Chapter 50: Inya-Oraaa!

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Chapter 50: Inya-Oraaa!

Witch, this is the name Bai Luo gave to the users of fairy magic, this brand-new profession.

However, Lilith told Bai Luo that the magic power of miracle children is limited. They certainly cannot cast spells without limits like her.

This also means that Lilith can use a lot of outrageous magic spells at will, but the witches cant.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of witches. Moreover, after getting the blessing of the fairys miracle power, their physical fitness and even life expectancy will greatly increase.

As time passes, more and more witches will appear. One day, there will be thousands of witches in Arden.

At that time, they will be able to travel everywhere, guard every corner of Arden, and even fight on multiple fronts at the same time.

Their strategic role might be even greater than that of Lilith. No matter how powerful Lilith is, what she can do on her own is limited.

However, the witches are like her clones, shining across every corner.

For this new witch profession, Bai Luo has instructed Lilith to only bestow this miracle power to the Arden clan and the tree elves descendants.

No outsider can get access to this power without Bai Luos permission.

In fact, Bai Luo need not say so, Lilith was already planning to do so from the beginning.


What qualifications does an outsider have to receive Liliths favor?

Is he worthy?

In this world, the power of miracles is like a system. Moreover, this system is under the complete control of one person, who acts according to his will and preference.

No wonder the old man said that most miracle masters consider themselves as gods.

In a way, miracle masters are indeed like gods.

Ersa is amazing!

Sister Ersa, how did you do it, Sister Ersa?

Please teach us!

Most of the little girls of the Arden clan are as close as sisters to Ersa.

I, we also want to know, can you tell us too?

Although the tree elves descendants lolis are newcomers, they are cute, kind-hearted, and extremely pure. Ersa had a very good relationship with them.

Dont worry, I will tell everyone.

Consequently, Ersa shared her experiences and feelings with the sisters.

Lilith didnt stop it, she was happy to see this happen.

Although she is the teacher, this is the first time she ever taught anyone. Shes also a newcomer to this field.

In addition, fairies are different from little witches, hence the first lessons had the components of an experiment.

To be honest, Lilith was a little unsure if the little children were capable of casting magic.

Fortunately, Ersas success caused Lilith to heave a sigh of relief.

Its best to let them learn on their own.

Bai Luo affirmed Liliths idea, and Lilith responded with a smile,

Yeah, just like now, if Ersa has learned it, then she can guide more children.

Although little witches teaching other little witches is a desirable development, the best course would be to wait for little witches like Ersa to become adults, then full-fledged teachers of magic in the future.

However, this will take a long time, and its too early to talk about this now.

Ah! I, I succeeded! I did it too!!

The second one to succeed is the 13-year-old Fiora. She was also able to make the feather float.

Although she was still unable to make it move freely, the joy of successfully releasing magic still made the little girl flush with excitement, constantly jumping up and down.

The following one was a little girl from the tree elves clan, her name was Flara, and soon after, little Mia also succeeded.

Brother Bai Luo! Look, look, I succeeded!

Miya was very happy. Naturally, Bai Luo praised her properly. At the same time, he encouraged other children, telling them to not be discouraged and that they would succeed sooner or later.

In the end, Bai Luo distributed candy to the children. Both the children of the Arden clan and the tree elves descendants.

They all ate very happily, but this attracted the envy of the little boys that were still training.

Its all right, theres still a lot.

Bai Luo is very fond of the little girls, but he never treated the boys differently.

Eat, eat, eat, all you know is to eat! Put all of that away and continue training!

Adults dont need to learn things like martial arts, but literary classes are still indispensable.

Especially now that Ardens official language has been created. Everyone should make the effort to learn it.

Brother Andrew has a lot of prestige among the tree elves descendants. My influence in the Arden clan is also okay.

The old man started feigning weakness again, But the teacher of the evening lessons is Feiya.

The person responsible for the education of adults is the elder sister.

She is very knowledgeable and versatile.

Moreover, the Arden clan has the quality of worshiping the strong, and with the majesty of the elder sister, those who dared to find excuses to skip class would suffer.

In fact, even Bai Luo, after learning that the teacher was his elder sister, set an example and personally showed up to study this new language.

Their king is also attending class, what else do they have to say?

There is no escape!

In such a manner, another seven days had passed.

Everyone basically mastered the essentials of the new language and has mostly mastered the basic pronunciation. Although this is a new language, its still largely based on the Ardennes language, hence they didnt face many difficulties while learning it.

In contrast, the tree elves descendants found it more challenging.

However, Issafeiya is a good teacher. She discovered this in the first class and gave them special counseling.

The tree elves descendants made rapid progress. In just seven days, they caught up with half the progress of the Ardennes.

Uncle Saros guessed that this is due to the talent of the tree elves descendants. Their learning ability is generally above that of the Ardennes.

Have you all done the homework I assigned you last time?

Issafeiyas plain voice caused everyone in the room to feel a chill crawl up their spine.

The number of weak learners is far higher than the number of top students in Arden.

Fortunately, Bai Luo can be considered a high-level student who has attended cram school in advance. Under the premise of having a foundation, he didnt feel any pressure during the learning process.

The old man has been teaching Bai Luo various literacy lessons since childhood, and Bai Luo was a hard worker.

Although he isnt as talented in this field as geniuses like Gloria and Boya, he can still easily crush people like Noel.


Sweet potatoes! Are the sweet potatoes baked?

Suddenly, the entire classroom went silent. Everyone looked at Inya with horror. At the same time, they couldnt help but admire her courage. She actually has the courage to fall asleep in Issafeiyas classes.

She even dares to drool!

Therefore, her big sister had to punish her.

However, Inya isnt afraid of pain at all. She would rather go outside and stand in the hallway than stay another second in this class.

It wasnt until Issafeiya punished her by ordering her to copy the syllable table 100 times that she finally felt terror. She obediently came back to class and no longer dared to fall asleep.

As expected of Ardens number one iron head.

Inya is so powerful! She doesnt even pay attention to the elder sisters class.

Yeah, she can still sleep under the icy aura of sister Issafeiya, my God, its terrifying.

I, Inya, am just so awesome!

Not to mention her big sisters class, even her daddy Saross class cant scare her.

She can sleep whenever she wants!

Then Inya experienced the pain of copying schoolwork. However, this time, even if she hugged Bai Luos legs and pleaded pitifully, he didnt dare to forgive her.

After all, his elder sister was looking at him

Brother, I dont want you to put some good words for me.

Later that day, Bai Luo was in awe as Inya uttered those words. He felt a tear condensing at the corner of his eyes. His little sister has finally grown up!

Bai Luo even started thinking about asking his elder sister to forgive her.

You can just help me copy this text! Inya said with a bright smile,

If we work together, we will finish quickly!

Bai Luo:


I, Bai Luo, have the urge to vomit blood and die!