Chatper 1892

A light novel of bricks, basically stacked together and even used as a chair.

This kind of story is really not easy for ordinary people to control.

It's not even easy to write by hand.

will die.

There are many works on Sen Xia's head, but this thing...he really only remembers one name.

This is not even a magical change, this is...

"A second creation that fits the original? Uh, no, this should be 'strange Saber who doesn't know where it came from and hasn't even read the original'..."

After muttering an unpopular meme, Sen Xia fell into contemplation.

After being seen by fans of the original work, will he be killed?

It's possible... no no no, very likely.

"Fortunately, this is a niche work with few fans."

If it is a masterpiece, I am afraid that it will not be chased and killed by people across time and space?

"Then what kind of model?"

Senxia was thinking in her mind.

He really has a lot to play.

"Tower defense? No, it shouldn't be popular."

Tower defense is a form of the future. Sen Xia remembered a tower defense game that seemed to be very popular, but unfortunately he didn't play it, so he wore it.

In this era, tower defense games have indeed not been popularized.

In the game "Hero's Trail" by Sen Xia, there is a custom tower defense map.

——Hero Trail is a different world COSPLAY version of a certain alliance, which is one of the most popular games in Animie.

"And it feels like everyone in this era wants something that can move..."

Sen Xia thought of a research report the company had done before, he quickly went online, and then checked his e-mail.

"Ah, found it."

"This is a questionnaire? Fleet's collection?" Qianjia was always beside her, she didn't disturb Sen Xia's thinking. But seeing Sen Xia come up with this content, she felt a little strange - Sen Xia should not just re-enact it in order to deal with it?

"Everyone wants to see dynamic pictures more."

Fleet Collection is a web game, which is simpler than "Zero Mirror", and it is a widely popular game.

In Senxia's view, the future of such games is mobile games.

For the users here, Sen Xia thinks it can be used as a basic game, and according to the user's wishes, they like this game very much, but unfortunately, there are only vertical paintings in this game, and the actual battle is only avatars, battles Also automatic, they want to be a little more involved.

"You said, what if we made the battle process of the new game?" Senxia said, "In order to increase a sense of participation, we let the player click to release the character's nirvana, how about it?"

"Can't it be all controlled by the user?" Qianjia was a little strange, "I can understand the fleet collection, but in this game, according to what you said just now, the battle screen has been made, why not make it manually?"

"Because the positioning of the tablet is relatively lightweight, it can't be too complicated." Sen Xia said, "Simply put, for players of this level, they care more about it - since they can AUTO, why do they need to do it manually?"

AUTO is full of sleep and guild battles, isn't it fragrant?

"Well...Although I don't think so, but let's trust you first."

Chika is a very assertive person. But she hadn't seen a tablet or something—not in the animation. So at this time, I heard Sen Xia talking nonsense here.

"A character should contain two small skills that will be automatically released and a passive skill, and then there is an equipment system..."

Mori Xia refers to a game called Dota Oki. It's a pity that this game is no longer available due to plagiarism issues.

But Mori Xia heard that there was a Japanese game that used the same model, and it was said to be very popular.

So this should be fine.

It's a pity that the game said about the introduction, but there was no shadow until Sen Xia's time-travel.

"It's a pity that the capacity of the game can't be too large, otherwise it would be good to be able to broadcast movies."

Mori Xia remembered that there were a lot of broadcasts of this game called Princess 〇 Knot, and it was jokingly called playing games.

But Sen Xia's side is not very well designed, because the Internet speed is really unsatisfactory these days, even if it is played online, the bit rate is actually very low.

——The current network speed, 256KB is almost the limit, and this level can only be seen in standard definition.

If you have to wait for five to ten minutes to cache data from time to time when playing games, it is hopeless.

So this design can only be counted.

The general framework of the game is already there, so the next step is the plot.

The original plot...

Mori Xia remembered that the plot of the original work was about a group of people returning from aliens to the destroyed Earth.

After that, in order to restore the earth's environment, they used a machine to repeat the history of the earth. The location chosen is the four islands of mud bombing, because only here can we survive.

——In fact, it is a game of playing games that condenses the history of the world into mud bombs.

In the end, I don't know why, this repeating history is still hundreds of years away, and the result is inexplicable and stopped.

"This kind of setting is very convenient for faction division, but will you encounter problems next door... Forget it, even if there is a tablet next door, it is estimated that most of them will be prostitutes, and there will not be many players."

The time next door is still in the cultivation stage, so this game of leek is still a little leisurely.

- But you can launch a PC interoperable version!

At that time, those who really want krypton gold can use the PC version.

Plan pass.

"No, no, what matters now is the plot."

Mori Xia took the picture she drew from Qianjia.

At that time, Sen Xia's painting skills were still a little immature, but the paintings were still beautiful.

But what Mori Xia likes most is the frog soldier—that is, Shiina Himeba's style of painting.

"Let Ji Ye create the character design for the second time. Her black silk is good."

More than good, it can make people lick fractures.

So back to the story itself.

Senxia still feels a little interesting about the design of the stage background.

After determining the background, it is the follow-up design.

On the plot, this can only be Sen Xia's magical change.

Uh, no, it should be "original" in a sense.

Although many games don't pay much attention to the plot, Senxia himself is a plot party, and he cares a lot about the plot.

The original camp design, Sen Xia felt that it was not bad.

"Then use this faction as the basis to make nonsense... ah, no, it's to design a new plot."

In any case, it is not once or twice to act as an original spoiler.

"Although the male protagonist of the original book is quite interesting, since it is a card drawing game... let's delete it for the time being."

Although the original work has a male protagonist, Mori Xia played with his own characteristics and deleted the male protagonist of the original work from the beginning.

Although this role is quite interesting, but... who made you a male.

If it really doesn't work, turn it around and bring it back.

"Then, the story begins with the heroine Heleson..."