Chapter 360: Domain: Transformation

Chapter 360: Domain: Transformation

Rheagar immediately put down the newspaper and rushed to Matthews office.

What happened to you guys last night?

His eyes were fixed on Matthew. If Matthew gave a wrong answer, he might have to go back to his room and take out his big sword.

No, I just noticed that Sif kept yawning. Has she been sleeping a lot recently?

Matthew asked.

Rheagar instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

I thought it was something else! This is the influence of the family bloodline.

Its not a big problem.

Matthew asked curiously,

Is she going to awaken an ability related to purgatory? Is that why you dont let Sif come into contact with magic?

Rheagar nodded.

For the people of the Suki Clan, it is harmful to learn spells on their own initiative. The power of a superior Devil flows in our blood. As long as the time is right, this power will automatically awaken. In a sense, we are no different from Warlocks.

I see.

Matthew nodded in relief, then skillfully slapped five gold coins on the table.

Since youre already here, practice a spell with me.

A few minutes later.

Madam Wesley walked in from the corridor with a broom. She came to Matthews office and looked at the stone statue in the middle of the room in surprise.

Oh my god, is this the statue you carved for Rheagar? Its really lifelike.

As she spoke, she gently patted the stone statues face and forcefully pulled its ears.

Without waiting for Matthew to speak, she hurriedly ran out.

Dont move the stone statue yet. Ill call Sif over to watch the show!

Matthew quickly cancelled the petrification spell and said,

The case has been solved. I told you it wasnt me who sent Sif here every time we practise spells.

Rheagar rubbed his red ears and said angrily,

I knew it was her. This old woman is too detestable. I have to fire her! Matthews ears were already filled with calluses from hearing this same sentence.

He asked,

When will you fire her? Rheagar said firmly,

Next Monday!

Let her get another weeks salary.

When Matthew left the lieges residence, the battle between Zeller and Lorraine was still ongoing.

Matthew couldnt get involved in this matter.

Matthew noticed that the rewards for breakthroughs in small domains were relatively average. This might also be related to his breakthrough method.

When he entered the oak tree or the undead, he experienced the feeling of his consciousness leaving his body.

As for Temperance, Tauren, and Transformation, he didnt have an out-of-body experience.

Correspondingly, the rewards were also much less.

Matthews gaze shifted away from the gains in the transformation domain.

He looked at the door of the official posthouse and instinctively wanted to walk inside. Who knew that at this moment, an owl would fly over.

Matthew took a silver envelope from the owl.

After opening it.

It was a short message.

[Respected Lord Matthew:

[Your application for the Combat Spell Crash Course has been approved. The training method is IVI, and the instructor is Lady Margaret, with the Al rank.

[At present, Lady Margaret has enough free time. If you are free in the near future, please go to the Alliance Office to contact her as soon as possible. [The specific contact details are as follows]

The combat spell class that Matthew had been looking forward to was finally here!

He no longer hesitated.

He strode toward the Cauldron House.

For ordinary mages, the Cauldron House was only opened at quarter past four.

But he was Al.

He could go if he wanted to.

I seem to have forgotten something.

Forget it. Ill think about it after seeing that Lady Margaret!

Matthews back gradually disappeared from the entrance of the posthouse.

Meanwhile, in a glass window of a changing room in the Second Hall.

A little black cat was staring blankly at the blue sky and white clouds outside.

At the same time.

Not far from him, on the agricultural products street.

A woman dressed as a farmer quietly put down the white cat in her arms under a corner of the wall.

Go, Chuka.

I can feel Elis weakness and confusion. This is the best time for you to take advantage of the situation.

Dont disappoint Mother.

The white cat crawled a few steps on the dirty ground.

She turned around and glanced at the woman. She quickly jumped a few times on the wall and disappeared behind the high wall.