Chapter 1744 Origin Force Points Farming

Chapter 1744 Origin Force Points Farming

One after the other, the notifications bombarded Eren's Spectral Screen like an unstoppable deluge.

[ Vasco Joel holds feelings of greed because of you. You have earned 0.1 Origin Foce Points ]

[ Horen Laal holds feelings of anger towards you. You have earned 0.3 Origin Foce Points ]

[ XXX holds feelings of envy because of you. You have earned 0.2 Origin Foce Points ]

[ XXX holds feelings of lust because of you. You have earned 0.3 Origin Foce Points ]Discover, Devour, Delight: N♡vεlB¡n.

[ XXX holds feelings of pride because of you. You have earned 0.2 Origin Foce Points ]

[ XXX holds feelings of...

[ XXX holds feelings of...

It's noteworthy that these updates reflected Eren's ability to channel Origin Force Points within a limited radius, suggesting that the numbers would have escalated exponentially if he could tap into Origin Force points throughout all of Labh Salem.

"Hahahaha," Eren hid his face in both his hands as he laughed loudly to his heart's content. Only now did he understand why God Aleph was feared by his fellow Immortals. It was because of his abominated divinity that empowered him constantly no matter what he did.

"This... this is awesome, My plan worked it seems. Better than I expected, I must say," Eren ran his fingers through his hair as he said out loud.

'I see that there are a lot of followers of the divine faction who are pissed at me for what I said. There are even demonic entities inside the city who want to hunt me down for what I have done to undermine the Faustian Contracts.

"Then there's this other thing. I've thrown shade at those gods, but I haven't yet eroded their authority," Eren mused aloud.

"Not exactly. However, the impact of the Tools of Liberation on demonic cults will be far more profound. Except the cults tied to Beelzebub, the others will come after me with even greater fervor than their divine counterparts. So, I need to create fake trails," Eren concluded, rubbing his jawline in thought.

Roza Thaglas sought clarity, awaiting Eren's instructions. "What should we do, my liege?" she inquired.

"Hmm?" Eren glanced at Roza, shaking his head before responding casually.

"Don't fret. For now, I'll handle these issues. It was inevitable since the moment I decided to hunt demons and employ them as cannon fodder for my growth.

It's just that their followers will suffer due to their affiliations. But you shouldn't be focused on these matters. Your task is simple," he directed at Kayara.

"Seriously?" Kayara exclaimed in shock, realizing the implications of Eren's gaze. "I thought you were joking about making me learn farming," she said, looking at Eren as if she'd fallen for a prank.

"You thought wrong, my dear. I never joke when it comes to my endeavors," Eren retorted in a serious voice, shaking his head.

"Why do you think I leased a place with a spacious backyard? Bring Roza along if you need assistance. I expect a bountiful harvest from both of you within a week," he added, handing Kayara a vial containing Stellar Sativa seeds. Additionally, he provided Roza with alchemy scrolls, crafted through his spells Age Expedite and Age Reverse, to expedite the farming process.

"Alright. Chop. Chop. Let's get down to business," Eren commanded, clapping his hands, then turned towards the exit of the house.

"Reen, you come with me. Today we will pass the final selection round and officially join the Kaaysaayan Demon Slayer Corps," he informed Reen without looking back.

"Hehe, sure thing," responded Reen, vanishing from her spot as she melded with Eren, leaving no trace of her presence behind.