Chapter 411 Worries.

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411 Worries.

The news of war spread throughout the kingdom like wildfire.

Suddenly, the bad premonition in everyone's heart had come to be. Things had suddenly escalated so much that the king had announced war.

It wasn't just the royal house, even the common folk had started to realize something was wrong when every other day the royal soldiers were sent to different provinces for one reason or another.

Cities were quickly brimming with soldiers and the trade between all kingdoms instantly halted.

The merchants and tourists escaped the kingdom in a panic, so the streets naturally made space for soldiers.

Meanwhile, the royal family of the Steel Mountain Kingdom was also stupefied.

They had only sent a spy to closely watch their actions considering the turbulent situations around the kingdom. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined something like this would happen.

Although they too were offended at someone putting all the blame on them, they couldn't convince the king of the Blue Lion Kingdom.

After their delegation to the kingdom was all slaughtered without mercy, they also prepared for the inevitable war.

The other neighboring kingdoms stationed their troops on the borders as well.

Since war was inevitable, some wanted to protect themselves while others saw a perfect opportunity to exploit.

. . .

While the air grew tense above these small kingdoms, somewhere in her estate, Ember was also informed of the news that apparently the princess of the Blue Lion Kingdom was assassinated by the Steel Mountain Kingdom.

Learning of the news, she stood up in delight, 'He really did it...'

Not only did the Blue Lion Kingdom declare war, but it became apparent that Ozul and his group weren't implicated either.

She picked up the gold laden key atop her table. "Now, I only need to wait until enough blood is spilled on that land." She muttered while gently caressing the key.

. . .

Ozul and his group were out patrolling the royal estate while the preparations were being made.

As always, the Imperial Prince was going to lead the army with all those in the Origin Realm acting as battalion commanders.

Unfortunately, Ozul and Kumaous weren't among those commanders.

Though they met the strength criteria, the Prince didn't trust them enough to give them hundreds of soldiers.

The king didn't directly lead the army since they were well aware of the vultures eyeing their resourceful kingdom during these times. He would remain vigilant for them and let his younger brother take care of the Steel Mountain Kingdom.

Without even working for it, Ozul and his team along with Kumaou were provided with fine armor that wouldn't even be scratched by people below Nascent Soul Realm.

They were also provided with new weapons of their choice but Ozul refused the offer, keeping the katana with him. He would've asked for a smaller blade, but he had already gotten used to faking sword techniques with the katana.

"Do we not exploit them a bit too much?" Zier muttered to himself, wondering if it was morally right to kill someone's daughter and still be compensated like this.

Not that he would raise a complaint either way. It was but a passing thought.

Others didn't muse on his thoughts.

Kumaou was also with them, and strangely enough, he hadn't asked them any questions.

They didn't even know his intentions, but it felt as if he was already working with them.

But Ozul wouldn't let it go on any longer.

They had finally ditched the watchful eyes of the king and the prince and were far away from any Origin cultivator.

"Who are you working for?" Ozul asked the first question.

Sensing the tension in the air, the trio moved aside, seemingly fixated on the surroundings instead.

"I don't have a need to work for anyone. So you work for someone, huh."

The judging smile on Kumaou's face showed how much he loathed the idea to work for someone.

'Aren't you... working under the royals right now?' Ozul questioned in his mind, but somehow Kumaou could guess what he was thinking.

"This is different. It's just a means to an end. Anyway, I have realized you and I are not after the same thing. I have now studied what you Dragon Hatchlings are; you probably don't even know what I'm after."

Kumaou didn't want to drag it any longer, so he explained whatever was on his mind, 'They wouldn't even know of the Blood Land much less covet it.'

Ozul contemplated his words for a while, but then he just nodded his head and turned around.

"Hey! At least tell me what you are here for. I helped you, didn't I?"

"You only helped because it suited your purpose, and you didn't speak of what you are after... why should I?"

"That's true... but... hey brat! Show me some respect!"

A few words were exchanged between them, but the previous atmosphere had disappeared completely.

Ozul wasn't sure if what Kumaou was after might conflict with their interests, but he didn't need to worry for now.

There wasn't an ounce of dishonesty in his emotions, so he could be left to his own devices.

They were currently stationed around the prison in which Ozul had caused the mayhem.

Most of the criminals who had killed other soldiers after escaping were caught and executed one by one.

Ozul and Kumaou were there to make sure the executions went smoothly.

Raven, Blaze, and Zier on the other hand had to help with the executions themselves.

Killing so many people was a new experience for Zier, and despite his nature, it didn't take long before he got used to it.

. . .

Inside the throne room, the king and the prince stood face to face.

Since the day the princess was assassinated, they hadn't talked about anything other than war in this room.

"Are you sure it would be a good idea, brother?" the prince asked.

"There shouldn't be a problem. They never stopped us from getting the Dragon Hatchlings to work for us. The only restriction is that we can't harm them."

"What if they die during the war? It's chaos on the battlefield "

The king almost chuckled, shaking his head, "That is why it's a situation where we don't lose anything. If they knew that the Steel Mountain Kingdom killed the Dragon Hatchlings, would they sit still anymore?"

The prince wasn't interested in politics, so while he understood that those of the Steel Mountain Kingdom would be wary of laying hands on the Dragon Hatchlings, he hadn't thought his brother to have even counted that possibility in their favor.

'You are playing a really dangerous game, brother...' the prince worried his brother might have crossed a line, 'Would the repercussions not fall on us as well... when they get involved?'

Guessing what his younger brother thought, the king remained cold and indifferent.

"That's why I am the king and not you, brother. The war will cost us everything... And I am ready for it."

Unlike what people assumed, the king was painfully aware that an all-out war with the Steel Mountain Kingdom wouldn't just end at that.

The neighboring vultures will dive down to get their claws on whatever piece of meat they could get.

Nodding his head, the Prince spoke, "The four commanders have each set out for our borders in all directions. It would take a day at most."

The four commanders were part of the five mid-ranked Origin cultivators in the Blue Lion Kingdom. After the king and the imperial prince, they were the strongest people in this kingdom.

Now, all of them were ordered to defend a portion of their borders from other kingdoms.

Meanwhile, the Prince would lead their main army to march toward the Steel Mountain Kingdom.

"Hmm. Set out with the Dragon Hatchlings. Remember, give them reasonable tasks, but don't hesitate. If they die, it would be unfortunate for us... but absolutely devastating for our enemies."

In this scenario, Ozul and his group were treated as living explosives. If someone from the Steel Mountain Kingdom laid their hands on them, it would all blow up on their face.

The prince again nodded his head before taking his leave.

He would also have to take caution that he didn't assign them something too dangerous. After all, they were allowed to desert the war whenever they wished.

Manipulating them also wasn't a choice as it would come to light sooner or later and they would have to answer for that.

'Whatever... I never liked politics anyway,' the prince shrugged in the end.

The thinking wasn't his job. Since his brother had already said so, he didn't need to worry about these complications.

. . .

The next morning, hundreds of soldiers were prepared outside the royal estates. All were clad in silver armor and a few flag bearers held long flags representing the Blue Lion Kingdom.

The prince and last mid-ranked Origin cultivator were at the helm followed by some initial-stage Origin cultivators in the midst of which stood Ozul and his group.

They didn't wait for any ceremony to commence before the prince marched the army straight at the Steel Mountain Kingdom's borders.

For once, Ozul was thankful as they were all given horses.

Though he never learned to ride, it came to him just as easily as he learned to read and write.

As they marched toward the borders, Ember had her people infiltrate the capital of the Blue Lion Kingdom.

It wasn't as hard as before since most of the soldiers were concentrated around the royal estate.

She had sent them to check up on Ozul and his group, but when she learned that they set off to war together with the Prince, she couldn't help but sigh in depression.

'Even the most talented and genius can die on a raging battlefield...'

She didn't want her only hope of regaining her powers to perish just like that.