Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Chapter 113 She doesn ‘t love me (21)

Chapter 113: Chapter 113 She doesn ‘t love me (21)

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In the end, she couldn’t escape her fate.

Ruby Gregory furrowed her brows tightly, and in the next second, Steve Burton reached out and grabbed her wrist, just like the last time. He took her torn skirt and bound her hands with it.

Then, without any hesitation, Steve went straight to the point.

It was the same familiar and heart-wrenching pain. Ruby’s body was as tense as stone, and her facial expression was as miserable as being on the execution ground.

Her look deeply provoked Steve, causing him to lose all restraint.

Behind Ruby was an icy cold, hard wall, and pain was sent from her back as she rubbed against it.

She clenched her teeth tightly, closed her eyes, and silently let him do as he pleased, praying in her heart for this nightmare to end quickly.

The more she tried to endure, the harder it was for Steve to control his hand. In the end, he pressed her against the wall so tightly, and the way he kissed her was not like a kiss at all, but more like a bite.

On the opposite wall, there was a mirror. Ruby saw her pale face and bound hands in it.

She was like a fish, grasping at the life in Steve’s merciless jeu.

Yes, if she could choose, she definitely wouldn’t want to walk down this path. But she had no other choice.

The Gregorys’ business wasn’t as prosperous as before, the Gregorys’ wealth wasn’t as abundant as before, and it was difficult for a declining family to return to its former glory.

And she was the one who needed something from Steve. If she wanted something, she had to give up something and make sacrifices.

As long as the end result was that she could marry him, then her sacrifices and sufferings would be worth it.

Every time she endured this, she tried to reassure herself like this. But every time, it failed to alleviate the pain he inflicted on her.

Ruby’s mind was a haze with countless thoughts, even reminiscing about her carefree childhood. Back then, she didn’t know about her preordained fate. She didn’t have to please Steve constantly, and she was just living for herself.

That was the best time in her life.

Finally, after enduring such hellish torture, Ruby closed her eyes and quietly let out a breath of relief.

The second time took even longer than the first. She didn’t know how long it had been, only that time seemed almost to have stopped.

Finally, Steve left her body, and Ruby’s legs gave way, causing her to collapse weakly on the ground.

She curled up, her hands still bound.

The open window let in cold wind, causing her shivers to run throughout her body..