Chapter 3120

Shu Qing and Xiao Qi naturally knew which matter was more important, so they immediately nodded and agreed to pull out these flowers.

"Well, in order for us to go out, then unplug it."

Yu Yien and the others got the approval, and immediately started to do it. They pulled out the frozen rhododendron and its surrounding flowers, revealing a piece of frozen soil that was obviously darker than the ground next to it.

"It's here."

Yu Yien squatted beside him, carefully watching this piece of frozen soil,

"The temperature here is obviously different from other places. If we want to start from this space crack, we probably have to start from here."

While talking, Yu Yien stared closely at the location of the frozen soil.

"I have a question!"

Li Changting, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke,

"If this is just a spiritual enchantment, then are these soils, flowers, and grasses all real? Can these things really grow in the enchantment? Or are they actually an illusion of us? "

Li Changting's question suddenly seemed to remind everyone present.

Everyone was taken aback, and then Li Zhaowen squatted on the ground curiously, staring at the frozen soil, and then immediately began to dig the small piece of frozen soil with his hands. After digging a few times, he found that there was no It was soiled, but it was the same azure blue that they saw at the entrance of the enchantment and in the tree hole.

"Look, there is nothing below here, so tell me, if we still use the World Lord's waist card to open it like we did in the first enchantment, is that okay?"

Li Zhaowen looked at Yu Yien excitedly, but Yu Yien just shrugged his shoulders,

"But... the world lord waist card is not here!"

Only then did Li Zhaowen realize that the World Lord's badge was with Xiao Si'er, but Xiao Si'er was not here. Suddenly, like a wilted balloon, he sat on the side deflated, staring at the azure blue in a daze.

"Don't be discouraged, at least we have proved that this place is actually a fictional enchantment. What we can see is actually an illusion. We can try to break the enchantment in other ways. Even if the entire enchantment cannot be broken, It is also possible for them to open up this space and find the equation."

Yu Yien was much more optimistic than Li Zhaowen, he turned his head to look at the people around him, and then fixed his gaze on Gu King.

"Senior, you are the most authoritative here, do you know any way to break the enchantment?"

He looked at the Gu King and asked.

"Break the enchantment..."

Gu King followed his white beard and fell into deep thought,

"Well, there are probably three most common ways to break the enchantment that I know. In fact, this is also set according to what kind of enchantment the opponent is. These three methods are roughly divided into breaking with objects, breaking with spells, and breaking with magic. It can be cracked by spiritual power. And these three methods are respectively aimed at barriers set up with divine objects, barriers set up with spells, and barriers set purely with spiritual power."

Gu King explained it to everyone very carefully.

"Like the first layer of enchantment in Wanshen Mountain is simply an enchantment set up with spiritual power, so only a part of the spiritual power of the World Master's waist card can untie it, and the second layer... ..I personally don’t think it’s that simple, it should be an enchantment set by a spell or a creature, which is more difficult to remove. However, this is just my idea, and it’s not completely counted.”

Gu Wang said with a smile.

"Oh, so there are so many sayings about this enchantment."

Yu Yien nodded, and then thought for a while, with a slightly troubled expression on his face.

"If it's just a pure spiritual barrier, we can still try it, but if it's a spell or a barrier set by a god, then we really have nothing to do. How can we know what spell they used, What kind of fetish?"

He looked at everyone and said with some embarrassment.

All the people present also showed embarrassment. They didn't know how to deal with the current situation. They gathered in twos and twos and quietly discussed the strategies they could think of, but after the discussion, they still felt that nothing could be done.

"It's not as good as this!"

At the critical moment, Li Zhaowen still had a lot of ideas,

"Let's try all of them. Anyway, we're just standing here waiting. Why don't we do something? If we make some noise, maybe we can alert my brother and the others, and let them follow the movement to find us."

Li Zhaowen came up with a stupid idea that might work.

"Hehe, it's possible that you are not alarmed by Brother Fang, but by other species."

Xiaoqi said "haha" and joked to Li Zhaowen.

"Zhaowen's idea is not impossible to try, we can give it a try."

Yu Yien agreed with Li Zhaowen's point of view, after all they are standing here stupidly, and doing something is better than doing nothing.

"Then we... try?"

Li Zhaowen also stood up with a "chuckle" and looked at Yu Yien excitedly. He just loves the challenge of this new thing, it's very interesting to him.

"Well, just now when Xiao Si'er used the world master's waist card to open the entrance from the first barrier to the second barrier, I roughly observed the spiritual power they used, the degree and strength I remembered They are all different, the only biggest difference is that the source of spiritual power is different. We can try them all, maybe... just find a spiritual power with the same source and similar frequency."

There was some helplessness in Yu Yien's tone, they could only treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor now.

"Okay, let's try one by one, I'll go first."

Li Zhaowen was the first to raise his hand, feeling like a school student eager to participate in a sports meeting.

"Count you the most embarrassing."

Xiao Qi gave him a helpless look.

"That's fine, Zhaowen will come first, and then I will come."

Yu Yien nodded, then glanced at Li Zhaowen, indicating that he could come forward and try.

Li Zhaowen walked up to the excavated frozen soil with a serious face, looked at the small piece of blue in the pit, raised his hand, and the pure and rich spiritual power in his body was slowly injected into it. In the blue. Li Zhaowen closed his eyes and tried his best to concentrate on feeling the state of the entire barrier.

But after a while, Li Zhaowen suddenly opened his eyes, his arms were flicked away, and his body unconsciously took several steps back. The rising and falling of his chest proved that he was panting heavily.

"How about it?"

Yu Yien asked softly from the side.

"This thing is repelling me. He pushed back all the spiritual power I put in. I was rejected?"

What Li Zhaowen said, seemed to have failed in his confession.

"What you said, I don't know who do you think you confessed to?"

Xiaoqi looked at Li Zhaowen speechlessly and said.