Chapter 66: Don't say anything, let's start the ceremony

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Chapter 66: Don't say anything, let's start the ceremony

Miracle creature

When the old man and the elder sister learned about Bai Yinuos identity, they were once again shocked.

There is no problem with Bai Yinuos identity and there will never be.

Theres nothing more to say, lets prepare for the ceremony.

The number of miracles symbolizes the nations heritage and strength. It can increase national self-confidence.

Of course, the nation here is referring to miracle derivatives and miracle children.

Most miracle masters dont recognize the people who do not possess miracle power as their subjects. Such people mostly live in ignorance, unaware of even the existence of miracles.

According to Saros, the specific ability of the miracle must be well protected.

Even their people mustnt know too much.

When Arden develops in the future, and the Ardennes each have their important duties, maybe a select few who can get the gist of several miracles can learn of some of their secrets.

There is no doubt about the loyalty of miracle children. With the addition of Bai Luos absolute order, they cant reveal it even if they want to.

So, under the auspices of the old uncle, everyone performed another oath ceremony to Bai Luo.

However, no one asked about Bai Yinuos ability and what kind of miracle creature she is. They all knew the importance of this matter.

The fourth miracle, this is the fourth one!

It wasnt just the Ardennes on the island that conducted the oath ceremony, even the ones that have already done it before, such John, Fiora, and Gonia, joined as well.

This is a sacred and glorious moment, naturally, they want to become a part of it.

Umm, hello everyone, Im like Bai Yinuo, you can call me Xiao Bai.

She spoke in New Arden. This is something that Bai Luo personally taught her on the way here as a preparation for self-introduction.

Its unknown if its due to the power of miracles or her personal learning capacity, but Bai Yinuos learning speed is very high. She has learned a lot of words in just 6 or 7 days.

Although she still cant speak fluently, she has no problem understanding words and some simple sentences.

However, Bai Yinuo behaves playfully solely in front of Bai Luo.

When faced with others, she is very wary.

If no one takes the initiative to talk to her, the little girl will sit quietly in the corner, slowly eating her steamed buns. She is very well-behaved and sweet.

Old man!

Bai Luo told everyone to leave, then led Xiao Bai towards the old man.

Bai Yinuo is too peculiar. Bai Luo has tried many methods along the way in an attempt to dig in her miracle power, but nothing worked.

However, it was clearly written in the black book that she had awakened.

Unawakened and explore yourself are two completely different implications.

The former means that Bai Yinuo is still a mortal and the latter means that she is already a miracle creature, its just that her ability is too special for Bai Luo to discover.

In this regard, Bai Luo has only one thing to say, This matter is definitely the fault of the black book.

You dont know Xiao Bais ability ?

The old man finally learned what had been bothering Bai Luo, so he suggested,

The old uncle looked at Lilith, Am I right, Lady Lilith?

Youre right, old gentleman.

Lilith nodded and said, Her miracle power is above even that of Shirley and mine.

Such a miracle creature can never be bottom-level.

Bottom-level miracles do not possess such power.

Then Ill leave it to you, uncle.

Bai Luo has great trust in the old man. He is a perfect teacher. Everyone in the Arden clan had been instructed by him.

He can always see through everyones talents at a glance, then quickly dig it out and teach them according to it, allowing them to perform at their maximum potential in a short period.

Neither Bai Luo nor Issafeiya could see through Xiao Bais weird situation. The same goes for Lilith and Shirley, who are also miracle creatures.

However, Bai Luo was confident that his old man could do it. Hes just that capable.

Xiao Bai.

Bai Luo waved to Xiao Bai over and said,

From tomorrow, you will follow my old man. He will teach you a lot of knowledge and skills, but it will be hard. Xiao Bai, Can you endure hardship and learn well?


Xiaobai wasnt sure why, but she was filled with eagerness to acquire skills and help Bai Luo.

The old mans kindness is famous throughout the Arden clan, especially to children. Naturally, many children are very fond of him, Little Helen, Sefini, and many other little girls often pester the old man to tell them stories.

Feiya, you also come along.

Although the old man is an excellent teacher, he is a man after all. He is bound to encounter many small inconveniences while teaching Xiao Bai, thats why he called Issafeiya to assist him.

This will be the end of this matter for now.

After settling Bai Yinuos arrangement, Bai Luo immediately thought about the sacrifice ceremony,

Also, Xiao Bai is a miracle of the lost kingdom faction. She is very fond of pastry. She said it has the taste of home.


The old man immediately reacted, Lost Kingdom?!

Could it be

Very likely!

Bai Luo nodded. The two immediately decided that they would use steamed buns, dumplings, bread, and other foods made from pastry or dough in the next sacrifice ceremony as tribute.

In such fashion, four days passed quietly.

Today is the agreed day for handover at sea. Bai Luo selected a group of male tree elves and sent them on this mission.

Their leader was Andreson and their guide was Gonia. Under the leadership of the two, they set out towards the transit island to receive the first batch of livestock and horses.

Two more days passed.

In the past few days, Bai Yinuo was just like a studious pupil, following Issafeiya during the day, and completing the homework assigned by the old man in the evening.

The old man still has a lot of things to do. He can only spare 2 hours a day to study Bai Yinuos miracle power with Issafeiyas assistance.

However, Bai Luo hadnt heard of a breakthrough in their study even after so many days.