CH 10.3

Name:Undesirable Marriage Author:
In the end…

After learning that Dai Xingren and his wife had made up, Zhu Xiang Lin finally gave up and returned to the United States with regrets. Two years later, she would meet her true love and marry a brain surgeon.

Through Mo Chuan Ya’s arrangement, Qiao Xuan got in touch with Dai Xingren as he wished. The two men first competed on the tennis court and ended up becoming good friends after having settled their differences. 


A year later, the couple went to Europe for their honeymoon. On a sweet and passionate night, Mo Chuan Ya was able to conceive. Dai Xingren was ecstatic. He rushed to check the medical report and took care of everything. He also joined motherhood classes with his wife to learn how to be a father.

For safety reasons, Mo Chuan Ya was admitted to the hospital two weeks before the expected date of delivery. Dai Xingren monitored and cared for his beloved wife’s physical condition almost without sleep. He accompanied her into the delivery room, full of fear and distress, to welcome a lively and lovely new life.

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Her mother ignored her protests and went off to pick wild flowers, only to return to the shade with a bouquet of flowers when she had finished.


“Mommy’s so annoying, she doesn’t even talk to me.” The little girl pouted.

Mo Chuan Ya smiled, blinking her intelligent eyes and gently tweaking the tip of her daughter’s delicate nose with her finger. “Why should I care about you if you’re throwing a tantrum over here? You’re not stupid, and you’re still getting angry here!”

“How dare I be angry with Mommy? It’s Mommy who’s mad at me.” Mo Jia Huan cried out. They had a special pecking order in the family. There was her dad, who loved to dote on her behind her mother, and her mum, who would control her impulses..

“I’m angry at you? How could I?” Mo Chuan Ya played innocent and picked the most pitiful little white flower and handed it to her daughter. “Oh, this one is for Huanhuan, Mommy loves you the most.”

“I don’t believe it.” Mo Jia Huan saw through it. “You obviously love daddy the most.”

“Heh.” Mo Chuan Ya laughed softly and gave her daughter’s puffed-up cheeks a loving squeeze. “Mummy loves Daddy, and she loves you too! And you, you little brat, why are you so angry? It’s not like daddy didn’t stay with you on purpose. It’s because a farmer was sick on the road and daddy had to give him first aid and take him to the hospital, that’s why he’s late. Don’t you think it’s cool that Daddy is helping people like this?”

“It’s cool.” Mo Jia Huan put down her little hand that was wrapped around her chest, and smiled reluctantly. She had to admit that not only did mummy love her daddy, but she herself also adored him. “But still… he has to come back soon to fly a kite with me or I’ll ignore him!” Adoration was one thing, she still had to draw a line in order to show a queen’s character.

“God, how could we raise such a willful daughter?” Mo Chuan Ya shook her head helplessly.

“It’s all your father’s fault for spoiling you.”

“That’s not true. Daddy says I’m following Mummy’s example.” Mo Jia Huan stuck out her tongue provocatively. Mother and daughter looked at each other and narrowed their eyes at the same time. After a while, Mo Chuan Ya couldn’t help but be the first to laugh. To be honest, this daughter was quite like her. Maybe all women in the Mo family have the same arrogant temper. “Huanhuan, with your nature, I think it will be no problem for us to entrust the Mo family’s business to you in the future.”

“Mummy, how can you be so bad?” Mo Jia Huan protested.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mo Chuan Ya was puzzled.


“Don’t think I don’t know, Daddy told me secretly.” Mo Jia Huan chirped suspiciously at her mother.

“He said you wanted to leave all the trouble to me.”

“How could I?” Mo Chuan Ya was embarrassed by her apparent injustice, but she did intend to nurture her daughter’s ‘ambition’. “And don’t you want to be a queen? Wouldn’t it be cool if you were to take over from Grandma when you grow up and become the next head of the Mo family?”

“When I become the head of the family, will Mummy listen to me?” Mo Jia Huan was keen to know. This was very important. It all depended on whether she could suppress her mother’s arrogance.

“No problem, I’ll do whatever you want.” Mo Chuan Ya immediately pledged her allegiance.

“Good!” Mo Jia Huan clapped her hands happily. “Then I’ll be in charge of the family.”

“Go for it! Huanhuan.” Mo Chuan Ya smiled and encouraged her daughter. 

That night, as she and her husband lay on the grass outside the housestay watching the stars, she quietly related to him the conversation she had with their daughter that afternoon. Dai Xingren laughed out loud, and had his wife not given him a warning glance, he would have forgotten that he should not laugh so hard as to wake up the homestay family.

“You women, you are so bad.” He turned sideways and rubbed his lips against his wife’s ears. “You even bullied your own daughter. How could you be such a bad mother?”

“And you say so.” She also turned sideways, her eyes congealed with him. “How can you tell your daughter that I want to pass on all of my problems to her?”

“Don’t you?” His eyes lit up with a different kind of fire.

She willfully puckered her cherry lips out of contempt.


When Dai Xingren looked at her, he felt a pull. He couldn’t help but lean in for a peck, and their lips were entwined for a few moments.

“No more.” He panted and moved back a little. “Or I’ll have you right here.”

“I want it.” She added fuel to the fire irresponsibly.

“You bad woman.” He pressed her cheeks and squeezed her face out of shape. “Do you want to wake up the owners of the housestay? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for disgracing the Taiwanese?” 

She didn’t say anything but smiled, her eyes shining brightly, more mischievous than the stars that adorned the night. He sighed abruptly, his desire raging inside him, but he couldn’t have her there on the grass and back in his room there was a sweet, innocent little daughter…

“How can you test a man’s self-control like this?” He groaned in frustration.

When she heard this, she smiled coquettishly. Her smile was so naughty, so hateful, so tempting.

She put her lips together and whispered something in his ear, and as he listened, his eyes lit up, and his gentlemanly morals made him feel a little hesitant.

“What? Are we going to do it or not?” She kissed him intimately on the lips, like a sea siren, tempting him.

He closed his eyes, made up his mind, took his wife’s hand, jumped up and raced to a RV parked a short distance away.

The night was dark and love was in the air.