Chapter 236 - 162 The First Extraordinary Trait (Two in One)_5

162 The First Extraordinary Trait (Two in One)_5

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It’s a potent skill, but similarly, the level of the Guardian Shield skill isn’t high enough.

Even though it’s close to becoming level 2, it’s not there yet. Even when it reaches level 2, it’s still a long way from being formidable.

The other skeletons don’t have the Perfect Quality trait, but Dean McKenzie has two in his hands.

One is “Undying” from “Skeleton Reign”, the other is “Insight” from “Appraisal Skill”.

Both traits are significantly helpful.

“Undying” gives all the skeletons under Dean McKenzie’s command a chance to live again.

“Insight” notably enhances Dean McKenzie’s combat power.

That trait played a crucial role in completing the Fourth-turn Trial.

The question is, between “Undying” and “Insight”, which should Dean McKenzie enhance?

For that, Dean McKenzie responds: “Only kids have to choose. As an adult, I naturally want both traits!”

Of course, he only says this jokingly. He knows the resources he has likely won’t be enough to enhance both.

So, Dean McKenzie decides to enhance “Undying” first!

He first plunges into the “Bone Tomb”, setting off a flurry of “Summon Skeletons.”

[You have initiated the double enhancement of the skill “Skeleton Reign!”]

[It cost you 40, ooo gold coins, granting the skill a million attribute points, in the direction of “Skeleton Strength!”]

[It cost you 2,000 gold coins. The trait “Undying” is devouring 10,ooo High-Quality Essence!]

[You spent 4,000 gold coins, “Undying” has devoured 2,000 Excellent Essences!]

[Your skill “Skeleton Reign” has been successfully enhanced!]

Skill: Skeleton Reign (Third-turn) (Double Enhanced)

Level: 3(1.87 million/20 million)

Effect: Passively increases all attributes of “Summon Skeletons” by three hundred percent (single attribute limit 1.3 million), adding 13,000 to attack and defense.

Trait: Undying (Extraordinary) (Level 1) (Summoned Skeletons can resurrect once a day.)

After Dean McKenzie spent 40,000 gold, and exhausted 10,000 elite skeletons and 2,000 excellent skeletons, he has now gained his first Extraordinary Trait.

The result shows that the effects seem to be no different from before, still only being able to resurrect once a day.

But Dean McKenzie knows the difference is significant.

The previous “Undying” was just Perfect Quality, meaning that Hardship Quality damage could still make Undying ineffective.

Now that it has been upgraded to “Extraordinary”, Doggy Two and the others’ survivability has greatly improved.

Even though this time Dean McKenzie only enhanced “Skeleton Reign”, as he enhanced his skills, one of Dean McKenzie’s skill levels also increased.

[Your skill “Summon Skeletons” has advanced to Level 10!]

With this system prompt, Dean McKenzie’s second skill has been upgraded to Level 10.

Dean McKenzie immediately checked the attributes of Summon Skeletons.

On seeing this, Dean McKenzie furrowed his brows.

The maximum level of skeletons that Summon Skeletons can summon didn’t go up, still capped at level 120. But the number of simultaneous existing skeletons increased by ten to reach 110.

Seeing this Level 10 attribute, McKenzie realized something.

“It seems that the potential of ‘Summon Skeletons’ has almost been fully exploited; 120 levels are almost the limit for Summon Skeletons.

Or rather, 120 levels have long exceeded the limit of this basic skill ‘Summon Skeletons’. It’s just that my talent is continuously amplifying this skill.

Without any surprise, it’s almost reached its limit.

Even if I enhance it, I would need to spend a great deal of resources to further improve it.

That would be more trouble than it’s worth!

In that case, it’s time to use my Skill Fusion Scroll!”

With that said, Dean McKenzie took out the “Intermediate Skill Fusion Scroll” that he had gotten from a previous dungeon.

[You used the Intermediate Skill Fusion Scroll…]