Chapter 952 Always longing

Chapter 952 Always longing

Lu Tian entered his wife's office with a smile upon seeing her. He knew he made the right decision by coming to see her when he missed her. Ñøv€l-B1n was the first platform to present this chapter.

He walks over to meet her with both his hands behind his back.

"I was in the area and started to miss you, so I thought we could have lunch together."

Yue Ling was happy to see him, but her cheeks flushed pink when she heard him say he missed her.

"We just saw each other earlier."

It had only been a few hours since she left the house. How can he miss her already?

Lu Tian went soft when he saw her face turn flushed. He quickly takes three big steps to close the distance between them, and his arms behind his back move forward.

"That was earlier. This is now."

His right arm pulled his wife near him, and his left hand held a bouquet of pink camellia to her.

Yue Ling yelped at his sudden pull and placed her palms on his chest to steady their impact together. However, her eyes widened at the bouquet of pink camellia before her.


Lu Tian didn't care whether anyone saw them or not. He pulls her closer, lowers his head, and whispers near her ear.

"I told you, I missed you."

He moves towards her face and pecks her lips before pulling away by an inch.

"To be precise, I'm always longing for you when you're not in my sight."

His last word finished, and he stole another kiss from her.

After meeting with Qin Jun and the others, he stopped by a flower shop before coming to De L'amour. It wasn't a special occasion, but he felt like buying her flowers.

Yue Ling had yet to process his words when her eyes widened at the sudden kiss. Being so close to him, she couldn't help but inhale his natural scent that held a mixture of bluebell and wood.

She unknowingly wraps her arms around his neck, and her eyes closed. Pulling him closer to him, she deepens their kiss.

Lu Tian sighed a faint groan at her sudden pull, but he was rather pleased by the gesture. His steady breathing turned rapid, and he became a man who finally found air.

He drops the bouquet of pink camellia and, giving no warning, picks up his wife.

Their lips separated for a brief moment, but Lu Tian made sure it wasn't for long. He captures his wife's lips again and brings her to the couch in the room.

He had been holding back the past few days because he didn't want to tire his wife. He knew her schedule was busy, and she needed all the rest she could get.

However, he, at this moment, didn't care anymore, throwing all rational thoughts of self-restraint out the window.

He carefully placed her on the couch and laid on top of her. His lips never left hers, and he made sure not to let all his weight fall on her.


Yue Ling gasped through the gaps of their kiss, but Lu Tian had already sealed her lips before she could say another word.

His left hand held her nape in place while his other hand traced every inch of her body.

His fingers held the zipper, and he zipped it down. However, just as he did so, his ears perked.

The look in his eyes turned icy cold, and the sweet atmosphere filled with love and longing was replaced with a blizzard.

He moved his hands away from her pants as he pulled away from her breast.

As he did this, he didn't forget to pull her shirt down to cover her and sit up, sheltering her from view.

"Boss! Boss! Boss!"

Yue Ling was confused when Lu Tian suddenly stopped, but hearing someone call for her, her face turned red in embarrassment.

At that moment, the door to her office flung open, and Liu Shan rushed inside with a massive smile on his face.

"Boss! Let's grab lunch together! I heard..."

He had yet to finish his words when he saw Lu Tian sitting on the couch. His head tilts to the side, and he looks at the man in confusion.

"Eh? What are you doing here, Mr. Lu?"

Due to his cluelessness, he was not aware of the man's dark and murderous glare. He felt a shiver crawl down his spine, and he rubs his arms.

"Man, it's cold in here. Did the heating system stop working?"

Yue Ling hid behind Lu Tian and wanted to dig a hole for her to hide in. If Lu Tian had not stopped in time, who knows what would have happened if Liu Shan walked in on them?

Taking a deep breath and using Lu Tian as a shield, she sneakily but quickly adjusted her clothes.

She poked her head out from behind the man and mustered her best smile in such a situation.

"Go ahead. I'm going to have lunch with Lu Tian."

Liu Shan's eyes widened in surprise when he saw his boss. He didn't think to see her appear from behind the aloof man.

However, noticing her belt on the table, he frowns in confusion.

"Boss, your belt. Why did you..."

The more he spoke, the more he felt the air turned grave. Soon, his eyes widened more, and his jaw dropped.

Only then did he finally take notice of Lu Tian's deadly glare directed at him. It was the kind of glare that could kill a person over and over again.

'Oh! My! God!'

He screamed inside and knew at that moment he had messed up.

He slaps his face to cover his eyes quickly. He didn't dare to look at the couple.

"I... I s-should get g-g-going. I was n-never h-here."

He forces his frozen legs to move and wants to escape death. He scurries back out the door he had entered.

Of course, he didn't forget to lock the door before shutting it.

Yue Ling was at an utter loss over the situation. Seeing her assistant's behavior, there was no doubt he knew what would have happened had he not entered.

She slumped into the couch and stared up at the ceiling. In times like this, she wished there was an invisibility cloak she could use to cover herself.

Lu Tian wasn't feeling too good over the situation either. However, unlike his wife, he wasn't embarrassed. Instead, he was angry that he had forgotten to lock the door after coming inside.