Chapter 120: Throwing Objects From High Places

Jin Yuan played and joked around, but before leaving, he remembered to celebrate Children’s Day with his daughter at home. Only then did he board the plane to Venice.

Jin Yang called to inquire, but since his brother had made up his mind, neither of them would change their plans easily.

Stars made arrangements for each person to stay in a specific hotel in Venice for a week. If they were destined to meet, they would; if not, they wouldn’t.

Jin Yuan agreed wholeheartedly, but booked a month-long room.

He was quite compatible with this anonymous online friend, but he wasn’t willing to risk everything just to meet them.

After coming out of prison, Jin Yuan’s life was surprisingly smooth. None of the expected difficulties arose. He had enough money, the children were friendly to him, his brother did not feel ashamed of him, and they got along well. Even the troublemaker Chen Sheng was easily dealt with.

He entered a new life in a hurry and stumbled into it. The days that were too smooth made him feel lost.

Life requires stability, surprises, and even some unknowns and setbacks.

As he boarded the plane, he began to speculate about the kind of person Stars was.

If you’re troubled by emotions, you must be a young person, right?

He remembered the two boxes of egg yolk pastries in his suitcase and couldn’t help but smile.

The charm of Venice is always inseparable from “water”, winding waterways, flowing clear waves, like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves, poetic and picturesque, lingering for a long time.

When he first set foot on this land, the cool air that swept over the water’s surface already made him feel particularly comfortable.

Jin Yuan’s English was only at the level of a beginner, and he could communicate with “Stars” on a social networking site using a keyboard on ordinary days. However, when he arrived in Venice, he was like an automatic mute.

Before this, he didn’t even know half a word of Italian.

Fortunately, it is now the age of internet information technology, and various translation apps are prevalent, so he can still get by.

Jin Yuan enjoyed the feeling of holding a phone and asking strangers for directions, and pulling his suitcase to find a hotel, which made him feel like he was just like every other traveler.

The charm of Venice lies in the fact that no matter from which angle you look at it, it looks like an exquisite landscape painting, with waterways interlaced between buildings, and unique and elegant buildings.

After checking in at the hotel, Jin Yuan presented his reservation information and received his room card.

He eyed a suite and found it more comfortable to stay in.

It was a wonderful feeling to hold back from telling the other person that he had already arrived.

Jin Yuan pushed open the window and looked out at the occasional pedestrians passing by on the street. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was a chance that one of them was Stars.

He paid attention to the Asian faces with black hair and yellow skin that occasionally passed by and compared them to the men who would stay in this hotel.

Every time someone walked to the hotel entrance, his heart would skip a beat and then he would compare them to his image of Stars.

However, since they didn’t really know each other well, they should exchange photos so that they could confirm whether they had met each other.

As Jin Yuan thought about this, he regretted not communicating in advance and quickly took out his phone to discuss his ideas with his online friends.

Fingers tapping on the screen, typing letter by letter. Just as the person was about to hit send, they suddenly heard knocking at the door.

The person, who had been deeply immersed in their own thoughts, was suddenly startled. The phone slipped out of their hand and flew straight out of the window towards the ground.

Throwing objects from high places is not advisable, and unconsciously throwing objects from high places is also an extremely dangerous thing.

Jin Yuan watched helplessly as his phone fell towards the ground. There were pedestrians on the street, and the situation was urgent. He instinctively shouted in Chinese, “Be careful!”

The person who was walking heard the call and stopped in their tracks, suddenly looking up.

Their eyes met, and the black phone landed half a meter away from him.

It was a Chinese man wearing a casual cotton and linen shirt. He looked very clean, but now he had widened his eyes in fright, looking pitiful and innocent.

Jin Yuan was taken aback. He seemed to have seen this person somewhere before, but he couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it for a long time.

Zhou Muxian glanced at the man and bent down to pick up the phone.

In recent years, domestic phones have become more durable, and although the screen was cracked, the phone was still working when he pressed the touch screen.

“Is this your phone?” He politely smiled at the person at the window upstairs and raised the phone in his hand.

Spring had passed, and even Venice had welcomed the heat of summer. The person who had briefly shown a beautiful smile seemed to bring with them the cool breeze of blooming flowers.

Jin Yuan nodded apologetically to the man and quickly disappeared from the window. He hurriedly ran down from the hotel.

The man who had narrowly avoided being hit was a gentleman, politely waiting in place. He hadn’t gotten a good look at the person’s face earlier, perhaps due to the angle. When Jin Yuan came out of the hotel’s entrance, Zhou Muxian was suddenly taken aback by his appearance.

The man, dressed in a black lightweight jacket, looked somewhat like Jin Yang.

It wasn’t a complete resemblance, but the resemblance was striking. However, their overall temperament was quite different.

Jin Yang exuded the shrewdness of an elite person, which was both an advantage and a disadvantage, letting people know that such a person should not be easily bullied.

This person was slightly thinner than Jin Yang and had sharper features, but when he smiled, he seemed soft and clean, like a freshly made strawberry mochi.

Zhou Muxian was not a fool and quickly made a judgment.

This person was probably the one that Chen Sheng had been thinking about all day long.

He had come on this trip to escape from those terrible things and try to make himself feel better, but what was happening now?

It was really unfortunate to have narrowly avoided being killed by a former rival even before entering the hotel door.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to, did I hurt you anywhere?” Jin Yuan asked with a guilty face.

As the saying goes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Since the other party was sincere, Zhou Muxian didn’t want to be too standoffish and just said, “It’s okay, here’s your phone.”

Jin Yuan quickly took it back with both hands and asked, “Do you also stay in this hotel?”

Zhou Muxian thought to himself, “Yes, I have such bad luck!”

As an adult, he naturally wouldn’t show his true feelings on his face, so he just nodded and went to check in with his luggage.