C7 – Examination Over

The Chinese test presented a relatively challenging set of questions.

However, this wasn’t a hurdle for Ye Hao.

In these past few days, Ye Hao had committed over a hundred Chinese practice papers to memory, and he had also grasped a significant portion of the grammar and punctuation rules.

Consequently, aside from a few unfamiliar test items, Ye Hao was quite confident he could correctly tackle most of the remaining questions.

An hour later, Ye Hao completed the exam paper. Yet, instead of handing it in early, he diligently reviewed his answers.

He dealt with all the questions within his knowledge, leaving the rest to chance.

Ye Hao didn’t linger on the test paper any further; his thoughts turned to the previous night’s occurrence.

Why had the bald youth’s pace seemed to decelerate in his vision?

Could it be due to his X-ray Vision?

Mulling over this, Ye Hao activated the X-ray Vision once more.

The moment he did so, a peculiar transformation took place in the world before his eyes.

However, the pace of the surrounding students remained unchanged.

“Could it be that my eyes possess other abilities?” With this notion, the world before him shifted again.

The pace of the students around him seemed to slacken.

Ye Hao estimated that his classmates’ movements had decelerated by at least tenfold.

To give an example, a regular athlete might sprint at around ten meters per second during their fastest dash, but in Ye Hao’s perception, their pace would seem to be just one meter per second.

With this realization, Ye Hao comprehended why he could easily overcome the bald youth in combat.

With the bald youth’s speed decelerated by a factor of ten, his movements became incredibly sluggish.

“Seems like I need to work on enhancing my physical fitness,” Ye Hao mumbled to himself.

Ultimately, having speed alone wouldn’t suffice if his punches lacked power.

Yet, after roughly thirty seconds, Ye Hao experienced dizziness.

Swiftly discontinuing this ability to slow down others, he took action.

Utilizing this power seemed to be limited to a maximum of thirty seconds.

“If I engage in future battles, I must strive to conclude them within thirty seconds,” Ye Hao quietly resolved.

Proceeding, Ye Hao activated X-ray Vision.

His intention was to gauge the duration his X-ray Vision could be sustained.

However, Ye Hao was caught off guard; he felt another spell of dizziness upon activating the X-ray Vision.

“These two abilities rely on ocular mechanisms, thus if one power is exerted to its threshold, I cannot immediately trigger the other,” Ye Hao swiftly deduced.

Upon the conclusion of the Chinese exam, Ye Hao was dismissed from school.

The afternoon brought a political exam for Ye Hao to contend with.

Once back home, Ye Hao retrieved past years’ political exam papers and delved into reading them.

For most students, short-term efforts were futile, but Ye Hao could substantially expand his knowledge reservoir.

Thanks to his photographic memory, Ye Hao managed to commit over a dozen exam papers to memory within three hours.

Upon setting aside the exam papers, Ye Hao suddenly realized his ability had advanced.

His memory prowess hadn’t been this potent before. He speculated, “Is it possible that with time, my ability continues to enhance? Could it mean my body is gradually transforming?”

Unintentionally, Ye Hao thought back to the middle-aged man who had mentioned that divine blood would progressively change his body, possibly resulting in initial discomfort.

Ye Hao’s eyes brightened, “It must be true.”

This realization left Ye Hao even more enthused.

Upon receiving the political exam paper in the afternoon, Ye Hao initially scanned through it.

Excluding two questions he couldn’t solve and three he was certain about, he was well-prepared for the remainder.

After writing his name, Ye Hao set about tackling the exam paper.

Forty minutes later, Ye Hao examined the paper with astonishment.

He understood that he needed at least 90 points in this political exam.

With more time, Ye Hao was confident he could secure full marks.

Ye Hao clenched his fists involuntarily, resolving, “Within two months, I must raise my score to over 900 points.”

Over the course of three consecutive days, Ye Hao sat for exams, covering three subjects each day.

In the morning, he took the Sect Leader’s exam, followed by two secondary subjects in the afternoon.

During these three days, Ye Hao dedicated almost all his time to reading in his room, only pausing for meals.

Guo Xiu felt both proud and concerned.

Ye Hao was finally learning how to study effectively, but he understood that learning wasn’t an instantaneous achievement.

Ye Hao’s academic performance had already been lackluster, and with his half-year setback, his prospects for this exam didn’t seem too promising.

She worried that Ye Hao might not be able to handle such a setback.

Following his final exam, Ye Hao was about to head home when Zhou Shuai intercepted him.

“Ye Hao, let’s go unwind a bit,” Zhou Shuai suggested, draping his arm over Ye Hao’s shoulder.

“Are we going to play CrossFire?” Ye Hao inquired.

“Exactly,” Zhou Shuai confirmed.

“I’m not interested,” Ye Hao swiftly declined, without much thought.

“What’s gotten into you?” Zhou Shuai asked, taken aback.

He wondered, “Ye Hao used to be more enthusiastic about CrossFire than I was. What’s changed?”

“I want to head to Xinhua Bookstore to buy some study materials.” This exam made Ye Hao realize his knowledge foundation was insufficient. He had missed two questions on ancient poems in the recent Chinese exam.

“You’re not genuinely turning into a bookworm, are you?” Zhou Shuai questioned in surprise.

“Definitely,” Ye Hao winked at Zhou Shuai and walked away.

Over the past couple of days, Ye Hao had stopped by the lottery shop twice on his way home.

This had allowed him to amass five hundred yuan.

Ye Hao visited Xinhua Bookstore, selecting over twenty books before reaching the cashier.

“The total for these books comes to 632 yuan,” the cashier informed him.

“What?” Ye Hao was taken aback.

“The total for these books comes to 632 yuan,” the cashier repeated.

“I’ll put some books back,” Ye Hao said, looking slightly embarrassed.

“How much do you need?” A cheerful voice sounded from behind Ye Hao at that moment.

“I still need 122 yuan,” Ye Hao mentioned, only to be surprised by Lee Qianqian standing behind him.

“Qianqian, what brings you here?”

“I’ve been hanging around you for a bit,” Lee Qianqian feigned annoyance.

“I apologize.” Ye Hao’s attention had been absorbed in the data, causing him to miss Lee Qianqian’s presence.

“Here’s 122 yuan.” Lee Qianqian withdrew cash from her wallet and handed it over.

Ye Hao took the money and passed it to the cashier.

Once the cashier counted the funds, a large bag of books was handed to Ye Hao.

“Let me help you carry it,” Lee Qianqian offered, stepping forward.

“Thank you, but it’s not necessary,” Ye Hao grinned and lifted the bag in his hand.

A smile froze on Ye Hao’s face.

He realized his strength seemed to have significantly heightened.

These twenty-odd books weighed at least five kilograms, yet they felt unusually light in his grasp.

“This might be the result of the divine blood’s transformation,” Ye Hao muttered.

“Is something wrong?” Lee Qianqian noticed Ye Hao’s odd expression and inquired gently.

“I’m fine,” Ye Hao promptly responded.

Lee Qianqian eyed Ye Hao with suspicion before placing the book she intended to buy on the cashier’s counter.

Ye Hao examined the book Lee Qianqian had chosen and expressed surprise, “Aren’t you a second-year high school student? Why are you getting a college entrance exam preparation book?”

“Can’t second-year high school students purchase college entrance exam preparation books?” Lee Qianqian handed a hundred yuan to the cashier with a smile.

“Isn’t it a bit early for you?”

“Most third-year students are reviewing their first and second-year materials. Since I’ve grasped much of my second-year syllabus, it’s beneficial to familiarize myself with my upcoming third-year topics in advance,” Lee Qianqian softly explained.