Chapter 928 - 928 Gaze of the Abyss (3)

928 Gaze of the Abyss (3)

“Wuu.” “Ji ~” “Yi!” “Ning.”

Eleven, Buggy, Baby Ginseng, and the others also looked at Chi Tong’s resources eagerly.

Was this the troubles of rich people?

Legendary-level resources were alright, but Mythical-level resources…

This was the first time.

As expected, the later one evolved, the better the benefits??

Eleven, Baby Ginseng, and the others gradually believed the “rules” concluded by Buggy.

“Don’t worry, when I break through to the legendary level, you can use them all.”

“Apart from being a breakthrough resource, these might also be used as evolution resources.”

“I’ve found a suitable evolution method,” Shi Yu said to Chi Tong with a smile, immediately making Chi Tong’s eyes light up.

“Ling.” When Shi Yu finished speaking, Ling nodded and said, “According to the information, the fallen angel of the Demon Nation, Aldrich, has mastered a special evolution skill.”

“It’s because it has this evolution skill that it’s known as one of the creatures closest to a Mythical race.”

“Its two souls in one body are also because of this skill.”

“If we have the chance to fight it, we can think of a way to get it,” Shi Yu said.

< Name > Soul Incarnation

Attributes: Undead, Spirit

[Level]: Super

< Introduction > It can condense into an extremely long power incarnation. The incarnation can exist alone or fuse with the main body to complete evolution.

“Mi!?!” Chi Tong was stunned.

Ling: “This move is very suitable for you, as someone who has mastered the profundity of the Myriad Sword Convergence. Your clone’s various abilities are only one of the many abilities of the main body. Even through the infinite superposition of possession, the efficiency of energy is still not high. Moreover, the strengthening mode is single, and the burden is huge.”

“But incarnations are different. When incarnations condense, they can exist forever like scapegoats. Unless they die, where they need to condense again. In addition, every incarnation has an extremely high growth rate. They can walk a different path from their main body.”

“For example, if you’re proficient in the undead and fire elements, your incarnations can completely be proficient in the spiritual and light elements. Although their attributes are different, they have the same potential talent as the main body. The fallen angel of the Demon Nation, Aldrich, has mastered three incarnations, and every one of them is incomparably powerful. The strongest is when the main body and the three incarnations fuse into one to complete the evolution…”

This was an evolution skill that relied on cultivating clones to complete the evolution of Origin.

After Shi Yu obtained the detailed information of the Fallen Angel Aldrich, the first thing he felt was that this skill was very suitable for Chi Tong.

“Hehe, Little Chi Tong, have you heard of the ‘Immortal Slaying Sword Formation’ and the ‘Four Immortal Slaying Swords’?”

Shi Yu sat on the sofa and snapped his fingers.

“At that time, the main body and three incarnations whose strength is not inferior to the main body will form a sword formation through skills like the Interlocking Sword and the Four Symbols Star Formation and complete the evolution. Believe me, the strength will definitely be strong. After all, it’s equivalent to several times the investment of resources.”

At this moment, Chi Tong indeed had enough resources. Shi Yu felt that it didn’t seem impossible to nurture an invincible clone sword for Chi Tong?

For example, the flame that contained the Law of Life could create a Life Spirit Sword Chi Tong that was completely different from the power of Chi Tong’s undead body.

At that time, life and death would intertwine. Shi Yu felt that it was very promising.

“Mimi!!!” Chi Tong’s eyes lit up. It was quickly persuaded by Shi Yu. With a look of anticipation, it waited to crusade against the fallen angel.

“Yiya.” Baby Ginseng and the others immediately asked when they saw this.

Were there any other skills?

There were so many powerful creatures in Inatella. In theory, rare skills should be everywhere.

“Yes, I’ll record everything,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

Then, he chatted with Chi Tong, Eleven, and the others for a while and exchanged the rare skills on this batch of contestants.

If he broke through to the legend level, he could quickly replicate some of it. Even if he couldn’t completely replicate it, it didn’t matter.

Shi Yu remembered their identities. If necessary, he might still need to protect them and not let them die too early. At most, he would visit the totem country when his skill column was rich in the future.

As long as they didn’t die, there were plenty of opportunities.

With endless imagination, Shi Yu finally picked up the World Tree Fruit and decided to eat it himself.

Giving it to pets was just to increase skill proficiency. Shi Yu felt that there were many ways to increase proficiency with the skill index in the future. There was no hurry.

As long as he was given a certain amount of time, the skill level could increase.

However, if he wanted to develop the Beast Taming Talent well, he really had to rely on comprehension. It wasn’t something that could be developed with time.

If telepathy could be further developed, the cost-effective ratio would undoubtedly be higher. After all, Shi Yu had no other ways to increase it. This was one of the few opportunities.

Shi Yu ate the green World Tree Fruit. Soon, he sat cross-legged and entered a meditative state.

The incomparably clear feeling was like him memorizing words after consuming the memory water drop. The former’s memory ability had been raised to the maximum, and now, his comprehension had been raised to the maximum.

One was suitable for liberal arts… and the other was suitable for science… Taking advantage of the Mythical resources to strengthen his comprehension ability, Shi Yu immediately tried to unearth more mysterious laws of the “Taiji Domain” and “Green Dragon Domain”.

However, soon, to Shi Yu’s surprise and shock, apart from the two domain diagrams that originally existed in his pitch-black mental world, a third domain diagram slowly appeared.