Chapter 48: You’ll Do Your Homework Even if It’s The End of The World

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Chapter 48: You’ll Do Your Homework Even if It’s The End of The World

Now that we have almost solved the issues of agriculture and housing, our next task is to arrange military training for adults and a proper education for the children.

The Arden clan has been carrying military training for years, so we can leave this task to Noel.

In terms of education, we need to discuss what kind of curriculum we should prepare.

Uncle Saros suggested to Bai Luo that he must put education first.

The construction of the school has already begun, and the Arden territory now has about 50 children aged 6 to 13.

Among them are the tree elves descendants, as well as the original Arden clan.

Although the tree elves descendants arent as young as they look, Bai Luo still hopes that they can attend school as well and get a proper education.

Of course, the tree elves descendants will definitely be assigned to a separate class in the future. In fact, they might even establish an academy that belongs to them in the future.

For now, they will attend class with the Ardennes. This is also a prime opportunity to deepen the relationship between the two clans.

Therefore, when it comes to education, theres actually a small element of brainwashing.

When the uncle raised this point, Bai Luo only hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

To love the country and the people, Arden needs to be united. Theres nothing wrong with this kind of thinking no matter where you place it.

Loyalty to the king is even more important!

It will take two days before the construction of the school is completed. It will be completely built the day after tomorrow. Lilith, you really worked hard this time.

It isnt hard, master.

Hearing Bai Luos voice in her mind, Lilith, who was transforming the landscape, hurriedly replied,

Lilith is very happy to be able to help her master.


Theres no need to differentiate between the miracle and the miracle master. In a way, they are a single entity.

But is it really okay to think about education now? Bai Luo said,

The pirates might come back at any moment.

So, we wont do anything until the pirates come? What if they dont come for days or weeks, should we just waste that time?

Bai Luo couldnt refute the old uncles words. The old man looked at him, then said seriously.

Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, todays study and tomorrows homework must be done! There are no exceptions!

Bai Luo couldnt help but think back to the devilish demeanor the old man had when teaching them.

You are right, I agree!

Anyway, it wasnt him that had to do homework.

Well, kids, theres no harm in learning more.

The lessons are mainly divided into two parts.

Cultural classes, reading, and writing. If they cant even write or use Ardens native language, that would be too incompetent. The old man said,

We are naturally going to retain the culture, language, and text of tree elves descendants.

However, Arden must have its own common language in the future. A universal language unique to the nation of Arden!

Uncle Saros, Mountain Weng, and Grandpa Andrew, the three of them have discussed for a long time before compiling a new language.

This language was prepared by uncle Saros and grandpa Mountain Weng a long time ago. They just took it out today and asked for help from grandpa Andrew, asking him to fill in the gaps.

It is quite similar to the Ardennes native language and has little relation with the language of tree elves descendants.

But Grandpa Andrew didnt care, because they are still going to retain the culture and language of the tree elves descendants and teach it in Arden as a local dialect.

At the same time, Bai Luo also assured Grandpa Andrew that there will be special personnel to study, preserve, and pass on the history and culture of tree elves.

Thus, the old man can be absolutely assured!

Bai Luo is a person who loves culture, art, and customs.

He couldnt wait for more foreigners to join Arden in the future, only then could a country with real heritage be established.

We have finished discussing the first course. Bai Luo said,

However, its not a compulsory course, but an elective course.

In fact, there are only two compulsory courses in Arde, for the time being.

Languages and mathematics, young peoples source of misery.

If the students from the previous life came to Arden and found that there was no foreign language learning here, they would probably rage against Bai Luos injustice.

The truth is Bai Luo has greatly suffered from foreign language learning for a long time in his past life.

So now there is an opportunity, Bai Luo resolutely decided to make the people of Arden live in a world that doesnt suffer from foreign languages.

Naturally, foreign languages can be learned, but only in professions that require them. Simply the same as German, French, and Japanese majors in his past life.

Bai Luo will not allow foreign languages to be the standard for measuring the excellence of the Ardennes.

Registration started yesterday. There was even a 4-year-old child who secretly registered his name.

This is proof of how popular registration is. It seems that everyone is very envious of the strength of the big brothers and sisters. They seemingly cant wait to train earlier and fight for Arden.

To Bai Luos delight, the same is true of the tree elves descendants.

Those children seemed to be drawn by Noel and Issafeiyas power, hence they enthusiastically enrolled.

The second elective class, magic.

The registration zeal for this course is really, really high.

It wasnt just the children, even many teenage boys and girls registered for this class, including some mature ladies.

Only Lady Lilith can serve as the teacher of this class for the time being, and its mainly to look for candidates with an aptitude for fairy magic, so as to screen and prepare future fairy magicians.

As long as its someone who has seen Liliths magic, its estimated that they would all be attracted to it.

Its simply too powerful and magical. Everyone would wonder whether they can also have such magical power in the future.

The Ardennes are completely loyal to Bai Luo. Even the newly added tree elves descendants (which can also be called Ardennes now) have been recognized by the miracles.

Liliths miracle power will definitely choose them, but whether they can successfully adapt to this power depends on their talents and affinity.

The last elective course shall be a free activity course.

The old man said,

Children can choose what they want to do on their own. They can be their own teacher. They can associate with friends who share their hobbies and explore their talents.

Just like the clubs in his past life, if you like to cook, then study cooking, if you like music, then start a band together, and study music.

Even if you just like to sleep and eat, the free activity class can still meet your needs. This is something that Bai Luo personally guarantees.

Thats all for now.

The old man concluded,

We still have few people. We dont have many choices, we can only make such a simple educational framework for now.

Its already very good!

Compared with the previous Arden, which didnt even have the concept of a curriculum, teaching one to one, without even a proper schedule, its countless times better. In fact, only the old man led group studies in the past.

In addition, Bai Luo was still amazed at the fact that they have a new language.

A new skill has been added to the old mans endless repertoirelinguistics master.

Lets just implement it.

Bai Luo said to the three old men, Youve worked hard, old gentlemen.

After the meeting, the three old men left.

The old man still has to continue his research. Grandpa Mountain Weng found a lot of new medicinal herbs on the island, and now, he is studying the properties of these herbs.

The tree elves werent very helpful in this regard.

Their body structure is quite different from that of humans. What is not harmful to them might be a potent poison for humans.

Grandpa Andrew also has something to do, mainly to organize the culture of tree elves, and then hand it over to Bai Luo.

Bai Luo is very fond of the tree elves. He also upholds the idea of carrying forward their customs.

As long as it is the essence, Bai Luo stated that it will definitely be passed down.

On the other hand, if its some bad custom, under the tree elves descendants oath, Bai Luo has the right to make them change it.