Chapter 945 Izmir Vs. Renatta

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Chapter 945 Izmir Vs. Renatta

"Sister, I'm sure you're well aware of the family rules set by Mom and Dad. You understand the consequences our society imposes for breaking them, and yet, you've chosen to defy those rules and are preventing us from carrying out the necessary action. Such actions are already grounds for a severe penalty," Renatta's sister continued to struggle against my [Magic Jammer], determined to break free.

"Izmir, sis. I didn't think you'd show such little empathy for the people of our realm. And why are you making it sound like I'm attempting theft? I assure you, that's not my intention," Renatta shifted her bow back into its Bo Staff form, poised for action.

The other elven men, who were serving Renatta's sister—whom I had only just learned was named Izmir—swiftly formed a protective barrier in front of her.

Witnessing the valiant soldiers steadfastly defending Izmir behind their protective weapons and shields, Renatta's fury ignited, her gaze burning with anger.

"You pitiful excuses for warriors! Do not dare intercede in our battle!" Renatta raised her Bo staff, ready to confront the men who, too, braced for the impending clash.

"We are sworn to protect and follow the orders of the princess, but we are not obliged to follow, obey, and, answer to your orders even if you are also a princess," one of the guards defiantly retorted which also made Izmir smirked like she won.

With that revelation, I exchanged a knowing look with my companions, and they swiftly grasped the plan. Pandora nonchalantly crossed her arms, causing golden chains to pierce through the metal shields as if they were mere parchment. Sora, on the other hand, unleashed a barrage of spells that vanquished the men in a single, devastating strike. One more misstep and their lives would be forfeit in an instant. Our strength far surpassed theirs; there was no room for error in this perilous dance.

Even the men who had once challenged me returned to the fray, yet, as expected, they proved no match for our combined might. Their defeat came effortlessly. While they still drew breath, they lay immobilized, drained of any ability to support Izmir's cause. In the end, only Izmir remained to confront Renatta, a matter that no longer held our concern. This had become their With that revelation, I exchanged a knowing look with my companions, and causing golden chains to pierce through the metal shields as if they were they swiftly grasped the plan. Pandora nonchalantly crossed her arms, mere parchment. Sora, on the other hand, unleashed a barrage of spells that battle, and it was time for us to step back and let them settle it on their own.

Avos and Mila wanted to intervene especially since the ones involved were both their granddaughters but Labo and Alena stopped them from even intervening.

"Why are you stopping us from intervening? The two will start fighting now and we have to stop it!"

"No, please just stay out of this you two. You guys wouldn't understand just yet," Alena reasoned.

"That is why we needed to learn the reason for this! We didn't leave this land to become like this!"

Seeing the bewilderment on their faces, Alena let out a resigned sigh, realizing it fell upon her to provide an explanation.

"Let's step inside the Mansion and discuss things, shall we? Renatta-sama will have to handle this on her own, just as she wished."

With the Spirit Butler's familiarity with us, they silently granted us entry. However, Izmir, who initially sought to enter with a different intent, now seemed more inclined to confront Renatta directly.

The others proceeded into the mansion, while I lingered nearby, keenly observing the unfolding confrontation between the two sisters.

"Aren't you coming in, Manato?" Pandora inquired.

"Nah, go ahead. I'd like to keep an eye on how things develop," I replied.

My other motive for staying behind was to intervene if Renatta unleashed her destructive power, potentially endangering her sister in the process. I stood ready to act if either of them veered off the path of reason.

Although I am worried about what will happen to Renatta, I am more worried that Izmir will be totally defeated and Renatta will decide to deal with her sister by doing more brutal things to her. Despite the villainy of her sister, if she dies like that, I don't know what will happen next.




Manato watched from the sidelines as Renatta and Izmir prepared for their impending battle. Tension filled the air as the two combatants made their silent preparations, their magic crackling with energy.

Izmir's hands blazed with the combined power of fire and electricity, ready to unleash her spells, while Renatta underwent a dramatic transformation. She morphed into a formidable, armored bear, radiating an overwhelming aura of mana.

With a deafening growl, Renatta swung her massive paw towards Izmir's location, but the agile mage evaded the attack with lightning speed. Without hesitation, Izmir retaliated, sending a searing bolt of lightning hurtling towards her formidable foe.

Renatta's eyes narrowed, a low growl escaping her lips as she deftly swatted away the oncoming lightning bolt as if it were nothing more than a pesky insect. With a sudden, graceful transformation, she morphed into the majestic form of an eagle, soaring directly towards her unsuspecting sister, Izmir. In an instant, she reverted to her human self, twirling her Bo Staff skillfully through the air before bringing it crashing down towards her sibling.

Izmir's reflexes kicked in just in time, narrowly avoiding the Bo Staff as it whizzed past her, the weapon's impact missing her by mere inches. But Renatta wasn't finished yet. With remarkable agility, she used the staff to sweep it across the floor, propelling herself forward in a fluid motion, all while maintaining her relentless assault.

A thunderous "BANG!" resonated through the air. However, just before Renatta's weapon could connect with her intended target, a formidable barrier materialized, halting the Bo Staff's advance. Undeterred, Izmir retaliated swiftly, hurling a volley of fiery projectiles towards her sister. Renatta leaped and darted to evade the fiery onslaught, regaining some distance between them. n//O//v)-e.)l).b/-I-)n

Renatta's nimble form leaped into the air, her body shifting seamlessly into that of a lithe feline. With astonishing agility, she darted toward Izmir, who reacted with a frenzied flurry of magic spells, each cast in rapid succession. Despite Izmir's best efforts, her spells missed their mark as Renatta closed the gap between them. As the two adversaries drew dangerously near, Renatta underwent yet another transformation, morphing into a formidable gorilla. With her immense strength, she brought her colossal fists crashing down toward Izmir, who found herself unable to escape in time. Her spells were still on cooldown from the previous engagement, leaving her without the ability to evade Renatta's relentless assault.

In the midst of their intense battle, the scene unfolded with electrifying tension. Izmir, trapped in the formidable grip of Renatta's gorilla form, began to discharge arcs of crackling electricity. Her desperate plan was to shock Renatta into letting go, but the unexpected happened. Renatta, instead of releasing her captive, suddenly hurled Izmir into the air. Panic surged through Izmir; she possessed no spells for flight or levitation, leaving her helpless as gravity swiftly took hold, forcing her downward.

Renatta, it seemed, had more surprises in store. With Izmir hurtling towards the unforgiving ground, Renatta transformed yet again, this time into a massive buffalo. In a blur of motion, the buffalo's powerful horns embraced Izmir in a bone-jarring collision, launching her through the air once more before descending at a much faster pace and rolling into the streets.

"AH!" Izmir's anguished cry echoed through the streets as she tumbled, colliding with unforgiving rocks and hard pavement.

The relentless barrage of attacks had taken its toll on Izmir, making it agonizingly difficult for her to move. Her body throbbed from Renatta's relentless assault, and the pain had left her struggling to regain her footing. She does not even know whether she gained some broken bones in the process due to the pain in her body, she doesn't want to know anymore.

Renatta reverted to her human form, a confident smile playing on her lips as she slowly approached Izmir, her Bo staff held firmly in her grasp. With a subtle, almost theatrical gesture, she pointed the end of the staff at her struggling sibling and shook her head, as if to emphasize the point.

"See the difference, Sis? I understand your determination to defeat me, but I'm not overly concerned with it. Elven laws and conventions seem rather absurd to me, in all honesty."

Izmir, though defeated, couldn't help but maintain a sly grin as she replied, "Just wait and see, Sister. Mom and Dad won't stand idly by and tolerate your actions for much longer."

Just as Izmir began to feel like her comeback was rather spectacular, two unmistakable voices suddenly resounded beside her.

"I suppose the state of this kingdom has shifted from promising to disappointing, hasn't it?" Avos lamented, shaking his head as he gazed upon his granddaughter.

Izmir turned her attention to the speaker, expecting a sensible conversation, only to be jolted by the reality of who she was facing.


"That's right, it's me. Your grandmother and I have returned. We had hoped for a warm welcome, but instead, we find ourselves confronted with all this chaos you all have created. Now that we're back, it's high time you all recognized the consequences of your actions," Avos declared, his gaze unwavering as he confronted his granddaughter's foolishness.