activated the skill from the embedded Key Spear.

He didn't even have much space to hold onto the spear, with how deep it had been buried into the flesh of the Hammer Head Ox. But the Water Slicer Spell only made it worse and caused deep cuts to sprang up from its insides!

[-28% Hp]

The Water slicer might not have done the same damage as his earlier attack, but it was still good enough for the other status effects to trigger in.

[-1% HP][ Burn]

The beast felt its insides being cut apart, while its guts fell out. The burn also spread and finally, its misery was at the end.

[-1% HP] [Burn]

[Fatal hit!]

>Player Arzhur has killed the Hammer Head Ox!<