Chapter 440 An Exorcist In A Hurry

Chapter 440 An Exorcist In A Hurry

Jun Tianyun completely comprehended the Ten Earths Good Fortune Art of the Jun Family to the pinnacle.

Not only was it a powerful Earth grade Internal Energy technique, it was also the compendium of the accumulation of various techniques of the Jun Family across the years.

Feng shui, Array formations, Geomancy, divination, everything was compiled within the scripture.

Not to mention, After Jun Tianyun became a Nascent Divinity, he began to understand the power of fate and destiny even more. ' A water vein is running from south to west, while the dragon vein is in reversed direction.'

' Not to mention, the dragon's head is already cut off and suppressed with three nails on this land.'

Jun Tianyun used his Heavenly Luopan as his Eyes of Fortune could see the a dark green blood dome around the entire area, as if a sea of green covering the sky.

' Corpse qi rising across the sky, drawing power from a dragon vein, it creates Imperial Star Formation.'

" No way! This is a tomb! Only a royalty is suitable for entombed in such formation." Jun Tianyun mumbled.

" However, the Imperial Star Formation is broken and someone overlapped with a Death Corpse Raising Formation. Someone turned this auspicious tomb to raise a zombie corpse!"

" Interesting, How interesting."

Jun Tianyun walked around the construction site as the crescent moon in the sky gave a dim radiance to the surroundings. Although there are also some light bulbs glowing around, it couldn't ward off its eerie darkness.

The incomplete buildings stood like skeletons in the dark, waiting to devour their next victims. Jun Tianyun sighed as he waved his hands. Suddenly, the wooden planks around him trembled and floated around his body. " Consume 20,000 Fortune points! Enchant them all into thousand-year-old lightning peach wood!"

[ Ding! Enchantment completed!]

This is the power of Nascent Divinity. As long as Jun Tianyun pay enough divine energy and fortune points, he can transform coal into diamond, and rock into jade with ease.

Then, Jun Tianyun used his fingers as he sliced the wooden boards, turning them into perfect rectangular plaques.

" Taishan, Longhu, Emei, Wudang, Hua"

Jun Tianyun etched five words on five plaques as he poured his divine energy and mana to inscribe the words. The letters glowed with his multicolored mana as they flew across the plot, forming a pentagon around the entire space.

" Five Mountains Suppressing Formation!" nôvel binz was the first platform to present this chapter.

Five pillars of light erupted across the night sky as the entire construction site was surrounded by sky reaching mountains. The illusory mountains gleamed with shining moon light as they completely sealed the entire area.

The dark wind blew as if the unknown forces inside the seal became restless. Jun Tianyun snorted as he shouted, " Damned evil beings! You think I am afraid of you?"

" Tonight, I shall exorcise each and every of you, ensuring peace and harmony in this world!"

' Well, I appeared here directly, so no way these guys noticed me.' Jun Tianyun sighed as he raised his hands.

Lightning crackled as they condensed into lightning swords. All of them shout out as they stabbed into the hearts of the corpses.



The corpses screamed as their green flaming eyes snapped open from pain. However, soon enough, they turned into dried mummies as the lightning swords purified them.

But then, the dark chains binding the bronze coffin started clinking as cracks appeared on them.

" Who...Who dares to harm my subjects? Who dares to disturb this king?!"

The bronze coffin's lid fell down as a dried corpse rose from it. However, as it slowly sat up, skin slowly grew on its skeletal body and its eyes flashed with an eerie green flame.

" Was it...You, Young man?"

" Yes, So what?" Jun Tianyun snorted. " Not bad, seizing the blood and souls of humans and using the aura of land, you already cultivated yourself into a Living Corpse realm, huh?"

" Haha, Looks like you are knowledgeable." The corpse's mouth moved as he spoke. " Just a bit more, and I can become a true Corpse Immortal and attain heavenly power."

" And... I can feel it. Your energy, It's so pure." The corpse glared at Jun Tianyun. " Don't worry, I will give you a quick death and then... refine your body."

" Oh my, Such bold words." Jun Tianyun scratched his head. " So, Let me be clear, alright?"

" So, Are you going to start with your ultimate move or want me to kill you instantly?" Jun Tianyun asked politely. " You know, I am a polite man and I have a family at home. I need to return early..."

" Bastard! Are you mocking me?" The corpse howled as it raised its hand.

Suddenly, a green colored flame covered Jun Tianyun as it corroded the ground itself.

" Corpse flame! Burn!"





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