CH 4

Name:Two Old Monsters Author:
A few days later, the two really did cut out a large window together out of guilt. Looking at how the room was much better lit than before, both of them let out a sigh of relief. Collecting wild herbs was a business for both of them, so they generally went up the mountains together. It was no difficult task for either of them. Although they met snakes, caves, darkness, and other obstacles that slowed down others, it only took both of them a day. As such, Fu Wangzhi would often bring a zither, and Xie Changan would bring along a jar of wine. Rather than going into the mountains to pick wild herbs, the two took the opportunity to date and enjoy nature together. Xie Changan tossed the full bamboo basket aside and leaned on an old acacia tree as he held the wine jar and nibbled on fruit. Fu Wangzhi began to play the zither leisurely. The melody carried through the forest, travelling to the clouds. Xie Changan was engrossed in the tune. He heard the sounds of the strings, understood the elegancy, and even sang along to the notes in rhythm. Before they knew it, it was already dark. No birds and beasts within the area dared to come near the two monsters. The two monsters were happy with that. They would use the ground of the green mountain as their pillow when they were tired, the sky as their blanket. It was quiet at night. They opened their eyes and admired the starry sky together. "Hey, look at those stars. Don't you think it looks like that thing when connected together? What the fuck, hahahahahaha!" Xie Changan pointed at the stars and let out a big laugh. "Hm?" Fu Wangzhi followed Xie Changan's hand, which trembled from laughing, and looked in the direction he was pointing. He was not sure which stars he was referring to. Xie Changan then used his fingertips and drew a pillar in the air, attaching two balls on each side. Fu Wangzhi understood immediately. He leaned up, supporting himself with his elbow and then rolled over to press Xie Changan down. He then pushed himself against Xie Changan's crotch a little, his eyes focusing on Xie Changan's effeminate and beautiful face, "The thing in the sky is nothing compared to mine." Xie Changan extended his arms and wrapped them around the other's neck. He lifted his head and nibbled ferociously on the other's lips. These two had absolutely no shame doing such things in the mountains when they were in the mood. Their mouths were so full of obscenities that even the starry sky blushed. Snakes and foxes were lascivious by nature. They lived their lives like that for a little over a year, carefully, not to live too lavish a life, but it was pretty fulfilling. One day, Xie Changan began to stare at the chicken from the coop's entrance and daydream again, so Fu Wangzhi went to the mountains alone. The flowing streams on the mountain were so clear that the bottom could be seen. Fu Wangzhi could see the golden carp spirit easily with just a glance. ‘The water bodies were truly all connected’, he thought. He did not expect to see it even here.