Chapter 63: The sacrifice, will it be a bun?

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Chapter 63: The sacrifice, will it be a bun?

The arrival of Bai Yinuo made everyone very happy, but soon, their expressions gradually turned strange.

Xiao Bai is still eating.

It has been three hours, but she didnt stop at all.

Although shes eating very slowly, and she seems to be relishing each bite, she really eats too much.

The identity of Bai Yinuo as a miracle creature has basically been determined.

After all, her appetite is huge! She hadnt stopped eating since she sat at the table.

Whats even more frightening is that Bai Yinuo hardly touched fish, shrimp, and crabs, but ate mostly noodles, buns, and other types of filling food.

Xiao Bai, are you full?

Bai Luo didnt know what kind of miracle Bai Yinuo was, and the black book called her Old World Remnant.

What kind of creature is that? Even Bai Luo couldnt find any relevant information about it in his past lifes memories.

He didnt care about the little girls terrifying appetite. Once the crops on Ardens island farmland are harvested a few times, dont mention one, even ten of her can be easily fed.Visit no(v)eLb(i) for the best novel reading experience

Xiao Bai is not hungry though.

You arent hungry?

Bai Luo wondered, If youre not hungry, then, you are


Bai Yinuo cherishes words like gold, but Bai Luo, whose soul is connected to her, understands what she means.

Shes not eating because shes hungry, but because the food is delicious.

You like to eat?


Bai Yinuo raised a plate of dumplings, Xiao Bai likes to eat this!


Bai Luo also noticed that Bai Yinuo barely touched fish, shrimp, and crabs. She also didnt eat much eggs or meat. However, shes very fond of food made of flour.

Is it delicious?


Bai Yinuo nodded cutely, and then added, It has a nostalgic taste. Umm Like the taste of home.


Bai Luo naturally didnt think that the home Bai Yinuo was referring to is his past life. On the other hand, the desolate folks life is notoriously hard. How could they have things like noodles and dumplings?

Could it be that these steamed buns, bread, noodles, and dumplings are the food of a lost kingdom?!

The miracle of the fifth page! Is it possible that the tribute it wants is these well-made pastries!

Bai Luo isnt sure whether his guess was correct, but it shouldnt be a problem to test it.

At this moment, Bai Luo was tempted to immediately go back and conduct another sacrifice ceremony to see if his guess was correct.

Its a pity that they still have a lot to do, they cant leave yet, It wont run anyway, and its pointless to go back now, theres still more than half a month left for the month cooldown to end.

The moment his voice sounded, John rushed into the crowd like a hungry wolf.

Although he is only 13 years old, his skills are master-class.

Hes certainly not as powerful as Bai Luo or Noel, but hes still ranked in the top 30 of the Arden clan, more than enough to deal with ordinary people.


On the other side, outside the cabin on the second floor, a middle-aged man with an octagonal beard raised his hand to stop the man who was about to jump,

Look first, and tell them not to use weapons.

But he has already knocked down more than ten of us!

I said

The bearded man coldly glanced at his subordinates,

Dont use your weapons!


Bai Luo also heard what the other party said. He is here to do business, but its very important to get the other party from their high horse,

Its enough.

Haha, I greatly enjoyed the fight! You guys are good! Very durable!

In the face of Johns mocking words, the sailors were extremely aggrieved.

They are the guards of slave ships, specializing in suppressing rioting slaves, so they are very skilled and powerful.

However, there are indeed heavens outside heavens. There will always be a taller mountain somewhere in this world.

They learned today that there are monsters like little John in this world.

Clap clap clap.

The bearded man walked down the stairs, applauding with a smile on his face, Young man, your fighting skills are extremely sharp.

Your excellency, I wonder why youre looking for me? Do you have any instructions?

The tone that the bearded man used is unique to the upper class of the Azure Duchy. Hes obviously treating Bai Luo as a noble.

Im a merchant, just like you.

Are you a slave trader?

Since he came to him, the bearded man thought that Bai Luos identity and purpose wouldnt be difficult to guess. Hes here to either buy or sell slaves and since he doesnt seem to be bringing any with him, hes likely here to buy some slaves.

Im not a slave trader, but I do want to buy slaves.

Haha, then its easy to talk. Hurry up, please take a seat inside.

The bearded man immediately forgot the previous unpleasantness, his face was filled with smiles,

As long as it is a guest, it is my friend.

If theres a business to be done and money to be made, then even if they werent friends, they will become one.

Now, can you talk to me about your business?

The bearded man sat in the guest room. He sat face to face with Bai Luo, and behind Bai Luo, stood John, Xiao Bai, and Fiora.

Gonia and Bai Luo sat together. To participate in the negotiation, she has to show that she has a certain status.