Chapter 228

Vellica fell under the direct governance of King Pantheon IV, with a mayor appointed by the king overseeing its administration, rather than being under the jurisdiction of the local landlord.

The Golden Lion Knight Order and Crimson Rose Knight Order, upon arriving in Vellica through the portal, were received by the mayor of Vellica, Powell Deleanor. Powell shuddered in fear upon learning the news of the Wolfkans' destruction of the Edencia fiefdom.

Vellica boasted a fortress and the Vellica Knight Order, a branch of the Golden Dragon Knight Order, capable of halting enemy attacks. Nevertheless, their strength alone was insufficient to repel the Wolfkans' invasion. Powell, recognizing the imminent threat, appealed for reinforcements from the Royal Capital. However, Pantheon IV sternly denied his request, leaving Vellica in a vulnerable position.

In the face of the impending threat, the reinforcements arrived in the form of the Golden Lion Knight Order and Crimson Rose Knight Order. Initially, doubts lingered about whether a Knight Order from a Count's territory could effectively thwart the Wolfkans' invasion.

However, his concerns were alleviated upon learning that Argon, the Third Young Lord of Venatia, served as the Sky God's proxy and successfully eradicated the Wolfkan groups assaulting the Venatia and Stonia fiefdoms. Filled with gratitude, he warmly welcomed the two Knight Orders.

First of all, thank you for the warm welcome.

You are here to help Vellica, so it is only natural for me to welcome you like this, Powell said.

Have you confirmed the current location of the Wolfkan group?

We checked in the morning and found that they are still at the Edencia fief.

"How long does it take to reach the Edencia fief from here?" Mu-Gun inquired.

"If you travel on horseback, you should be able to reach there by nightfall if you set out now."

"If we're arriving at night regardless, I don't see the need to endure the challenges of making the journey," Mu-Gun remarked.

"While it would be preferable to engage the enemy away from Vellica, given the circumstances, is it too much to hope for?" Mayor Powell asked cautiously.

His worry centered on the potential damage they might incur if the battle unfolded within the confines of Vellica City.

"I had intended to engage the enemy outside the city to minimize any damage to Vellica. By the way, is there a suitable location for a battle between Edencia fief and Vellica?"

"Ah, I understand. In that case, there's a long canyon area approximately five kilometers north of Vellica. Anyone coming from Edencia would have to traverse that area."

Is there perhaps a way that leads to another jurisdiction from Edencia?

"Despite the challenging terrain due to a mountain crossing, there is a route that leads to Venus," Powell stated.

Hmm, then that means that the Wolfkan group can target Venus City.

"That's valid, but wouldn't it be more probable for them to target this area, given its proximity and easier accessibility compared to Venus?" Mayor Powell hastily responded.

"You needn't worry too much; our priority will be the defense of Vellica," Mu-Gun assured, discerning Powell's concerns.

"In return, I ask that you closely monitor the situation in Venus City. If, by any chance, the Wolfkans attack Venus City, we can respond promptly," Mu-Gun added.

"Understood. We will maintain an open real-time communication network and monitor the situation," Powell agreed.

"Thank you. Additionally, could you arrange a place for us to rest until nightfall?"

Of course.

Mayor Powell summoned one of his subordinates to guide the Golden Lion Knights and the Crimson Rose Knights to Vellica's official residence. Once settled, Mu-Gun called in two members of the Golden Lion Knight Order and bestowed upon them the boon of the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell.

Diaz Heimos and Vilmoth Castro were the two knights bestowed with the Thunder God Enlightenment Spell. Mu-Gun effortlessly succeeded in applying the spell once again. Consequently, Diaz and Vilmoth unlocked their second Mana Hole, progressing to the Master Stage through the transformative process of Body Change.

Gilford nodded at Mu-Guns words without any doubt.

The sun would set in approximately two hours. Mu-Gun's assertion of reaching the Edencia fief before sunset might have seemed implausible if it were someone else's claim.

However, with Mu-Gun, the Sky God's proxy, making the claim, the narrative took on a different tone. If Mu-Gun asserted that he could achieve it, it appeared as though anything might be possible.

"I apologize. You generously bestowed power upon us, yet we find ourselves unable to be of any assistance," Diaz, having reached the Master Stage, expressed his remorse.

Dont worry, I will work you to your bones from now on. Dont resent me then.

Diaz chuckled at Mu-Guns joke.[1]

Well then, Ill be back.

Please be careful.

Mu-Gun departed from Vellica City, and the Golden Lion Knight Order saw him off as he headed to the Edencia fief. Once beyond the city limits, he harnessed all his power and unleashed the Thunder God's Shadow. Consequently, he reached Edencia Castle before the sun dipped below the horizon.

Edencia Castle lay in complete ruin. The surroundings were littered with gruesomely torn-apart corpses. The victims seemed to have had their insides ripped out, a grim testament to the Wolfkans' savage consumption.

The horrendous sight was like a scene from hell.

The Wolfkan group, responsible for the nightmarish scene, lounged and slept within the castle. Guards, Wolfkans positioned in every direction, were on alert, yet their senses failed to detect Mu-Gun. He seamlessly assimilated with nature, concealing his presence entirely.

Without hesitation, Mu-Gun soared toward the location where the Wolfkan group had assembled, unleashing the Heavenly Thunder Storm Burst. A myriad of a thousand golden Thunderbolt Swords cascaded from the sky onto the unsuspecting Wolfkan group.

The defenseless Wolfkan group was powerless to evade the onslaught of golden Thunderbolt Swords, and their heads and torsos bore the brunt of the assault. Unable to withstand the formidable force of the Thunderbolt Swords, the Wolfkans' massive bodies erupted in various directions.

The Thunderbolt Swords descended upon the ground, unleashing a surge of golden lightning that enveloped the surroundings. The golden lightning, emanating from a thousand Thunderbolt Swords, extended over dozens of feet. The Wolfkan group found themselves immobilized and defenseless within the tumultuous current of lightning.

The lightning wave that blanketed the ground lacked the potency to instantly kill the Wolfkans. However, it proved formidable enough to immobilize their bodies. Apart from the Wolfkans whose heads and bodies detonated upon direct impact with the myriad Thunderbolt Swords, the remaining members of the group were stunned by the residual wave of lightning, rendering them temporarily motionless.

Mu-Gun conjured one hundred Thunderbolt Swords, propelling them toward the direction of the immobilized Wolfkans. Moving at a speed imperceptible to the naked eye, the one hundred Thunderbolt Swords pierced the heads of the stunned Wolfkans one after another.

The Wolfkans crumpled en masse like withered straws, succumbing to the overwhelming assault. Before long, not a single Wolfkan remained standinga literal annihilation. Despite effortlessly dispatching every Wolfkan, Mu-Gun refrained from an immediate return, recognizing that there was still work to be addressed here.

Mu-Gun's purpose was clearto collect the Wolfkans' Mana Hearts. If accompanied by the Golden Lion Knight Order and the Crimson Rose Knight Order, he would have delegated the task to them. However, being alone at present, he had no choice but to undertake the tedious process himself. Annoying and cumbersome as it was, Mu-Gun painstakingly extracted the Mana Hearts from the corpses of the Wolfkans one by one.

Many Wolfkans had been torn asunder by Mu-Gun's formidable assaults, rendering their corpses mangled and difficult to discern. Yet, remarkably, their Mana Hearts remained intact. The staggering tally of collected Mana Hearts exceeded three thousand and five hundred.

While an individual Mana Heart could easily fit within his fist, the challenge lay in transporting the vast quantity of three thousand and five hundred Mana Hearts. Fortunately, Mu-Gun possessed a method to transport them all efficiently.

Mu-Gun's solution came in the form of a Magic Backpack, inscribed with Space Expansion Magic and Weight Reduction Magic. This enchanted backpack could now accommodate ten times its original capacity, thanks to the Space Expansion Magic, while simultaneously reducing the weight to one-tenth of its original heft through the Weight Reduction Magic. With this magical backpack, there would still be ample space even after stowing all three thousand and five hundred Wolfkan Mana Hearts inside.

Mu-Gun marveled at the magical advancements on the Avalon Continent. While its magic prowess shone in combat, it also brought numerous conveniences to daily life. Given the chance, Mu-Gun aspired to learn the Avalon Continent's magic and introduce it to the Central Plains. Though there might be some side effects, he believed the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks once magic spread to the Central Plains.

The challenge lay in the fact that the magical equipment on the Avalon Continent primarily relied on Mana Hearts for power. Even if Mu-Gun mastered magic, replicating these conveniences in the Central Plains, where Mana Hearts were non-existent, proved to be an insurmountable obstacle.

Fully cognizant of this limitation, Mu-Gun assigned minimal significance to learning magic. Time was of the essence, and he couldn't afford the luxury of diverting his attention away from the imminent threat of the Demon God. His priority remained on bolstering his own power for the impending confrontation.

Having successfully exterminated the Wolfkan group and collected their Mana Hearts, Mu-Gun returned to Vellica City.

1. I am pretty damn sure this is not a joke. Mu-Gun is not someone who would joke about something like this. Sir Diaz, bro, you are doomed.