Chapter 1029-END - Chapter 1029_End: Arrival (Side Story)

Chapter 1029_End: Arrival (Side Story)

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Time went on. Su Xiaolu and Zhou Zhi were reunited and separated countless times.

Su Xiaolu and Su Kuo had experienced many worlds and encountered all kinds of Golden Finger systems that absorbed the luck of the world.

Some women became the empress from little palace maids.

There were also men who obtained the Rapid Rise in Status system. From low-ranking officials to controlling tens of thousands of people, there was also the Rejuvenation system that could save people with a casual move.

Almost all of these systems had one thing in common, which was that they appeared out of nowhere. The people they chose were also unwilling to work hard.

The little palace maid with the Golden Finger who became the empress, was envious and strong-willed. When she was a palace maid, she often made mistakes and implicated others to be punished. She did not remember the kindness of others when they helped her. Once she made a comeback, she felt that they knew that she could not be kept. There was no need to mention those who had a grudge against her. She would kill them all.

The scholar, who had obtained the Golden Finger, even killed his old brother and sister-in-law. He said that they despised the poor and loved the rich, but they forgot that he was lazy and never gave birth. He took money and bought flowers for his classmate to play with. Later, when he was scolded by his older brother, he even hit him angrily. He could advance rapidly without working hard after obtaining the system. He was even more ruthless. He had long cut ties with his family and even trampled on them maliciously, making his old brother’s life extremely difficult.

These people were originally ordinary. Just because they were chosen, they felt that they were the chosen ones and favored by the heavens. However, they never thought about it carefully. They had no talent or virtue and did not have any foundation. How could they be worthy of the title of favored by the heavens?

They only wanted to take a small step, but they also wanted to benefit tens of thousands of times.

They could not withstand any storms. Because Su Xiaolu had a higher-level Space than them, she could quickly deal with these parasites and protect these thousands of Small Worlds again and again.

The world gave her the power of the world, making her stronger and stronger.

Su Kuo had also become the strongest in his prime in countless worlds. Su Xiaolu felt that she was swimming in the warm lake. She felt very safe and at ease. Her body and mind were comfortable.

Su Kuo protected her.

The day was almost here. Su Xiaolu felt that it was time for her to be born and began to work hard to break this thin film.

Su Kuo had said that she would be a True God this time. This was the God

Realm. She had already grown for a hundred years in this bud.

Su Kuo had been guarding her for the past hundred years.

She could vaguely see Su Kuo sitting in front of her like a mountain. She could not even see a mosquito within a few miles.

Su Xiaolu yawned. She rested for a while before continuing. This repeated for a long time.

Finally, she tore open a small hole in the membrane. A powerful suction force made her move towards the gap.

Her head got out, then got stuck.

Su Xiaolu tilted her head. “Little Kuo, help me.”

This was really tiring. Su Xiaolu could not help but think that if some ferocious beast wanted to eat her, they might not be able to chew her thin film-like placenta.

Su Kuo quickly helped. He was strong now. He was tall and muscular. He pulled Su Xiaolu out like a chick.

Su Xiaolu became a baby again, but she did not look like a human baby. She looked like a three- or four-year-old child.

Su Xiaolu asked Su Kuo impatiently, “Mirror, mirror.”

Su Kuo took out a mirror.

Su Xiaolu looked at herself in the mirror. She was fair, tender, and chubby. No matter how she looked at herself, she looked so cute. She was a beautiful child now.

Looking at her cute self, Su Xiaolu held her face. “Little Kuo, will Fourth Brother still find me in the future?

“I mean here, will he come to this God Realm?”

Su Xiaolu did not know if she would really reunite with Zhou Zhi here. However, after thinking about it, she really hoped that Zhou Zhi would come soon.

Perhaps they could grow up together.

Su Kuo smiled and nodded. “Of course he’ll come.”

He really didn’t understand why they weren’t tired of each other. They had been together for so many lifetimes. It had been thousands of years.

However, neither of them had any intention of getting tired of each other. Every time they reunited, it was still the best.

They accompanied each other for life after life.

Now that they were in the God Realm, they were actually still not tired of each other.

Su Kuo could not help but think deeply. This would probably never change.

Knowing that Zhou Zhi would definitely come to this place, Su Xiaolu was relieved.

In the God Realm, she was still a child and needed to grow up slowly.

With Su Kuo’s protection, her life was not bad. She did not have to worry about food and water.

She met a young lady dressed very elegantly. Su Xiaolu looked at her simple self and suddenly felt a little dazed.

“Hello, my name is Feng Hui, and my nickname is Bones. Can we be friends?”

Feng Hui looked at Su Xiaolu sincerely and said. She liked this little sister at first glance, so she took the initiative to make friends with her.

Su Xiaolu hugged a fish taller than her. She thought for a moment and nodded. “Sure, but I’m not a real child. M/hat about you?

In the God Realm, many of them were derived from the power of the world, and some had ascended from Small Worlds. Su Xiaolu did not mind making more friends, but she did mind if the other party was a real child.

If she was a real child, how many generations apart would they be?

Feng Hui smiled. “That’s not a problem. Don’t think that I’m growing up slowly. In fact, I’m thousands of years old. I think there’s definitely no generation gap between us as friends. Moreover, I can help you a lot. I have a wide range of connections.”

“My name is Su Xiaolu. Nice to meet you.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and reached out to shake Feng Hui’s hand.

Su Xiaolu roasted the fish and gave the cooked ones to Feng Hui while she ate the burnt ones.

The meat was fresh and tender. The original taste of the food in the God Realm was the most delicious. There was no need for culinary skills at all. Even if it was burnt, it was still delicious.

After becoming friends with Feng Hui, Su Xiaolu and Su Kuo followed Feng Hui to many Small Worlds. They knew that on the divine tree, every leaf was a world. Not only did the system counterattack, but it was also reborn.

It was not just to clean up the evil Golden Fingers. Those who should not be reborn, transmigrated, and so on would cause damage to the world. If humans could not protect it, gods would protect it.

Su Xiaolu set up her own territory in the God Realm, built a small thatched house, and cultivated some land to plant spiritual plants.

She did not stop looking for Zhou Zhi. On a sunny day, Feng Hui ran to her house happily and shouted with a smile, “Xiaolu, Xiaolu, I found your hubby.

Let’s go, I’ll bring you to take a look.”

Feng Hui was the only daughter of the Celestial Thearch in the Nine Heavens. Her father, Feng Heng, and her mother, Dragon Girl, Cherry, had a good relationship. Because Feng Heng often had to transcend the Love Tribulation, they also tried going to Small Worlds.

Feng Hui told all her relatives about Su Xiaolu’s search. Now that there was finally good news, Su Xiaolu couldn’t wait to see it.

Feng Hui brought her to a very desolate place.

There was a black tree with a child inside. He was shrouded in black fog. Feng Hui smiled and said to Su Xiaolu, “Xiaolu, Xiaolu, your hubbys aura is here. It looks like he will be born soon.”

Su Xiaolu looked at the little Zhou Zhi and felt that he was very cute. She and Su Kuo guarded it. Feng Hui couldn’t take it anymore and went back after a few days. She asked Su Xiaolu to remember to send her a letter.

Su Xiaolu agreed.

Not long after Feng Hui left, the tree began to change.

Zhou Zhi opened his eyes. He had a body and had descended into the God Realm. His Xiaolu was waiting for him in front of him.

Zhou Zhi was still not used to being a child again, but he hugged Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, this time, we won’t have to be separated again and again.”

This time, they could really be together for a long, long time.

Su Xiaolu smiled and nodded. “Brother, call me big sister now.”

She was older than Zhou Zhi now.

Zhou Zhi remained silent.

Su Xiaolu held Zhou Zhi’s hand and smiled. “Ah Zhi, we’re home. I have a lot of delicious food, drinks, and fun at home. I’ve made many friends. I still have a lot to tell you.”

She was already certain that she wanted to be with Zhou Zhi forever. Even if they were to bask in the sun together and not speak, she would still find life extremely interesting.

When she saw the smile in Zhou Zhi i s eyes, she knew that he thought so too.

Zhou Zhi smiled at the smile in Su Xiaolu’s eyes. “Okay, tell me slowly.”

This encounter was something they had achieved together.

And this eternity was really eternal.

Speak slowly, and I’ll listen slowly. The story that belongs to us will slowly go on. We’ll slowly grow up and stay with each other until time ends and we die.

(The end..)