Chapter 1905

Senxia's plan did not proceed so quickly.

There are many reasons, but the most simple and clear one is actually the lack of production capacity.

So Senxia started thinking about it again.

Since domestic production capacity is insufficient, what about foreign countries?

For example next door.

Senxia contacted there, hoping that they can help to find out if they can deepen their cooperation.

The cooperation of "The Voice of the Sky" is a good example, and "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" continues to deepen. Morixia thinks that maybe the relationship can be a little deeper.

After all, Senxia is thinking about driving to the next door in the future. Anyway, even if he didn't escape, Morixia didn't plan to stay in Tokyo after 11 years—he couldn't stay to drink waste water, could he?

You know, after this year, the incidence of cancer in the entire Kanto region has increased a lot.

At that time, I can only choose between Run Hokkaido and Run other places.

Well, if possible, it's also good to let other good friends who have a good relationship go with you to settle down.

"On the other hand, the mobile phone is making rapid progress."

The infrastructure and design of the machine has already been done.

So Senxia also got a new engineering machine.

This is already a very close to finished machine.

And now the biggest problem is - naming.

The members of the Order of the Phoenix sat in the meeting room, staring wide-eyed.

Senxia, ​​Qianjia and Lihua are also sitting here.

"How about Matrix? Matrix mobile phone?" Qianjia first thought of the previously popular Matrix.

"Matrix" is the concept of a very fashionable virtual world inside.

"Actually, I have thought about it too. But the marketing department gave a report before, and this name has been registered in most places-coincidentally, it is also related to the electronic field." Mori Xia shook his head.

Of course, a name with such a high fashion value is not easy to get. Otherwise, there is no need to hold a meeting here.

It's not that it's not easy to choose a name, but - all the good names have been used!

Even if people occupy the latrine and don't shit, but if the quota is gone, it will be gone.

There are also "X" and "S", for example, they are all this.

Oh, by the way, in fact, there are even "ipad" and "iphone" these days. When Senxia named it, he asked the marketing department to check these. It's just that these products are not from the fruit company, which is some kind of coincidental "duplicate name".

Senxia guessed that even in another world line, the fruit company probably spent a lot of money in order to get these names.

In fact, Senxia can also use this method. However, the more fashionable the product is, the more valuable the brand is.

Senxia has thought of many good names before, but it is not easy to pass this level when registering a trademark.

Just kidding, good names have already been registered!

It was an unavoidable job, so at the end of the day, Senxia decided to let everyone think about it first. If it doesn't work, think about the next move.

Fortunately, although there are a lot of mobile phones these days, such a crude feature phone is not an indispensable must-have like a future smart phone, so there is no problem in picking up the relevant trademarks.

"But I really don't like any of these names..."

Qianjia turned her head and looked at the whiteboard next to her.

On the whiteboard is written a list of names from the previous discussions.

What lightning phone, what vision phone, what smart phone...

Anyway, all kinds.

At this time, Senxia looked down at the new functional phone she got.

The SOC of this machine is made by integrating the previous multi-core design. The process is 90nm. The chip has two computing cores and a GPU.

All designed by our own team.

Although in another future world line, the mobile CPU is monopolized by a certain company, but in this era, Japanese companies still have chip design and production capabilities, and even a Taiwan company has heard of it in the ears of ordinary people in this era. There are very few people.

However, the technology related to lithography machines in this world, whether it is optical lenses or anything else, is more or less related to the lighthouse country, otherwise it is easy to be a mouse. Therefore, it is impossible to rely on buying technology as a reserve for the future.

Although it is also possible to acquire other companies, it will not work when the ban comes down.

Therefore, Senxia maintains the ability of chip design and processing, and tries to use independent technology as much as possible, so that it will be convenient for him to transfer secretly.

Anyway, Senxia made up his mind to call him an "old friend".

But Senxia didn't think about getting mixed up next door completely.

After all...a gentleman...

Senxia played with the engineering machine in his hand, and then said: "We want to have a nice name. It must be catchy. It's the same as names like VistaOS and Galaxy hosts."

——Well, in fact, these are more or less named out of Senxia's personal bad taste.

"Is it so difficult to want a unique name?" Qian Jia shook her head.

Before that, they had been struggling with this matter for a long time.

"Smartphones, Senxia likes games, so how about Gphone? Game phone?" Lihua thought of a name.

"We have this as an option. It can be registered." Someone from the marketing department had a similar name and made a survey.

"Our mobile phones are not just for games."

In fact, this is not the reason.

The main reason is that there are other 3G and 4G services, so it is called this name, and Senxia will always have a strange feeling.

"Just call it the gentleman's mobile phone!"

Thousands of good friends rose up.

"That's good, but if the club dies, forget it." Senxia was actually quite satisfied. But considering the death of the club... forget it.

Senxia actually quite likes the name.

Or... whoring for nothing?

"Nu〇ya...〇米...〇Clan..." Senxia muttered.

"Why don't you just call it Animic Phone?" Qianjia thought that her own name is not bad, "Or Phoenix is ​​also fine."

"PPhone? That's too weird. Aphone? It's kind of like an A phone...wait a minute."

Senxia suddenly thought of a letter similar to the letter a.

"α, how about Alpha? Alpha mobile phone?" Senxia remembers that there are some forward-looking mobile phones, and they like to call them Alpha and the like.

Simply occupy it yourself first.

"It's okay, so should the next mobile phone be called Omega?"

"You can have this too. I mean, you can't let people preemptively register. You can play with any beta or delta."

Greek letters, this is synonymous with force.

Whether it is used or not is another matter, it cannot be used by others.

I'll take the latrine first, please find another place to shit.

The person in the marketing department flipped through it: "This trademark has been registered, but the purchase cost is not very high."

"Then use this." Senxia made a decision.

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