Lin Xi was amazed. If it was just a legend, he might not believe it. If it was someone else's story, he might not believe it, but Chen Muning had to believe it because of his personal experience.

It seems that the ghost theory is not only serious, but also can not be underestimated.

Xiao Min chased and asked, "these nightmares you said don't sound like cannibals..."

Chen Muning recalled: "because these kinds of nightmares are not the most powerful. The really powerful nightmares will make you have nightmares one by one in your sleep, sink into them, and never wake up until you are scared to death in your dream..."

"It's like a monster that eats dreams. If you have a nightmare, it eats a nightmare. When you're mentally poor, do you think it's cannibalism..."

Xiao Min finally understood that what Chen Muning said about cannibalism is not really cannibalism, but eating your spirit, overdrawing your spirit and making you mentally exhausted. It looks like you are dead, but you still breathe.

Compared with cannibalism, this way is more strange and impossible to prevent.

Then it suddenly occurred to him that in his childhood memory, when he was begging outside with his sister, he heard that Mr. Shu had told a story about Liaozhai.

It is said that there is a kind of ghost that will change into a beautiful girl and meet a scholar in a dream.

They are romantic in bed, making scholars want immortality and death.

These ghosts were abandoned women before they were born, or died of loneliness. After they died, they turned into fierce ghosts. They were romantic with scholars, not to make them happy, but to absorb the scholar's Yuanyang essence and blood in their dreams and increase their Taoism.

Chen moning said that this nightmare is similar to it.

It can be imagined that a person who exhausts his brain in a dream is actually just a mental death, but he is still alive physically, but he will never wake up, and will always reincarnate in a half dream and half wake up.

Just like a vegetable, you can only watch helplessly. Your relatives believe that you are dead, bury you, engrave a monument for you, and then watch helplessly. After you are buried in the coffin, the whole process of death.

Just think about it, you will feel creepy. There is no torture comparable to that cruel torture since ancient times.

Xiao Min can't help shivering - this unknown field is really mysterious.

Chen Muning continued: "the nightmare of frightening the tiger's head last night is indeed an ordinary nightmare, but once it is blessed by false prohibition and Yin Qi, we don't know how vicious it will be. Even if it becomes a legendary nightmare devil, it's not impossible..."

When Lin Xi heard the word "dream devil" for the first time, he was surprised and surprised and asked, "how can he become a dream devil again..."

Chen Muning explained: "the so-called nightmare devil means that the nightmare becomes a devil. It is a more evil and terrible existence than the nightmare. It can not only manipulate people in the dream, but also make people in reality like a dream..."

"What's more, he can make a living man slowly become like him. Do you say it's terrible..."

Although Lin Xi is no longer so exclusive about ghosts, he basically believes that ghosts exist in the world, but he dare not and is unwilling to believe that ghosts can directly affect reality, otherwise it won't be messy.

Xiao Min didn't believe it either and said, "brother Chen, what you said is incredible. I can't believe it..."

Chen Muning seemed to have expected and vowed to fight for sex: "don't believe it. This is the only experience my father saw with his own eyes and felt helpless. I can tell you..."

Lin Xi and Xiao Min are surprised that even his father can't handle it. Is the dream devil really so powerful?

Chen Muning said that at the foot of Nanshan Mountain where his hometown is located, there is a woman named Liu Emei.

Emei Liu lost her father when she was young and lived with her mother. Although she was not very rich, she was also plain and happy.

But it didn't last long. A sudden fire broke their happy life.

Liu Emei's face was destroyed by the fire. Since then, the naughty children in the village shouted "ugly" when they saw her, which made Liu Emei very low self-esteem and afraid to go out and walk around.

After staying at home for a long time, she can't help being upset and irritable. Especially at that time, Emei Liu was at the age of marriage, which made her more worried - she also wanted to have a good appearance and marry a perfect husband like other women.

The weather in May is neither hot nor cold, which is a good time for outings.

Emei Liu has been trapped at home for a long time, so she also wants to go out for a walk.

As she walked, she came to a broken temple and suddenly heard bursts of crying from the broken temple.

Liu Emei thought to herself, "who is crying here? Has she met with misfortune like herself..."

Thinking of this, Emei Liu entered the broken temple.

It turned out that in the ruined temple, there was a ragged mother-in-law crying with a picture. Liu Emei came up and asked the old man, "old woman, why are you crying..."

The old woman looked at Emei Liu and sobbed, "my daughter is missing and can't be found. She gave me a dream last night and said she was eaten by a wild wolf..."

Emei Liu looks at the woman in the painting, that is, the daughter of the old woman, who is graceful and graceful. It is a special sign, just like the heroine in the film. If she is still alive, the matchmaker must have broken through her family.

After Liu Emei comforted the old woman, she was ready to go home. Unexpectedly, the old woman suddenly said, "can you draw..."

Emei Liu didn't understand. After understanding, she knew that the old woman wanted her to draw herself and her daughter together. After painting, she burned the painting at 12:00 on the 15th night of the lunar calendar, so that she could meet her dead daughter.

When Emei Liu was a child, she studied poetry, calligraphy and painting with the old man in the village next door for several years. She had some skills in painting, so she went home and took paper, ink, pen and inkstone to draw for her wife.

All the work in the morning was finished except drawing lines and coloring.

As a token of gratitude, the old lady gave Liu Emei a piece of rhinoceros incense and said, "if you light this thing at night, you can see your dead relatives. I'm old and can't use it, but you remember, you must not use it to do something you shouldn't do..."

The old woman said that and left.

At this time, only Liu Emei was left in the temple. She wanted to go home, but suddenly found that there were many colorful paintings of ladies on the murals in the temple, as beautiful as fairies.

Seeing that the dilapidated wall was not flat, Liu Emei gently pressed it with her hand. With this press, Liu Emei immediately felt that there was something behind the mural.

He broke it hard, and a picture album really fell out of the wall.

All kinds of beautiful women and monsters are painted on the album, and the effects of many precious medicinal materials are recorded.

On the last page of the album, Liu Emei saw the use of rhinoceros incense. It turned out that lighting rhinoceros incense can not only see ghosts, but also change their faces at 12 o'clock at night, that is, draw dead faces as their own faces. The next day, they can see people with new faces.

It should be noted that after the early morning, you can't look in the mirror, and there are obvious side effects. However, the lines of words with side effects have been smeared out and can't be seen clearly.

For Emei Liu, as long as she can make herself beautiful, she will recognize the side effects no matter how serious.

When she got home, Liu Emei painted the daughter of the old woman who died in the temple. At 12 pm, she lit the rhinoceros incense and turned her face into the face of the old woman's daughter according to the method in the book.

Emei Liu looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help being full of joy. She finally became beautiful and didn't have to be called ugly anymore.

Before dawn the next day, she couldn't wait to knock on her mother's door. When her mother saw that Emei Liu had changed and was surprisingly beautiful, she asked her what had happened.

Emei Liu lied to her mother: "last night, my father entrusted me with a dream. In the dream, I worshipped the Bodhisattva piously, and the Bodhisattva gave me a beautiful face..."

Her mother was so convinced that she couldn't shut her mouth with joy.

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