Chapter 597 Screw It, I'm A Show, Not A Sideshow!

Chapter 597 Screw It, I'm A Show, Not A Sideshow!

Villain Ch 597. Screw It, I'm A Show, Not A Sideshow!

It was Allen's first time embracing the thrill of the hunt as a mere player, and he did enjoy every bit of it. The adrenaline rush, the strategic maneuvers – it was like a rollercoaster ride for his virtual self.

Father^Alex's buff skills added a whole new layer of awesomeness to the experience. The buffs were so dope that it felt like Allen was on steroids, tearing through monsters with unmatched ferocity. They made quite the dynamic team, and Hell's Gate was practically their playground.

But, there was a little downside – or maybe not so little. Allen and the girls, despite not being in their original devil emperor and seven demonesses form, drew attention like magnets. Players swarmed around them like a live dungeon show for everyone passing by. It was both flattering and annoying.

Yep, they weren't the menacing figures they used to be, but players still gawked at them like they were celebrities. Assassins lurked in the shadows, trying to absorb every nuance of Allen's combat skills. It was like a live tutorial on how to kick the monster's ass.

And then, fate threw them a curveball. They bumped into Sophia's group again, by pure chance – or maybe the gods were having a laugh. The encounter had an unexpected effect on Sophia, who suddenly felt the weight of intimidation bearing down on her. Maybe it was the aura of the crowd or just Allen being his badass self.

Sophia, unable to handle the pressure, decided to cut her hunting session short, citing some real-life obligations. Excuses, of course.

Allen, attempting to pull off this chill, trying to make his fighting style look less brutal. He had these reflexes honed over years of gaming, but he was out there pretending to casually swat away monsters.

But downplaying was hard when he had the muscle memory of a gaming legend. After a few awkward attempts, Allen thought, 'Screw it, I'm a show, not a sideshow.' His moves became a highlight reel, and he just rolled with it. Players gathered around, eyes wide, soaking in every slash and dodge like it was the latest blockbuster.

The girls knew Allen wasn't exactly thrilled about being the star attraction. But what could they do? Their powers were on another level, and players couldn't help but stare. It was like being a celebrity, but with more swords and fewer red carpets.

At first, it was all fun. The attention, the crowd – it was a blast. But as time ticked away, the girls started feeling the same unease creeping in. They remembered their roots, the villains. They were walking on the edge because if players started dissecting their moves, they could blow their cover.

Good thing in their original form, they rocked more spells and area-of-effect skills. Different weapons too. So, no player was catching on. It was a relief, but there was still that lingering danger. They were playing a high-stakes game of not exposing their true identities while putting on a show that just wouldn't stop. And Hell's Gate? Well, it was their stage, whether they liked it or not.

"I don't think the Priestess Military Chief Ghost has buff skills as great as Father^Alex," Shea pondered aloud, her gaze fixed on the horizon of possibilities. "But maybe," she continued, a glint of determination in her eyes, "we can submit a request to the game developer. You know, make that monster's buff skills have the same effect as Father^Alex's."

The idea sparked a lively discussion among them. Pros and cons were weighed, and the potential benefits of having a buff sidekick were analyzed.

Jane raised an eyebrow at the suggestion, intrigued by the potential upgrade.

Shea, not stopping there, went on, "Or maybe we can ask an NPC who can give us the same buff skills as Father^Alex's. Picture this – our own personal buff priest. This NPC can either follow us around or chill right here in the Cursed Crypts, dishing out the boosts when we need 'em."

The idea of having their own buff-bestowing NPC hung in the air, and Allen couldn't deny it – it sounded pretty appealing. "Maybe we should try it," he chimed in, mulling over the possibilities. However, the analytical side of him quickly took over. "But even if they agree to it, I'm not sure they'll give it to us in the near future due to the game balance," he added, injecting a dose of reality into the brainstorming session.

Allen, despite the allure of supercharged skills, couldn't ignore the potential consequences. The game devs might hesitate to throw such a game-changing feature into the mix too hastily. As the villains, they were already walking on the edge of being overpowered, and Allen recognized the delicate dance between keeping things challenging and not scaring off the players.

He scratched his head, a habit he'd picked up from his real-

world self. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I want those buff skills too," Allen admitted with a grin. The thought of enhancing their powers even further was like dangling a shiny new toy in front of him. But he understood the delicate balance needed for a thriving game community.

Shea nodded in agreement. "You've got a point, Allen. We don't want to break the game or make it too lopsided. Player retention is crucial," she acknowledged, showing her understanding of the game dynamics.

Jane added, "Maybe we could pitch it as a limited-time event. That way, it's a temporary boost, and the devs can gauge the impact without permanently skewing the balance." Her suggestion drew thoughtful nods from the crew.

"Well, let's see if the game devs are up for it," Allen mused, looking forward to the possibility.

Shea exhaled a long breath. "I hope they will accept it and implement it immediately."N♡vεlB¡n: Unleashing Imagination, One Read at a Time.