Chapter 54: ‘I am a great pirate, how can I flee without fighting?’

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Chapter 54: ‘I am a great pirate, how can I flee without fighting?’

Captain, were almost there.

Dawn gradually pierced through the dark night. A pirate squinted into the distance, Schatt shook his head disdainfully and took out a fine-looking monocular.

Captain, what is this?

You should have never seen it!

Schatt laughed,

We found it in the last looted convoy. Its a treasure that the captain of the convoy brought over from the Kingdom of Mountains.

Does the Kingdom of Mountains produce things like this?

The pirate said, If we can loot the waters of the Kingdom of Mountains, then well truly become rich!

What are you thinking!

Schatt scolded the pirate, The sea area over there belongs to that monster, even my righteous brother dare not touch it, do you want to die?New novel chapters are published on

I, I, I

The pirate shivered with fear. Suddenly, the first mate walked over and asked, Boss, how long will we stay on the island?

Well rest for half a month, the old mans birthday is at least three months away. We need time to prepare.

Since were sending him a gift, we must send him the best one. It mustnt be worse than my brothers!

Soon, they got a little closer.

Suddenly, Schatt realized that something was wrong. He used the monocular to look at the fishing village in the port, but he didnt find any trace of smoke or people there, making him puzzled.

What happened?

According to their past patterns, the pirates should have spotted them long ago, followed by the rise of black smoke, relaying the situation of the island through the changes of the smoke.

However, there was no signal this time.

Something might have happened on the island.

Putting away the monoculars, Schatts eyes were much sharper, Someone has struck the island?

How is it possible, doesnt the other party know whose territory this is. Robbing our island in the water of the old man Could it be someone from the Iron Eagle Kingdom?

The Iron Eagle has never cared about sea matters, Schatt said.

Whats more, the Marquise of Everspring and His Majesty the Pirate King have business dealings all the year-round. Its impossible to suddenly strike for no reason.

As for Earl of Thorns, he doesnt even go out of his own castle, how could it be him?

Then, could it be that it was some deluded ??????? who thought that he could challenge the authority of the east sea overlord in his territory?

The first mate was dumbfounded. Could such a stupid person truly exist?

Thats the Pirate King Morgan! A miracle master!

Except for other god-like beings like other miracle masters, who else would dare to offend him?

Anyway, we must go and see.

Schatt is a vicious pirate. This island has changed hands several times over the past few decades.

But without exception, it was taken back every time by the pirates, and the people responsible suffered the bloodiest vicious revenge.

The last time there was an accident occurred on the island was ten years ago, when many Chambers of Commerce in the Thorn Earldom united to develop this island.

As a result, they had obviously failed.

Not only that, the sea trade of those Chambers of Commerce was targeted by all the pirate groups under Morgan.

In just over a month, they went bankrupt due to a large number of ships being destroyed.

Today, those Chambers of Commerce dont dare to cross the sea. They can only traverse the dangerous mountains and trade with indigenous people to get by.

If thats the case.

Something is wrong, Something is definitely wrong!

The first mate vehemently dissuaded, Our men are missing. Where have they disappeared to? Are the more than 1,200 people all dead?

Since the other party was able to kill so many of our men, how could they have only 70 or 80 people?

If things are out of the norm, there must be something wrong.

This saying naturally doesnt exist in this world, but similar proverbs do exist.

Schatt calmed down. His first mate is his military adviser. Although he isnt capable of synthesizing intricate strategies, he is at least quite wise.

After being exhorted several times, Schatt started hesitating, Then what do you think we should do?

Im a captain under the eminent pirate king, a great pirate with a bounty of tens of thousands of gold coins, how can I flee without fighting?

If Schatt knew about the empty fort strategy, he probably wouldnt have said that.

The empty fort strategy is a famous strategy that makes opponents overthink and scare themselves.

If there were truly just a few dozen women on the opposite side, but they managed to scare off 2000 fierce pirates, Schatt wouldnt have the face to live in this world anymore.

He cant buy tofu, otherwise, he would hit his head on a corner of the tofu and die.

This is not difficult to solve!

The plan was proposed by himself, hence the first mate quickly said,

Captain, you can send two pirate ships to go ashore to search. If there are few people, well kill them directly, but if there are too many people, we will retreat.

Even if we are brave and fearless, but if we know that its a trap and still barge in, wouldnt that be equivalent to a man hanging his neck on the gallows?

Schatt was quite upset at his first mates strategy because it makes it seem that he is afraid of Arden island.

Pirates are no different from the usual thugs or gangsters.

They are all illiterate. If it werent for the existence of the first mate, Schatt would have led his crew to slaughter the people on the island the moment he found that it was occupied.

However, uncle Saros stated that a pirate group that was able to sail across the sea for so many years cant be so retarded.

Success isnt just by chance. Luck will always run out, hence, competent people are needed for such a group to thrive.

If there is no competent man under Schatt, he will die.

Then, what if there are competent people?

Bai Luo recalled his previous conversation with the old man. He frowned at the sight of the ships stopping, his hands stretched out to his sword, ready to strike.

His current location was on the side of the pirate flagship. Bai Luo maintained a distance of about forty meters from it, just following behind.

If the ships just stop, but dont retreat, then dont attack.

If the ships turn around?

Little Luo, do you think that the other party would leave without even scouting the situation first?

Running away without any information and looking for reinforcements.

In the world of pirates, doing so is enough to label them as cowards and wimps. There would be no place for them anymore.

If the other party leaves without even sending anyone, there must be something very wrong.

The old man considered almost every possible situation. Bai Luo slowly released his handle on the sword and continued to observe the situation.

He could strike now, chopping off the masts of all ships, then slowly clean them up.

However, it would be too slow with just him.

There are thousands of pirates. It would be too troublesome if they scatter in all directions.

He must be cautious, very cautious!

For Arden, Bai Luo must choose the most secure and safest plan to ensure that no pirates can escape from their clutches.

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