Chapter 17: Miracle Creature

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Chapter 17: Miracle Creature

Lets eat something first.

Its too late today, Bai Luo could certainly not continue such a journey in the middle of the night.

It would be okay if he was alone, but with Shirley, even with his monstrous physical strength, he wouldnt be able to stand it.

Then rest for one night. We will continue on our way tomorrow.

Afterward, Bai Luo carried Shirley on his back for another day in accordance with the instructions given by the black book.Updated from novelbIn.(c)om

Big brother Bai Luo, what are you doing?

Hearing this sound, Bai Luo immediately raised his head and saw Jerah of the Greenwood family and Noel of the White Eagle family. The two were looking at him with extremely strange eyes.

Boss, what are you doing? Ill help you

Noel quickly threw his spear to Jerah, untied his windbreaker, and wanted to help Bai Luo carry Shirley, but Bai Luo stopped him.

Dont help! You dont need to help me!

If you want to help me, just drive off the nearby wild beasts. Dont let them get in my way.

Bai Luo is very confident in carrying Shirley back for two reasons. One is his confidence in his physical strength.

The second reason is because of the marks left by him.

He hadnt returned for more than two days, so uncle Saros will definitely send someone to follow the marks he left to find him. As Bai Luo expected, Noel and Jerah found him.

This also means that Bai Luo is completely safe.

With the two of them around, as long as a Silvermane-level monster doesnt appear, no creature will be able to get close to him.

So, why are you carrying a horse on your back?

Jerah was a bit confused. She looked at Noel with an inquisitive expression but the latter was just as confused. I dont know, but where did you get this horse from, boss?

Bai Luo suddenly left, then came back with a white horse on his back.

This bizarre scene filled the two with disbelief.

Did they miss a page or something?

Why are they feeling a sense of reality fragmentation?


Bai Luo gasped heavily and said, You only need to know that I am working hard for the future of the Arden village!

Bai Luo couldnt explain this bizarre situation. Could he say that Shirley is a miracle and that he is fulfilling the trial to awaken its miracle power?

Carrying a horse and climbing over 20 mountains.

Its absurd!

Can normal people do this kind of thing?

This is no longer just a matter of luck and destiny. Even if ordinary people want to complete this trial, they simply cant!


What should we do?

The two of them now recognize Bai Luo as their king and have pledged their allegiance to him. Naturally, they dare not question his decision.


Bai Luo commanded: Climb a tall tree, stand high, and shoot the wild beasts remotely.

Noel, Bai Luo calmly said,

Investigate the surrounding terrain using your white eagles, then go ahead and help me clear the way!



Bai Luos calm command instantly invigorated the two.

Jerah is good at long-range attacks. No one in their clan is better than her apart from Bai Luo, Issafeiya, and Saros, the top three.

Noels strength is also extraordinary. Even if he shuttle through the mountains alone, he can return safely.

Coupled with Bai Luos command, the three formed a team and directly reduced the Black Books trial to normal difficulty.

Now, Bai Luo only has to focus on carrying Shirley back.

Is it hard? Definitely!

However, Bai Luo can do it!

Good girl, we have to work harder.

Without the nuisance of wild beasts, Bai Luos returning speed has greatly increased.

Noel asked his eagles to report their safety back to uncle Saros and the rest of the clan.

Two more days passed before Bai Luo finally brought Shirley home.


Bai Luo laid powerlessly on the stairs in front of his door, staring blankly at the clouds in the sky. He was physically and mentally exhausted.

However, hard work will eventually be rewarded.


Master: Bai Luo Arden

Level: Low

Type: Miracle Creature

Faction: Northern Earth

Ability: Unawakened

Contract method: Treating her injuries and carrying her home before the power of miracles disappear

Awakening method: unknown

[She has sincerely recognized you as her master. You got her, she will only belong to you]

[But her power has not been awakened yet, so please take good care of her until her injuries are healed]

The text on the black book has changed and the countdown has disappeared.

This means that Shirleys trial has been completed.

Bai Luo finally breathed a sigh of relief. This time, he finally learned that acquiring miracles wont be as easy as he thought. The difficulty of this trial was quite high, even for him.

Bai Luo didnt feel much when he acquired the basic sacred pouch.

But to acquire Shirley, Bai Luo spent five days and five nights of hard work, carrying her over 20 mountains and hundreds of kilometers before completing the task. Naturally, he is looking forward to the day when Shirleys miracle power awakens.

She already recognized me as her master

I got her, and she belongs only to me.

But her miracle power has not awakened yet, so is the last step missing?

Bai Luo could feel the connection between himself and Shirley. They had already completed the most difficult step, the miracle acquisition contract.

However, Shirleys power has not been awakened.

If he doesnt learn how to awaken her miracle power, Shirley will remain an ordinary horse until the day she dies.

Only by awakening Shirleys miraculous power can she truly become a miracle creature.

Do you know about miracles?

A little earlier than you.

Issafeiya had also searched for miracles, but it was because of this that she knew how difficult it is to obtain a miracle.

Only a true king, a heaven chosen, can acquire a miracle.

Whether it was elder sister Issafeiya or old uncle Saros, unfortunately, they are all losers.

Fortunately, Bai Luo acquired a miracle, which made the two of them even happier than finding a miracle themselves.

By the way, take a look at the gift I brought back for you.

The elder sister turned her head, the smile on her face remained undiminished,

It may be a bit outdated, but it should be of some use to you.

Oh? Spices?

Bai Luo found a bag of spices in the kitchen, not much in quantity, but extremely rich in variety.

Obviously, his elder sister collected them specifically for him.

Its too timely!

Bai Luo said to Issafeiya,

We just need to use them later, thank you, elder sister.

Thats quite the coincidence.

Bai Luo recounted the abilities of the basic sacred pouch to Issafeiya. This is information that most of the Ardennes didnt know.

They only knew that the basic sacred pouch could create delicious food, but they didnt know the process or the details. The old man told Bai Luo to hide this information from the public, so even Issafeiya didnt know before.

Gift! What about me? My gift?

Inyas cheerful voice sounded from outside the kitchen. Elder sister Issafeiya looked at her dotingly and smiled,

Its there.


Inya excitedly opened the package. It was filled with colorful candies.

Its candy!

I like my sister the most!

Inya happily hugged her sister, then started grabbing a handful of candy and stuffing it in her mouth.

Bai Luo and Inya have similar hobbies, they both like to eat.

Elder sister Issafeiya is different from uncle Saros. She really spoils Bai Luo, even if he wants to eat spices that are equivalent to golden sand, as long as Bai Luo is happy, its worth it to her.

I almost forgot, there is this.

Issafeiya tidied up her clothes. She took off her apron, then bent down gracefully and knelt in front of Bai Luo.

She did not choose to swear allegiance as a knight, but rather as a woman.

Because in front of Bai Luo, she is not only a powerful warrior but also his elder sister and even

I adjure to spend this life to serve you, Issafeiya solemnly swore, At all costs, guard you and your people, and fight for you.

I will serve you as my king!

Bai Luo did not stop her, he understood the character of his elder sister.

At this solemn moment, Bai Luo stood there very quietly. He raised his head and held his chest up, but silently calculated the time internally.

I accept your service.

After three minutes, Bai Luo immediately lifted his elder sister up,

Quick! Get up!

Elder sister Issafeiya is very strong. Shes Ardens number one powerhouse, Bai Luo cant win against her.

Moreover, Issafeiya is both ridiculously strong and incredibly smart. Her wisdom is not under uncle Saros, compared to Inya, theyre like two completely different creatures.

Thinking of this, Bai Luo looked at Inya on the side, who was stuffing her mouth with candy like a squirrel and felt a great toothache. Theyre sisters! But why is the difference between them so big?!

Brother, do you want some?

Feeling Bai Luos gaze, Inya thought he wanted her candy, so she offered some generously,

You can pick as much as you want!

No, you can eat it yourself.

With a face full of regrets, Bai Luo asked her to go out to play by herself. He had something to talk about with his elder sister.

Inya didnt think much of it and happily bounced away. She plans to find some younger children and show off her candy.

Is this the new food?

Issafeiya looked curious. She gently kneaded the dough with her hands. Bai Luo noticed that she was quite proficient, but if she had touched it before, why would she ask such a question?

However, upon thinking of his elder sisters terrifying talent, Bai Luo didnt feel that it was strange anymore.

Even if it was the first time she did such a thing, she immediately learned the trick and drew inferences about it.

Bai Luo wasnt surprised, Well, what do you think of the food I saw in my dream?

Unlike ordinary flour, this grain called wheat ferments beautifully.

This world also has similar practices, but because of different materials and concepts, people mostly make bread instead of noodles or pasta.

Bai Luo took out wheat and barley, ground them into flour, and proposed concepts such as buns, steamed buns, noodles, and cakes.

Uncle Saros knew that he was very keen on eating, so he quickly used these concepts to work out the corresponding production method.

In less than half a month, the old man almost reproduced all the recipes of Bai Luos past life food. Even the tools for making these foods were recreated by the old man.

During the whole process, Bai Luo just gave a general direction.

Fortunately, Bai Luo has long been accustomed to his uncles awesomeness.

If its not awesome, then its not his uncle.

Its worth mentioning that the old man has found the trick to make soy sauce. However, it will take some time to make the finished product.

Were eating noodles tonight.

Bai Luo has tasted the craftsmanship of his elder sister since he was a child. She is an amazing cook!

Although the materials werent enough, making it difficult for her to create amazing delicacies, in terms of craftsmanship, his elder sister is world-class!

For example, the noodles she made were smooth and delicious, full of elasticity, coupled with specially marinated steak, it was heavenly! Inya was not satisfied even after eating six bowls in a row. She ate until her belly was bulging, then laid down on the couch.

I cant eat anymore~~


Bai Luo patted Inyas head,

Dont lie down after eating, go out for a walk.


Inya murmured with a dissatisfied expression, but she could only obediently follow the words of her big brother.

In the past, the Ardennes paid attention to eating less and moving less, because there wasnt enough food.

But now that food is more abundant, the Ardennes need to make full use of it to bring out their full potential.

Only when they grow up and become strong warriors can they protect the Arden clan.