Chapter 510 510: The Biting Devil Girl


Chapter 510 510: The Biting Devil Girl

The black tower loomed in the distance, and as Cole got closer and closer to it, his heart beat wider and stronger almost as if it would pull out of his chest. The problem with this feeling right now, probably had to do with the fact that, every Raen was also feeling it too.

And as for those who knew why, they broadcasted to the bone and behind Cole his entire civilization had laughs on his behalf. Cole was afraid to enter his own home because he would be meeting his daughter who's birth he had been absent or for the first time, heck she has not even been named, with Tehila being adamant that Cole had to come back and name his first child.

"You know she doesn't bite.....much." Cole's eyes widened as he turned to the left to see his Mom walking towards him with a smile, as he hugged her back, winding at the heavy hit on his back from his father, wondering when the man got so strong or even became a Raen, cause he was looking good. Though both parents were still Raen Demons rather than Devils that Tehila and the rest of Cole's inner circle had become.

"She bites?" Cole asked with shock as he turned to look at an amused Tehila. It was Peronico, and in true Peronico fashion, the arch-mage gnome had appeared out of nowhere and landed on Cole's shoulders.

"Your child is a Devil, if she doesn't bite then I would think there's a problem with her. How are you my boy! I see you have gone through some significant changes, Tehila my girl! Make sure your husband does not go gallivanting on anymore adventures, at least for a while. I need to cut him open.....err I mean I need to run some tests! Would you look at the time, got to go. And hello to you too young Razor."

"Looks like she's awake. I barely put her to sleep before I had to go get you." Cole nodded as he let Tehila lead him to where he needed to be. In all honesty though it was a bit scary for him, that much he would admit. No matter how much as youth he looked forward to the idea of being a father, it did not mean he could live up to the expectations of that reality. He paused.

Tehilla turned to look at him with a questioning look on her face. Cole shook his head as he was all of a sudden overcome with an intense panic attack. Memories of his grandparents and how messed up their family had become due to the mistakes they made as parents. It was far reaching consequences that every member of the family had been stained by that darkness, and now here was someone new about to be born into the same wretched Night family, to a father who by this point probably had more blood on his hands than most terrorist leaders.

"I'm not ready, look at me.... I'm a monster, I've done things..... I just....Baba and Oba Chan they.....what if I become like them, what if I too make so much mistakes my daughter's life is messed up..... like I already did, O God. I'm already a bad father." Cole said to himself, his voice coming out in a whisper as his father placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You saw me kill a man for the first time when you were three years old. You watched from window of that back seat car, I thought you were asleep, yet your eyes were on me as I hacked a man to pieces in front of his family.

I turned and there you were, innocent but eyes ablaze as you watched me. I knew them of all my sons, you were the most like me. Won't bore you with the details but killing that man was necessary, because he was a threat to my family's future. Doesn't excuse it, but I'm a man and I live for my family, that's what it means to be a Man.

That's the true worth of a male and you don't really start being a man until you have become a father. We'd do anything for our babies, and you will love us regardless and understand us better than you would your mother's. Cause Daddy is there to get shit done, so that you can be okay. That's a noble heart my beautiful granddaughter would love more than your bratty ass deserves! Now get a move on and stop wasting her time, she's waiting, she can feel you already."

And that was when Cole noticed the extra bond. A weave of silvery blue light that was tightly interwoven with everyone else here. But more than that was the connection it had and feeling of eagerness. Mentally she's just a baby, but Raens are born emotionally mature it seems.... He's little child of a night has been waiting for daddy. Cole grinned all fears still present, but filled with anticipation, he just had to see her.