Chapter 5691: Guess is right

After hundreds of millions of years of planning, all the results will be harvested today. How exciting is this? At this moment, the ecstasy in the heart of Emperor Ming Zang could not be greater. As long as he swallows the source of the long river of undead that has merged with Xiaoxiao, and then merges it with his own power of the long river, he will truly and completely control the long river of undead and become this dead soul.

The master of Lingchang River stepped into the realm of the God Emperor in one fell swoop.


This is the realm he has dreamed of for so many years. Once he steps into the God Emperor, he will truly take charge of the entire underworld, become the master of the entire underworld, and become a big man in this cosmic sea, with supreme majesty and eternal existence.

Time will not invade, reincarnation will not be extinguished, and all calamities will not befall you.

Others don't know how terrifying the realm of the God Emperor is. He had seen the power of Hades with his own eyes back then. That kind of method made him deeply feel inferior and insignificant.

But why?

Emperor Mingzang screamed in his heart and looked ferocious. Why could the God of Hades become the master of the entire underworld back then, but he could only live under others and live in this underworld?

Since ancient times, the goal of Emperor Mingzang has been to become the God Emperor, surpass the God of Hades, and become the master of the underworld.

But the God of Hades was too powerful and he couldn't disobey him at all, so when the Emperor of Death came to the underworld, he was so excited and ecstatic.

He secretly laid some tricks to trigger the great battle between the God Emperor and Hades.

"roll roll roll!"

Emperor Ming Zang roared and punched out. The terrifying power of the God Emperor swept across the world, bombarding the three undead stone statues at the peak of the great emperor realm and continuously retreating, approaching the source of the undead river step by step.

"Hahaha, as long as I devour you, I will truly become the master of the Undead River."

Emperor Mingzang roared with confidence.


On the other side, Wuyue Ming Emperor and the others were also rushing to kill them, impatiently.

Everyone is racing against time.

"Master Qin, what should we do now?"

Ning Muyao looked anxious. She didn't expect that Qin Chen's trump card had no effect. Instead, it made it easier for Emperor Mingzang and the others to fuse the source of the undead river.

"Big brother." From the source of the undead river, a laughing voice also sounded, with a hint of panic.

"Haha, it's interesting. It turns out that you were the one who secretly plotted to kill Senior God Emperor. So, the disappearance of Senior God Emperor was also related to you?"

In this critical moment, Qin Chen remained calm and continued to ask with a smile on his face.

Everyone was stunned.

Has this kid given up completely?

At a time like this, if you don't think of a way to resist, you still have the leisure to ask questions. Is your brain showing off?

"Qin Chen's smile...he definitely has a trump card."

Only Mo Li, after seeing the smile on Qin Chen's lips, was so excited that his whole body was trembling and convulsing.

Depend on!

He knew Qin Chen very well. Every time Qin Chen smiled like this, it meant that the situation had not completely exceeded his expectations. He definitely had other plans in mind.

But it's now, because Xiaoxiao has lost his future soul, he can't control the river of undead, and can only let Emperor Mingzang devour him. What other methods does Qin Chen have?

Mo Li clenched his hands tightly, feeling worried and uneasy at the same time, just like a young daughter-in-law watching her husband fight on the field. The uneasy feeling made her heart almost jump into her throat.

He was considered a smart person, but no matter how hard he racked his brains, he couldn't figure out what else Qin Chen could do.

"Wait, wait."

Mo Li tightly suppressed the power of the abyss in his body and stared at the core place for a moment. If Qin Chen really didn't have a solution, even if he desperately tried to expose the power of the abyss, he would never let Emperor Mingzang control it. River of the Undead.

If this river of undead is controlled by Emperor Ming Zang, then he will definitely never see Lord Chi Yan again.

"You kid, you still have time to ask this at this time?" Emperor Mingzang squinted at Qin Chen while fighting, and his heart couldn't help but tremble.

For some reason, looking at Qin Chen's indifferent smile, he felt a little nervous in his heart.

Qin Chen smiled and said, "Are you afraid of me?" Emperor Mingzang snorted coldly: "Will this emperor be afraid of you? What can I do if I tell you? The reason why the Emperor of Rebellion came into conflict with the God of Hades was because I contributed to it. The reason, but the disappearance of Hades has little to do with me, it is his own

decision. "

"His own decision?" "Yes, he forcibly entered the Abyss to save Empress Ming Yue. As for why Empress Ming Yue went to the Abyss, we have to ask that guy from Wuyue Ming Emperor..." Ming Zang The emperor turned to look at Wuyue Ming Emperor, the corner of his mouth curled up

Le sneered.

"What...what do you mean?" Wuyue Ming Emperor looked at Ming Zang Emperor in shock and anger, his heart was chilling.

What does Emperor Mingzang mean by saying this? Does he know about his collusion with the Abyss clan?

The other great emperors were also shocked. They looked at Wuyue Ming Emperor, and various thoughts flashed through their minds. They were all smart people, so they could naturally guess something.

"That's it." Qin Chen nodded and his eyes flashed. Emperor Mingzang's words at this moment instantly solved many doubts in his mind and made him suddenly enlightened.

"I see."

Qin Chen couldn't help but laugh again.

It turns out that many of my previous guesses were true.

"Bad boy...what do you understand?" Emperor Mingzang said angrily. Qin Chen's smile made him feel extremely dissatisfied and had an uncontrollable anger.

Qin Chen did not answer, but just smiled and said: "I understand a lot of things that I didn't understand before. I would like to thank you for your answers, which makes me more confident."

With that said, Qin Chen turned to look at the source of the undead river and said with a smile: "Smile."

"Big brother, I'm here, but I can't control the river of undead." Xiaoxiao's somewhat crying voice sounded.

"It doesn't matter." Qin Chen smiled and stroked the source of the undead river, just like stroking the source of a smile: "You do one thing for big brother now."

"Big brother, tell me!" "If big brother guessed correctly, there should be something connected behind the black hole in the void behind the source of the undead river. What you need to do is to control the source of the undead river to open this Black hole, after this black hole

s things. "

Qin Chen smiled and said: "You don't need to control the source of the undead river, you just need to open this black hole."

"Open the black hole? Xiaoxiao...can you?" Xiaoxiao said with some trepidation.

"Of course. The reason why the source of this undead river appears here is to guard this black hole. It is the key to opening this black hole." Qin Chen said with a smile.


Xiaoxiao subconsciously activated the source of the undead river and began to merge with the black black hole halo behind.


The invisible source power of the undead river quickly came into contact with the black hole void behind. When the two came into contact, the entire black hole void shook violently.

Click, click, click, along with the vibration, the sound of space shattering sounded in everyone's ears. Everyone looked over in shock, and saw that a gap was slowly torn open in the black hole void deep in the core land. .

From the gap, a dazzling light slowly bloomed out.


When this ray of light bloomed, a hot breath spurted out, and the entire dark place seemed to have turned from night to day in an instant.

"You...what are you doing?" Emperor Mingzang looked at the black hole torn in front of him in shock and shouted in anger.

What is this?

Qin Chen smiled and said: "Your Excellency has been lurking in this river of death for so long. Don't you know that there is something behind this black hole?"

"Is there something?"

Everyone suddenly raised their heads and looked over. The next moment, they saw two vast rivers appearing behind the black hole. These two long rivers flow mightily, and one of them is completely dark, with countless stars floating and sinking in it. The river water contains death aura, but this death aura is completely different from the death aura of the underworld. A sort of

A breath of life.

The other long river, with the aura of ancient chaos, stands tall and majestic, with countless stars floating and sinking in it, as if a brand new world is opening up.

These two long rivers flowed meanderingly, leading to unknown heaven and earth. At the end of the two long rivers, everyone seemed to vaguely see a world, a world containing endless light.

"Then...what is that?"

"After the origin of the Long River of the Dead, are there two long rivers similar to the Long River of the Dead? Are they still connected to a world?"

"Such a hot breath? Is that... the underworld? At the end of this realm of the dead, is it actually connected to the underworld?"

At this moment, all the underworld emperors were stunned and couldn't believe what they saw.

Among the crowd, Mo Li was even more shocked. His body trembled and he said in disbelief: "Fuck...fuck...fuck..."

Because those two long rivers were all too familiar to him. They were the two long rivers in the original universe. One was the Netherworld Galaxy in the Dark Universe, and the other was the Chaos Galaxy in the All-Seeing Divine Treasure in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Races.

These two rivers are actually connected to the River of the Dead, the mother river of the underworld. If this news gets out, the entire initial universe will explode.

No wonder the Sun Turtle said before that there were good things it was familiar with in this kingdom of the dead. What it sensed was the chaotic galaxy behind the black hole.

"Boss, this is Netherworld Galaxy, my hometown Netherworld Galaxy."

In the chaotic world, Xiaolong jumped up excitedly on the back of the Sun Turtle.

"My guess is indeed correct..."

Looking at the two familiar rivers in the black hole, Qin Chen grinned.

"The Netherworld Galaxy and the Chaos Galaxy are both tributaries flowing from the Long River of the Dead. They flow from the underworld to the cosmic sea, connecting the two worlds..."

"Then, I can also break through to the realm of the Great Emperor..."

boom! The aura of the rolling sun surged out and merged into Qin Chen's body. Qin Chen's originally stagnant aura surged in an instant.