Chapter 2256: 2256 virtual world rumors

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Atlantis ruins, Brumer is quite interested in admiring the'exotic culture' in front of him, especially interested in the golden beetles living here, even if these golden beetles do not emit a little energy fluctuation, but it is enough He spends time tossing around.

On the other hand, Yang Ning did not pay attention to this bad old man, because not long ago, he suddenly felt a surging breath from Soul Realm, which was pure immortality!

First God!

Finally, we have to break through!

However, Yang Ning did not investigate. He could feel that the first **** at this moment was in a rather strange state. Like the living dead, the five senses were completely closed and more critical. The first **** at the moment, also In an unprecedented period of weakness.

This gave Yang Ning some inspiration. He secretly thought that if he is going to be immortal one day, he must choose the safest place to retreat. The Atlantis ruins in front of him are a good choice. Of course, he just wanted to Just think about it, I'm afraid there is no safer place than Soul Realm.

After all, in Soul Realm, Yang Ning is almost equivalent to the creator!

Absolute and unique god!

"Void Realm?"

Yang Ning did not expect that the source of the unowned master was discovered by Brumer in the virtual world!

"Don't look at me with such skeptical eyes, the old man doesn't need to foole you on this issue." Brumer shrugged somewhat helplessly.

"It is rumored that there is no entry and exit of the virtual world. Is it true that you have no source of power in the virtual world?"

Regarding the information of the virtual realm, Yang Ning once heard Sosm in Saint Laurent City. The virtual realm is located at the intersection of the light realm and the dark realm. It is rumored that the virtual realm hides the key to open the graveyard of the gods. Extremely dangerous, there is nothingness everywhere, and there is no place to be buried without a little carelessness. There were many powerful people who broke into the virtual world, but they all ended up with no news, even the leaders of the two realms of virtual gods are right. The imaginary realm is not as deep as one can imagine.

But today, the old man with only immortality in front of him told Yang Ning that the old man not only entered the virtual world, but also found the baby, and came out alive!

"Crap! How can the virtual world be so dangerous outside..."

Facing Yang Ning's nearly scrutiny, Blumer said that the voice was smaller, a lot of age, and the old blushed a lot.

"Okay, I just explored the periphery of the virtual world, and did not enter the void area."

Seemingly unable to bear Yang Ning's eyes, Blumer waved his hand and said with a smile: "But the old man still found a lot of good things."

"I only care about the source of the unowned people. I don't care about the rest. I'm sure the old gentleman will not foole me about a young offspring on this issue." Yang Ning's tone was plain.

"I believe you also realized that those who have no main source want to get quite tricky, otherwise the old man's character has long been hollowed out."

Bloomer is not nonsense. He opened the door directly and said: "The old man can accompany you to the virtual world, of course, only the periphery. As for whether you can get the power of the unowned, you have to rely on yourself."

Yang Ning nodded. He didn't expect Brumer to work hard anymore. As long as the information was accurate, Yang Ning didn't care much about the danger of the virtual world, because Yang Ning always had a bold speculation in the killing space. He is almost immortal, and the system will never sit idly by once the point of life and death is reached.

With such a layer of amulets, Yang Ning is really not afraid of going to the virtual realm. Compared with the dangers he will face in the future, the virtual realm can only be regarded as an appetizer.

I couldn’t help raising my head, thinking secretly in my heart, and I didn’t know when to open the passage to the ninth floor. Going to the cemetery of the gods, Yang Ning felt some feelings. He felt that there might be many problems that had troubled him for many years. Will get the answer there.

For a few days, neither Yang Ning nor Brumer had left the Atlantis ruins. Without this tow oil bottle, Yang Ning would have no time to spare, and he had already airborne the light world from another entrance through the system. Too.

However, the more secrets he keeps, the less Yang Ning will be exposed. He will take advantage of these days to digest the information about the virtual world. And Brumer did not quarrel to leave, the two were very accustomed to choose not to disturb each other. Presumably, Brumer knew that once he left this and returned to the realm of light, it was estimated that he would be chased by Hobbes immediately. .

Taking a step back 10,000 steps, even if Hobbes is now being repulsed because of the forcible use of the dominant power, he can no longer chase them, but Hobbes is not a lonely man, and there is a guardian temple behind him, and there are countless powerful people. Once the trail is exposed, it will inevitably face an overwhelming pursuit, it is better to hide in this place to enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Within Soul Realm

Yang Ning is observing the First God across the sky.

At this moment, the First God is still asleep, his body floating in mid-air, wrapped in a soft light, looks as if he is receiving the gift of God as holy.

Numerous figures are faintly floating in the void, and it seems that some whispers like prayers can be heard. At the moment, these looming figures are all around the first god.

Yang Ning realized that this was probably a vision born after the assembly of faith. After all, the so-called belief power is between the real and the virtual, but only after accepting the worship of the believers for many years like the first god. Such a vision appeared. If we become immortal only with the help of the unowned source, these visions may not be born.

"It is not clear whether these visions have other effects."

Yang Ning pondered his chin, and he planned to study the problem after the first **** awoke.

If the vision is very important and may even affect the strength and weakness of the same-level battle, then Yang Ning will have to consider whether to rebuild it and get rid of his dependence on the unowned source.

Think about it, it does not prevent Yang Ning from continuing to observe the status of the First God, but it has been a long time, and I don’t see too much. When Yang Ning intends to pull away, suddenly, those who originally surrounded the First God The ghost image came to Yang Ning.

"What is this situation?"

Fortunately, no hostility was felt, otherwise Yang Ning could not guarantee whether he would do something.

After all, here is the Soul Realm. Even if these figures are between the real and the false, Yang Ning is confident that in this world, he will be able to get rid of these'troubles'.

These phantoms just blocked Yang Ning, but did not step forward again, as if waiting for something. After a while, these phantoms suddenly rushed towards Yang Ning, and they were surprised in Yang Ning’s eyes. Now, these phantoms slowly formed a figure of Wei An. The looming nihility turned into substance!

For this figure, Yang Ning is familiar with it, is it not the first god?