Chapter 401: The Actor

This 'Assisting Gold' had some tricks up his sleeve!

Not only could he help Aoba successfully complete the mission, but he could also maximize the benefits to harvest a wave of good feelings and reputation.

However, this way, it could not be a small matter.

One million ryo seemed like a lot, but Zetsu could not even raise a wave when he threw it inside.

However, he was a little reluctant to invest all his money in it. After all, it was not easy to make money.

How did he not manage to get more money from Sasori at that time?

"How much money do you think it takes to get up a phase?"


"It's 6 years in the Ninja Academy."

"If you don't consider the tuition fees, the main cost is food and ninja equipment. After all, the usual training is very hard. If the nutrition can't keep up, the body will collapse sooner or later. And ninja equipment is not cheap, but save a little..."

"Just tell me how much money a person needs."

"One person needs at least 3,000 ryo a month. As long as you have perseverance, you should be able to persevere until graduation. Of course, if you can't graduate with aptitude, there is no way. It is not a problem with money."

Aoba sighed. He was indeed a poor scholar.

Just like those who trained in sports in his previous life, each of Gekkou's food expenses were much higher than that of a normal person.

If he wanted to improve his food, he could only eat a buffet. If he met some rude people, he would get a blank stare.

He calculated that if one person had at least 3000 taels a month, one year would be 3600 taels, and six years would be 3600 taels.

This was only to the extent where he could barely hold on, and it was not the problem of tuition fees.

If he took out 50 million, it would be enough to support 200 people, and the treatment standard would be slightly higher.

It was equivalent to spending money to earn money.

However, when he finished speaking, Itachi shook his head. "If you are really going to start from this aspect, I do not recommend you to do this kind of 'Assisting Gold'. The efficiency is too low. After all, your real purpose is to buy people's hearts and increase your reputation in the common people's side."

"Are you going to wait for them from now on for six years? Even if you can wait, how many of these people will be your help in the end?"

"And there is a more realistic problem. There is no shortage of incompatibility. The real benefit is only on the head of a very small number of people. This means that you have lost the favor of most people. Those people will not think about how much you have paid for this matter. They will only feel that it is unfair. Why do others have money to take Jonin to school, but I don't."

The cause was that someone had been extorted, and a million taels had been directly extorted

The cause of all this was none other than Shinomiya Aoba, who had thought of a way to exploit the loophole of the system.

Although he could carry out the 'scholarship' plan with his own money, the money he spent on this mission could double his reputation.

Of course, he could not give up on such a good thing!

Therefore, last night, he used the 'gambling' method to transfer all 50 million to Itachi. Then, under Itachi's puzzled expression, he asked Itachi to come over to extort him with his disguised clansmen.

If this method was feasible, he could use this method to transfer his money to the mission fund.

After all, how much could he earn by guarding a 'vegetable stall' every day?

And the results of the experiment made him overjoyed!

The system actually recognized this kind of 'illegal' operation, or to say, a suckerlike him, the system was too lazy to stop him.

After all, all the money earned from 'knocking and extorting' had to be spent according to the mission requirements to complete the mission.

Therefore, in order to complete the formality, Aoba began his journey of 'bully'.

"You, are you, what are you doing?"

"Uh, I just went out for a while."

"Do you know the rules?"

"What kind of rules?"

"Anything that I don't like, I have to..." Aoba rubbed his fingers, his eyes hinting that he should hurry up!

Unexpectedly, the other party was also an actor. He took a step back and said, "Then I won't go out. I want to go home."

"No! If you don't give me the money, I'll arrest you!" Aoba glared at him.

The other party seemed to be frightened and cried, "Can you not arrest me? I brought a million ryo when I went out today. I'll give them all to you."

The surrounding people instantly broke their glasses!

This word 'just' was used well!

What kind of family was this? He had brought a million with him when he went out

What was even more ridiculous was that after the other party swiftly accepted the money, he even showed a disgusted expression and waved his hand, saying, "Another poor guy."