Chapter 22: The Mountains Savages

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Chapter 22: The Mountains Savages

Noel and Fiora released the white eagle. Half a day later, they brought back the news that the caravan was near.

The advantage of having high altitude observatory methods gives the Arden people sufficient time to prepare.

It is also necessary to choose a good location for interception. If the distance is too far, causing them to be discovered too early, then the action can only be considered as failed.

Go into the mountains! You dont need to care about sustainability anymore. In the next few days, you can hunt as much prey as you can.

Attack anything you see and encounter and bring them back to the village!

At the same time, Jerah and John of the Greenwood family led many clan members into the mountains. They didnt hold back anymore, hunting as many mountain beasts and monsters as they could and turning them into jerky.

Although grains alone can fill them up, the Ardennes like to eat meat.

Coupled with the imminent migration, they didnt bother to care about the deaths of a large number of beasts in the mountain forest anymore. All of them stopped restraining themselves, hunting as much as they wanted, causing them to be very happy.

Have they all arrived?

With the setting sun as the background, Bai Luo rode Shirley, and Issafeiya rode a brown warhorse. This was a birthday present given to her by uncle Saros four years ago.

Bai Luo named it Radish.

Inya, Noel, and Jerah, all three of them were riding horses, counting Radish, these were all the horses in the Arden village.

Elder sister and I will first investigate whether there is an ambush and rule out the unexpected.

The rest will attack the camp as planned. Bai Luo seriously said.

As you wish!

The rest of the team headed by Noel looked solemn. They had received professional training from uncle Saros. They have strong individual combat capabilities and great tacit understanding.

Were going west, you go east.


Bai Luo nodded, he looked at Issafeiya and said,

Lets go!

The five people directly burst into the depth of the forest, a place filled with dangerous wild beasts and terrifying monsters.

However, the Ardennes are not afraid of them. Even if they couldnt defeat them, its not difficult to avoid or repel them.

Whats more, they had elder sister Issafeiya amongst them, the woman with the nickname of monster hunter and the destroyer in the Arden village.

If it werent for the fact that monsters edible to inedible meat ratio is too low, the highest is only 10% (Tintooth beast), the Ardennes wouldnt have to worry too much about food with Issafeiya.

Even so, Issafeiya occasionally goes into the mountains to fight monsters in order to practice.

Lately, as soon as she enters the forest, the monsters will escape. Even when hunting Silvermane, uncle Saros told her to hide away early on.

Otherwise, with Silvermanes aura perception ability, it would definitely choose to avoid confrontation in the face of Issafeiya.

After all, she is a monster amongst monsters!

How did those mountain savages get such delicate fur?

In a camp with a three-meter-high fence, which was mainly used to defend against wild beasts, not humans.

In the camp, the bonfire illuminated the face of a rich man dressed as a gentleman. He carefully looked at wolf fur in his hand, stroking it with a face full of wonder. It wasnt his, it belonged to another businessman.

This is the fur of the Snow Wolf. Its rare. Placing it in the territory of the Marquise of Everspring, it can be sold for 2 small gold coins at least! The man said,

The marquise likes clothes made of this kind of stuff, She doesnt get tired no matter how many she buys!

What about the cost?

This businessman was obviously a newcomer. The other wildly laughed, then smugly said.

I bought each one with 5 pounds of grains. Moreover, its a coarse low-quality grain! Hahahaha!

He wasnt the only one laughing. All the other businessmen were laughing wildly, their faces filled with greed.

There is only one way in and out of the mountain.

The land of that village of savages is very barren, making them unable to farm much grain.

We use grain to trade goods with those savages, and they have to accept our offer even if they dont want to, otherwise, they will starve to death.

The only downside is that the quantity of their goods is too small.

After all, theyre just some mountain savages! Snow wolves are very ferocious, being able to hunt some is already a great accomplishment!

Its difficult for ordinary people to hunt monsters in the mountains, and even if they succeed, they must pay a certain price.

The Ardennes are very low-key, hiding their talent and power.

At the same time, for the sake of sustainable development. They established a certain buffer period between each large hunt. Moreover, the old man restrained the Arden clan and didnt allow too many mountain treasures to flow out.

The tree that stands out will be destroyed by the wind. They must sell as little monster fur as possible.

If they want to blame someone, they can blame the Earl of Thorns. We are just businessmen.

There were three caravans in the camp, and besides them, there were nearly 100 heavily armed and powerful mercenaries.

I heard that the Ardennes have appeared in the west.

The mercenaries have long been accustomed to the ugly face of these black-hearted merchants. They sat around the bonfire, drinking and eating meat, chatting about the various events that occurred through the earldom.

During their conversation, someone brought up the Ardennes.

The Ardennes? Those savages, is there any fresh news about them?

They are purged by the kingdom every once in a while. There is news about them everywhere, only the Earl of Thorns is unlike other lords.

He doesnt send troops to purge them, only offering bounties.

Isnt that better! Thats 10 gold lions!

However, even if we want to catch them alive, we are unable to.

If you work hard, maybe there is a chance?

The last voice was different from the rest. It sounded a bit out of place.

This is not a matter of working hard or not, these are the Ardennes

The mercenary who was talking suddenly froze in his place.

He raised his head and looked at the tree trunk in front of him. Originally, only two people were sitting there, but at some point, a third person appeared between them.


Silver-white spiky hair, wildly dressed, an eighteen or nineteen years old young man waved at him with a big smile on his face.

Looking at the other partys smile, a great sense of crisis appeared in the mercenarys heart,

Enemy att


The sharp tip of the spear pierced the mercenarys throat, forcibly interrupting his words.

Enemy attack!!


The mercenaries on both sides reacted almost at the same time. However, the arrows shooting from the darkness were faster than them.

Splat, splat.

Two corpses fell down, with only one-third of the arrow feathers sticking from the back of their heads. Upon closer inspection, the arrows directly penetrated their skull and emerged from the other side.

How is it possible

Such a strong arrow Moreover, it hit the two of them almost simultaneously.

Who are you?

Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

All the mercenaries who saw this scene were frightened. They wanted to move, but what they faced was Noels spear dance.

His eyes became incomparably sharp. Each strike from the spear contained repressed anger and hatred.


The spearhead instantly crossed the necks of these mercenaries. In the next moment, blood spurted out and four of them fell back at the same time.

Hahaha, five! I have the most kills now!

As his voice sounded, Noel held a long spear in his hands, pouncing at the crowd of mercenaries like a ferocious silver wolf.

He broke into the crowd, regardless of whether they were mercenaries or businessmen, he killed all that crossed his path without mercy.

Issafeiya spoke, her voice was cold, and calm, Drop your weapons and kneel on the ground.

Hurry up!

Oak didnt hesitate at all, immediately ordering his team.

Get down on your knees!!

The mercenaries had long been driven to despair by Noel and the others. Without daring to utter a word, they quickly threw their weapons and knelt down.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The sound of multiple arrows breaking through the air sounded, frightening the mercenaries and causing them to subconsciously try to resist.

However, despite the commotion, the arrows didnt hit them but hit the uneasy merchants.


Damn it!!

Run! Run!!

Unfortunately, how can peoples speed compare to that of arrows? Moreover, Jerah is Ardens top archer. In just 10 seconds, all the merchants, including their servants, fell to the ground.

It stands to reason that there would be a few elites with decent combat capabilities next to those merchants. However, they were all targeted by Issafeiya. In the blink of an eye, anyone with even a bit of skill had their heads rolling on the ground.

Kuu! Kuu!

Loud eagle cries sounded. This is the secret signal of the Ardennes. Jerah is hiding in the dark, just like a sniper, her position cannot be easily exposed.

It was her presence that made the mercenaries present so terrified, fearing that the next sharp arrow would appear in their necks.

What kind of terrifying archery is this

Oak looked around, his face was extremely gloomy.

All of them were killed by one arrow, no one needed a second arrow. Moreover, these arrows completely ignored their armor or defense, landing precisely in unguarded areas and dealing fatal blows.


Oak never dreamed that he would meet the famous Ardennes in such a place, and four at that.

Let us go, we have never captured or clashed with the Ardennes, we have no enmity!

Oak is very good with words. He carefully chose his words in order to avoid angering the four people in front of him as much as possible.

I know.

You guys are too weak.

Issafeiya immediately noticed the insignias of this mercenary group. She remembers all the mercenary groups in the Earldom of Thorns and knows their origins.

As Oak said, they had never caught a member of the Ardennes. They wanted to do it but havent done it yet.

You Youre not their leader?

Oak vaguely felt that something wasnt right with Issafeiya. She didnt look like their leader.

Please let me see your leader, and I will definitely come up with conditions that will satisfy you.

Oaks realization didnt phase Issafeiya, because this wasnt hard to guess.

You are very smart.

Bai Luo slowly walked out from the deep forest on Shirleys back.

At this time, Shirley has withdrawn her wings, glow, and aura as a Pegasus. She looked no different from an ordinary white horse.

This is Bai Luos request. They need to be low-key and concealed. If it isnt necessary, they mustnt expose their trump card.

Are you their leader?

Oak looked at Bai Luo, this young man looked familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had seen him. He might have encountered him before.

I am willing to ransom our entire mercenary group, please give us your price.


Bai Luo casually nodded, then said to Noel and Jerah,

Kill them.


Oak thought that he might have misheard, but the arrows that followed and the mourning of his companions told him that Bai Luo wasnt joking with him. They are really going to slaughter them.

You lied to us!

Drop your weapons, yes, they did say such a thing. However, Bai Luo never said that they would spare them.


No need for Oak to explain, the remaining forty mercenaries immediately fled in all directions, making it difficult for Bai Luo and the others to hunt them down.

Thats without mentioning that some people choose to resist. Unfortunately, all the enemies who tried to resist were killed by Jerah.

Many of those that stood up had to face Noels spear. None of them can run away, all of them have to die.

Finally, Oak. This person is rather wise. He knows when to bow down and when to stand up. He is an outstanding individual. However, its precisely because he is such a person that Bai Luo resolutely chose to eliminate him. Sparing such a person is bound to cause them endless troubles.

Haha, here we go again, this person is mine!

Inya was extremely excited at the sight of the escaping enemies.

She was tired of killing the tusked hares, and she couldnt beat Tintooth beasts. At this time, faced with the opportunity to slaughter enemies, she couldnt hold back. The girl happily jumped into the crowd of mercenaries and started killing.

Bai Luo took a glance but didnt care too much.

With Jerahs remote support and Inyas skills, these cowardly thugs are no match for her at all.

Their leader is a bit skilled.

Issafeiya asked Bai Luo which direction they are going to chase in respectively, but Bai Luo shook his head, They cant escape.

Bai Luo was very familiar with the surrounding geographical environment.

Inya, stop chasing, Bai Luo looked at Inya and said, Stay here and look after the horses and supplies.


Inya was a little unhappy, but she couldnt disobey her big brothers orders, Dont worry, leave it to me.

Jerah, chase the ones that escaped in the forest.

Noel, go up the slope and hunt down the mercenaries that went up the mountain.


The two figures rushed out without hesitation. They had cooperated with Bai Luo countless times and had developed incomparable tacit understanding.

Elder sister, just do what you feel is right.

Bai Luo has no command to give to his elder sister. She is too outstanding. Rather than Bai Luo commanding her, it would be more appropriate for her to command him.

Well, I see.

The best position for elder sister Issafeiya is the commander, otherwise, shes better acting alone.

Lets go, Shirley.

The reason why Bai Luo was so calm in the face of the mercenaries escape is due to Shirleys presence.

The mercenaries can flee all they want, but no matter how fast they run, could they be faster than Shirley?

Shirley can fly!

Huff! Huff!

Oak fled desperately, he was running down the mountain. There were four mercenaries with him, all of whom were his most trusted henchmen.

The four knew of Oaks skills. They knew that they would have a higher survival chance by following him rather than spinning around on their own.

Why are those Ardennes so despicable? Arent they mountain savages?

A mercenary had never heard of such Ardennes. In his concept, the Ardennes should be savages with nothing more than brute strength. They should be illiterate bums rather than the insidious monsters they just dealt with.

That group of Ardennes isnt simple; The one on the horse, and the woman with long silver hair.

Oak, who had some insight, said, They should belong to a tribe with a proper structure and system.


Those moronic merchants!

Such a huge Arden tribe existed under their noses for so many years, but they hadnt noticed the slightest clue! These dull, braindead twats!