CH 6.1

Name:Third Comb Author:
When Jiang Tiao reached the hotel, she threw herself face down on the bed and buried her face into the pillow.

Her face is really hot now. Like drinking too much wine, her heart is in a mess and is beating rapidly.

She held hands with her male god. Ahhhh–––––

She has never experienced any intimate interaction with being in love for the entirety of her life.

She wanted to scream from the top of her lungs outside the window but was afraid of disturbing people. What’s more, she’s not alone in the room.

The girl sharing the same room with her is in the shower. Her name is Sun Qing and is in the same studio as Jiang Tiao. She is also a stylist however her qualifications are below Jiang Tiao.

She came out of the shower.

Jiang Tiao heard the sound of the handle as the door opened. She quickly sat up and pretend to rest in bed as if nothing happened and she look at her phone.

Jiang Tiao wiped her hair and asked, “Jiang Tiao, how did you feel holding Fu Ting Chuan’s hand today?”

“How do I feel?” Jiang Tiao didn’t lift her head.

“How does it feel to hold your male god’s hand?” Women love to gossip.

“It’s just….holding hands. What feelings can there be?” Jiang Tiao couldn’t find the words to describe it. Of course, she also wants to keep it to herself.

A conversation between two mature adult women always leads to some taboo topics. Sun Qing sat in her own bed and winked, “Was there any fantastic….moist feeling when you touch it?”

“What are you talking about!” Jiang Tiao’s face turned red as she took her pillow and hit her, “My feelings for my idol are pure.”

“Whatever, I don’t believe you. There are a lot of women on Weibo screaming to sleep with Fu Ting Chuan.” Sun Qing avoided the pillow and turned to plug in the hairdryer, “I was only telling the truth, and yet you still dare to hit me?”

Jiang Tiao fell back and rubbed her eyes, “Go away.”

Sun Qing no longer teased her. She pulled out the plug and went back to the restroom.

Honestly speaking, Jiang Tiao is not what Sun Qing said where she gets excited from touching.

In contrast, having been Fu Ting Chuan’s fan for more than ten years, she has some sexual fantasies about him.

In her eyes, that man is always divine and inviolable. His often tightly drawn eyebrows are always restrained, the laugh from the bottom of his heart is always filled with goodwill and his broad shoulders provided safety and security. His body, expression, and manners are synonymous with stability.

It made her have erotic thoughts sometimes.

If she had seen him like that before, then the feelings that described those fans would be relevant, however–––

“From the very beginning, I knew that even if I travel over land and water just to tell you I love you, you would only nod your head and say thank you.

I don’t expect any demands or even a response in return.

Knowing that I admire him and him knowing that he may be gratified by many of these admirations will suffice enough.

This is her full affection for Fu Ting Chuan.


After the exciting events that occurred today, Jiang Tiao was hit with insomnia.

Jiang Tiao toss and turn in her bed but still couldn’t fall asleep.

She pulled back the cover and climbed out of bed. She put on a coat and walked outside.

It is already deep into the night and the hotel's courtyard is dead silent. The ginkgo leaves were dyed half-green as the sweet scent of the osmanthus floated into her nose.

The scene is filled with golden yellow as the wind rustled the grass, softly humming in the autumn night.

Jiang Tiao held her room card between her fingers, flipping it back and forth.

She walked down the cobblestone road for a while when she suddenly saw a large black shadow on the edge of the flowerbed at the end of the road.

Looking at it, it looks like there is a man crouched there.

After another two-step, Jiang Tiao recognized that man.

Fu Ting Chuan.

His hair is as dark as night.

His shoulders are also very broad. Even when he is crouched down, he does not look servile.

It’s just that his chin is proudly raised up. He took something from his left hand and threw it into the grass.

The distance between her and him is getting shorter and shorter until Jiang Tiao heard him continuously urge.

“Eat…..come on, eat….”

“Mr. Fu?”

Jiang Tiao didn’t know whether she should say hello or not to disturb him. However, she had already complied with 80% of what her heart wanted to do.

The other party slightly looked up. When he saw Jiang Tiao, he implicitly smiled, “Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Tiao was undoubtedly surprised that he remembered her name.

Fu Ting Chuan dropped the thing in his hand before he stood up and dust off his hand.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Tiao asked while she got closer to the flowerbed.

Behind the short bushes lies a snow-white cat.

It is the most common cat breed, very skinny and its face is very sharp.

There are always a lot of stray cats near the hotel, especially in locations where filming takes place. Stray animals will appear in places where there are a lot of people.

“Stray cat.” Fu Ting Chuan stuck his hand in his pocket, “I came out on a late-night run. When I came over, he looked at me and cried out.”

This time, Jiang Tiao crouched down and wrapped her arms around her knees while she looks at the white cat.

Then, she spotted on top of the cat’s head small broken pieces of bread, “You were feeding him bread?”

“The front desk only had this.” Fu Ting Chuan plainly said this, his voice sounding above Jiang Tiao’s head, “But he hasn’t eaten any.”

He sounded as if he had not been prepared for what was to happen this autumn night.

When Jiang Tiao heard the dissatisfaction in his voice, her eyes couldn’t help but curve like crescent moons, “Cats can't eat too much of this.”

“It’s about to starve to death and it is still picky!” The man deliberately berated the cat.

The small pitiful thing didn’t move and only trembled.

Jiang Tiao stood up, “I’ll go to the front desk and ask if they have any ham. Even though cats can’t eat too much of this, it is okay to eat some to keep them from starving.”

She turned around and walked back to where she came from.

Fu Ting Chuan glanced at her retreating back before looking back at the little white cat.