Chapter 3129 - Chapter 3129: Skeletal Reflection

Name:Versatile Mage Author:Chaos
Chapter 3129: Skeletal Reflection

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A Forbidden Mage could only see a small part of the Dark Plane.

Yet, MO Fan, a Shadow Mage, finally got to see what the place really looked like.

No one knew where the power of Black Magic came from.

For years, there had been a debate about Black Magic. Some said learning it was like making a deal with the Devil. It would gradually consume a caster’s will and fill him with obsession. He would eventually be pulled into a dark endless abyss and become a servant to its ruler!

A servant?

MO Fan did not buy into that.

He saw himself as a controller, not a fallen one.

To him, Black Magic was simply a tool or a way to get things done. Its usage depended on the mage.

“What’s wrong? Is the Dark Plane not what you expected?” Asha’ruiya walked lightly across the starry sky with her clean, delicate feet.

MO Fan roamed through the stars and saw a rift surrounded by bright red stars. They looked like treasures scattered beneath a shallow valley with their mesmerizing glow.

“Yeah. I thought it would be full of destruction and icy dust from space. The roads would be covered in piles of white bones that served as a warning to anyone who entered the Dark Plane,” MO Fan explained.

Back when he dealt with Su Lu at the Asian Magic Association, he pulled everyone into the Dark Plane. At that time, the Dark Plane was filled with eerie sights, death, and fear. It was just like hell.

However, MO Fan knew there was more to it than that. “You have to look carefully then,” Asha’ruiya said with a smile.

“Look at what?” MO Fan asked in puzzlement.

“This door will find us tasty,” Asha’ruiya explained. Then, she lightly knocked on the air as if knocking on a door.

The clear sound of the knock was unexpected since sound should not travel in the vacuum of space.

MO Fan and Asha’ruiya then used magic to converse.

Apart from the audible knock, their surroundings were terrifyingly silent.

Suddenly, MO Fan saw the rift in the sky before him widen!

To be more precise, it opened up and moved toward MO Fan as well as Asha’ruiya! Just as MO Fan was about to fight it with all of his might, the sky’s gaping mouth swallowed them up, like they were two tiny insects!

There were no sharp teeth, just a wide-open mouth in the starry sky. It was as if the universe itself was hiding a giant ancient beast. The vast emptiness of space masked its body, while the stars covered its skin like ornaments. It had been sleeping soundly until someone gently woke it up.

With no chance of fighting back or escaping, MO Fan and Asha’ruiya were consumed by this ancient beast.

The world twisted, and time seemed to rewind.

MO Fan felt like an old man on the verge of death. Memories, including those deeply buried, flooded back to him like shooting stars.

He could not tell how long it lasted, but he even saw himself learning his very first magic spell.

Eventually, this journey of being “swallowed” through time and space ended.

It felt like they had arrived in the “stomach” of the massive ancient beast.

However, the walls of the stomach felt as distant as a towering mountain on a vast grassland—visible but not within reach.

The stomach walls resembled the brick walls of a palace. They carried the grandeur of ancient civilizations and the beauty of modern craftsmanship. MO Fan and Asha’ruiya felt as though they had accidentally stumbled into a magnificent ancient civilization hidden underground.

The floor beneath their feet was so clean that it shone, but a thin layer of water covered the ground like a massive transparent sheet of paper. Every step they took created ripples that disappeared after every ten meters or so.

MO Fan instinctively lowered his head and glanced at Asha’ruiya’s reflection in the water.

He was not looking at the thin mirror of water to be a creep.” Instead, he was surprised that her reflection showed her as a Six-Winged Fallen Angel with no face and only a skeletal body!

Her wings were skeletal too.

Despite that, she still looked attractive and graceful.

Even without skin and facial features, her reflection in the dark water was oddly beautiful.

“Don’t you find it gross?” Asha’ruiya asked as she pointed at her reflection.

“Not really. You have a petite frame and wide hips. It’s ideal for bearing children,” MO Fan replied bluntly.

“You can see your skeletal reflection here. It represents the different classes on the Dark Plane that can’t be surpassed. I have a Six-Winged Skeletal Reflection, which puts me in the upper class, but I’m not a ruler,” Asha’ruiya explained.

“What about me? Can you see my skeletal reflection?” MO Fan pointed to where his reflection should be and asked in puzzlement.

Actually, Asha’ruiya had checked his skeletal reflection right at the beginning.

However, what she found disappointed her.

It was just a reflection of himself.

She had thought that she would see MO Fan’s appearance as a devil or his true form as the Evil Saint King. After all, MO Fan embodied these two divine entities, and he was certainly not a minor figure on the Dark Plane.

Meanwhile, those without a skeletal reflection represented the lower class of the Dark Plane!

“Good thing you’re traveling with me. My six wings can help you out of many difficult situations,” Asha’ruiya said.

“What? Does my skeletal reflection show that I’m the least impressive on the Dark Plane?” MO Fan asked with displeasure.

Everyone in the mortal world knew who he was, yet he had no skeletal reflection on the Dark Plane.

That meant he was insignificant, and it was unacceptable!

This would not do. MO Fan had to find the one who made the rules on the Dark

Plane and demand a change. Those without a skeletal reflection were the most impressive!

“Let’s go. Just act as if you’re one of the rebels I brought back from the mortal world. It’ll save us a lot of hassle,” Asha’ruiya said.

“Seriously? Do things follow a set process in the Dark Plane too? Isn’t it supposed to be chaotic and lawless?” MO Fan asked.

“The more chaotic it is, the more rules there are. Because if you accidentally upset some descendant of any important figures, you’ll have endless trouble. I hate dealing with trivial matters and trouble, so please don’t cause me any problems,” Asha’ruiya said.

“Okay, okay. I’ll do as you say, my baby,” MO Fan assured her.

Asha’ruiya loathed being called “baby, ” but she just rolled her eyes and ignored it.

After they took a few more steps forward, a door appeared.

It was shaped like a hoof, and MO Fan immediately noticed it standing there alone. There was nothing behind it.

However, a Minotaur suddenly walked out of the door. He was playing with a palm-sized ball and sporting a star-shaped nose ring.

He also had a skeletal reflection. However, since he was standing in the doorway, MO Fan could not see the area of thin water behind him. As such, MO Fan did not know what his skeletal reflection looked like. It probably resembled that of a wild ox.

“Your Highness, I’ve been eagerly awaiting your return every day. Would you like to test my kissing skills?” The Minotaur grinned lewdly.

“Shut your dirty mouth. I’m taking this rebel to see the Duke of Shadow. Let us pass,” Asha’ruiya said.

“Oh, you don’t need to escort this lowlife yourself. I have some wine that I’ve stored for two thousand years. Would you like to take a bath with me?” the Minotaur said.

MO Fan and Asha’ruiya had reached the door by then.

Despite the Minotaur’s vulgar language, he opened the door and let them pass.

There seemed to be nothing behind the door, though.

MO Fan did not understand why there needed to be a doorkeeper in the first place.

However, upon entering the door, MO Fan discovered a different sight. The walls ahead of them were covered with purple, red, and black plants. The whole thing looked like a twisted forest of dark elves with vibrant colors, but they were actually “indoors”!

“Are we inside now?” MO Fan asked.

“Yes.” Asha’ruiya nodded.

It seemed that the Minotaur beside them was about to speak again. But MO Fan suddenly turned and grabbed his nose ring!

“MO Fan, don’t cause any trouble!” Asha’ruiya shouted.

However, MO Fan had already yanked out the Minotaur’s nose ring. His nose bled. and he howled in Dain.

“How dare you!” the Minotaur roared. Like two erupting volcanoes, his eyes burned with rage and gave off an intense pressure!

The Minotaur raised his hand and threw the two balls he had been playing with at MO Fan.

At first, MO Fan thought that they were just walnuts. But after the Minotaur threw them, he realized they were actually planets that could explode at any moment!

The fact that the Minotaur could use planets as handheld toys showed that he was not an insignificant figure!

However, MO Fan was not someone to mess with either.

He opened his hand and turned it slightly. Then, a swirling black hole appeared in front of him!

As the two exploding planets were about to kill MO Fan, the black hole effortlessly swallowed them and sent them to outer space.

The Minotaur was dumbfounded when he saw MO Fan effortlessly deal with such powerful energy.

“I’ll start by cutting your tongue!” MO Fan said fiercely. He then swiftly moved toward the Minotaur.

He transformed his hand into the Dimensional Blade and slashed at the Minotaur.

With a swing, the blade sliced through the Minotaur’s tongue. His tongue dropped to the ground, and a pool of black blood mingled with the thin water.

Oddly enough, the blood-stained water became even clearer!

The Minotaur was terrified. He covered his bloody mouth and quickly backed away.

“If you dare speak inappropriately to my baby again, I’ll chop your head off! I have a searing hatred for Minotaurs!” MO Fan pointed at the filthy and despicable doorkeeper and warned fiercely.

The Minotaur was so scared that he resorted to mooing. He dropped to his knees and begged for mercy.

Asha’ruiya sighed.

Well, this doorkeeper did need to be taught a lesson. Otherwise, any female passing by would have to endure his disgusting remarks.

“He’s the Duke of Shadow’s illegitimate son. Spare him,” Asha’ruiya said.

“What? Illegitimate son? The duke and a cow… Wow, that’s really something!” MO Fan exclaimed in surprise..