The ox cart has gone far. Liu Jin holds Li Chang to the village. Tang Xiaotang looks at the map all the way. Now Zhang has entered the yard, but Liu Jin locked the door before going out. If she wants to enter, she has to open the knot on the door first.

Even so, their time is also very urgent. After all, they can only catch Zhang's family when they meet her in the yard. But Liu Jin's family is the farthest away from the entrance of the village, and the head of the village walks very slowly. If they are late, even if the head of the village knows that the book is lost, there is no way to investigate Zhang's family.

However, Liu Jin could not see any anxious color on her face. He not only didn't deliberately speed up his pace, but even dissuaded Li Chang from walking slower.

Fortunately, however, the chief was in a hurry and didn't slow down because of his words.

Tang Xiaotang looked at the map and calculated the time according to their feet.

At this speed, it will take about ten minutes for them to walk to Liu Jin's house, but it will only take three minutes at most for women to enter the house.

Time is too late.

But she didn't urge Liu Jin. After all, he needs experience to grow up. If she has to solve everything, he can never be alone.

Besides, she knew that the teenager had a strategy.

They walked back slowly, while on the other side, the woman carrying a bamboo basket had already reached the gate of the courtyard.

The unlocked door opened as soon as it was pushed, and she walked in smoothly.

The kitchen door was bolted, but the woman only looked back. Her purpose today is not that.

He went straight to the door. It seemed that the last movement made the boy on guard. The handle of the door was tied with a straw rope and tied with a knot.

"Little rabbit!"

The woman scolded at the bottom of her heart and began to untie the rope.

The straw rope was very thick. Although it had a dead knot, it was not that it could not be untied. She tore the tape and broke the rope in a short time.

Then the woman pushed the door and went in.

The room was almost empty. The woman only glanced at it, and then her eyes fell on the book on the table.

As soon as her eyes lit up, she immediately went to the table and grabbed the book.

A woman can't read. She can't recognize what's written in this book, so although she can see that this book is different from the last one, she doesn't feel any difference.

Pick up the book, put it in a bamboo basket and cover it with a cloth. She turns around and wants to leave, but as soon as she turns around, her eyes just fall on the box under the bed in front of her.

The box is the same as the last one, but not only the position has changed, but also like the outside door, the place where the padlock should have been tied by straw rope.

That kid specially hid this box. There must be more valuable books in it!

A stronger greed suddenly surged up in a woman's heart - she came all the time. How can she take only one book? If you can take all these books and sell them, let alone her son's bundle repair, you can send him to study in the city!

The greed in her eyes became more and more intense. She walked to the bedside a few steps. The woman knelt on the ground and dragged the bamboo box out at once.

Tang Xiaotang looked at the map and saw that the woman had gone to the table and picked up the book, but she didn't leave. Instead, she went to Liu Jin's bed and stopped.

Tang Xiaotang understood his idea since the boy specially changed the position of the box yesterday.

Standing in front of the desk, she could just see under the bed. With Zhang's greed, she could not see the box and remain indifferent.

He is betting on her greed.

And it turned out that he was right.

When the woman paused, they could see Liu Jin's yard.

The chief hurried up his pace anxiously, and Liu Jin finally stopped persuading. He looked at the house in the distance, and his eyes showed a little dark.

At this stage, he found that his mood was unexpectedly calm. All possible results had been thought about. No matter whether things would develop as expected, he was ready.

The chief finally came to his courtyard. He was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but he was surprised to find that Liu Jin's courtyard door was open.

"This... Didn't you close the door?"

Liu Jin's face showed a trace of surprise at the right time. He shook his head: "no, I closed the door..."

Hearing what he said, Li Chang's heart suddenly sank, because he remembered that thieves broke into Liu's old house a few days ago. Are they here again today?

"Let's go! Let's go in!"

Although Li Chang was old, he was not timid. In particular, their efforts were still in the house these days. In a hurry, he didn't care about anything else, so he rushed directly into the yard.

"You wait..."

The boy seemed to want to stop him, but the chief couldn't care about anything else. He picked up a bamboo pole from the yard and carried it to the house.

Liu Jin walked slowly behind the chief, and the worry on her face looked very real.

Across the half closed door, the chief clearly saw a figure in coarse clothes squatting on the ground. He didn't know what he was looking for. From time to time, clothes were thrown to the ground by "him".

What a bold thief!

He deliberately eased his steps and walked over. When he reached the door, he didn't look at it. He picked up the bamboo pole in his hand and beat the squatting figure without saying a word.

"I let you steal!"

"Ah ah!"

Zhang Shi, who opened the bamboo box, saw a lot of books. When she was indulging in the joy of harvest, the sudden pain from her body scared her out of her wits. She sat down on the ground and shouted out directly.

The books she had not hidden in her hand were scattered on the ground. For a moment, she even forgot her situation. When she got up, she would scold: "who killed thousands of knives -"

The inner length standing at the door and copying the bamboo pole also heard some familiar voices. The light in the room was dark. He didn't recognize Zhang at all, but when he heard her half sentence, he recognized the people in the room at once.

"Is that you?!"

The dignified voice came from behind. Zhang immediately recognized the owner of the voice. She looked back in a panic and saw that the chief was standing at the door, followed by the cub.

"Inside, inside long..."

Zhang's eyes were startled, and her face was pale as if she had seen a ghost. She could not think of it. How could Li Chang be in there?

At this time, she appeared alone in her nephew's room with a lot of books scattered around her. How could chang not know what happened in such a scene? He was so angry that he pointed to Zhang and couldn't even say anything: "you, you... You stupid woman! You steal something?!"

Unexpected! Unexpected! He thought he was really a thief in another village, but he didn't think it was her!

My aunt stole from my nephew! Liu Jiacun has such a scandal. Where should he put his long face!

He was so angry that he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the young man behind him reached out his hand to hold him in time and didn't let him fall to the ground.

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