Chapter 40: "It's not anxious to pay back the money...

"It's not anxious to pay back the money." Xi Heming opened his hands, "Do you think I am short of those 50 million people?"

"Yes, yes, you don't look like you." Jiang Wanwan was afraid that he would continue to talk about narcissism, and quickly told Rao: "I am like, I am not only like, I am still the one who lacks 50 million."

"So you really don't have to rush to pay back the money." Xi Heming looked at Jiang Wanwan and carefully considered his words: "In the beginning we were unfamiliar with each other and disliked each other, so you wanted to return the money to me as soon as possible. But now after this period of time. It’s nice to get along with time, right? The money you make is not as good as investing in the development of the company. If you rush to return it to me, it will be unfair to your employees who work hard."

Jiang Wanwan squinted her eyes suspiciously: "It's still pleasant to get along with you? Brother, I have to say, the happiness in your definition is really different from that of ordinary people? It's just like the two of us quarreling every day, when we meet, we will hit the earth with Mars. , You call it pleasant?"

Xi Heming coughed slightly with a guilty conscience, and said stiffly, "Unhappy how did we become friends?"

Jiang Wanwan looked at Xi Heming with difficulty. To be honest, she didn't know that she had such a good relationship with Xi Heming before today, and the title of this friend was a little inexplicable.

But looking at Xi Heming's persistence, Jiang Wanwan felt that there was really no need to carry the bar with him. The work and life of the two are so closely intertwined. It is always more comfortable to be friends than enemies.

"Yes, you are right, we are good friends."

Seeing Jiang Wanwan's identity as a friend, Xi Heming showed a successful smile on his face. Becoming a friend is the first step to improve their relationship. After Jiang Wanwan adapts to the identity of a friend, he has the opportunity to go further.

It's so witty, yeah!


Jiang Wanwan dealt with the finishing work, and went out of the office with Xi Heming. Chen Min in the secretary's office immediately stood up when he heard the voice, with a professional smile on his face: "Mr. Xi, Mr. Jiang."

Xi Heming slowed down a bit, and confessed in a simple and clear way: "I will go out for private affairs, so I won't go back to the office today."

"Okay, President Xi." Chen Min sent the two to the elevator. When she returned to the office area, she found that the secretary room was half empty. She paused and turned to the tea lounge. He heard several secretaries in the office. Whispering: "Do you think that the relationship between President Xi and President Jiang seems to be very close?"

"It seems to be yeah, but isn't President Xi all married?"

"You guys think too much. Mr. Xi is a workaholic. When have you ever been interested in women?"

"Mr. Xi is really special to Mr. Jiang. Mr. Jiang was invited in less than half an hour after getting off the plane. It feels like he has gotten closer."

"You talked for a long time and didn't even see the key point. Didn't you find that the necklace that President Jiang wore when he came out just now was not the same as the one he wore when he went in?" A secretary blinked and said in a low voice, "That necklace is The top luxury brand XXX just released limited edition new models this week. There are only five of them in the world, and they are only on sale in Country X."

Country X happened to be the location of Xi Heming’s business trip. The secretaries all looked like they had been struck by lightning. After a while, someone sighed quietly: "Actually, Mr. Jiang is quite good, but he appeared late. I originally had to I like her for a strong woman, but now..."

"Okay, don't talk nonsense." Chen Min slapped them to interrupt their chat, and reminded them with a serious face: "Everyone has worked in the Xi Group for several years, and they all know Mr. Xi's temperament and personality. I don’t like employees who treat him personally, and I don’t like them discussing his personal affairs like an eight-woman. If your conversation was heard by Mr. Xi, do you think you can still work at Xi’s?"

The secretaries were silent, and no one dared to say anything.

Chen Min looked around and said, "I know that you have good colleagues in various departments, but you must remember that Mr. Xi should not discuss personal matters with other people. If other departments inquire, they will reply with three words: I don't know. Let me hear you discuss the topic of President Xi Jiang’s relationship in private, and I will take you directly to President Xi’s office so that you can have a good discussion with him and ask clearly."

Before she became a supervisor, Chen Min had always been a good person. She didn't talk much or talked about anything. She had a relatively low sense of presence in the secretary office. So after she was promoted to supervisor, other secretaries looked down on her. I think she has the advantage of being older and married.

But today, Chen Min's aura was full. Both his words and tone showed the majesty of being department managers. This made these secretaries realize that they had underestimated Chen Min before.

"Our level not only has a secretary room, but also a special assistance office. If you want to be relied on by President Xi, you should focus more on your work and don't put your mind on other places." Chen Min paused and added another sentence. "In the future, I don’t want to hear someone in the secretary room discuss Mr. Xi’s private life. Have you heard everything clearly?"

The secretaries nodded and responded: "Listen clearly."

Chen Min glanced at them, and left without saying anything. The remaining secretaries in the lounge breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at each other and couldn't say anything.

"I really underestimated Chen Min before." A secretary murmured, scooping a large piece of cake into his mouth, looking aggrieved.

"Okay, stop talking." A colleague next to her gently touched her with his arm: "Chen Min was right. Xi always didn't notice our secretary room. Once we let him know that we are gossiping behind, I'm afraid We all have to get out."

The secretaries thought about their current salary and treatment. They all disappeared one by one. They turned around and took their favorite fruit cakes and drinks, and quickly moved the topic to film and television dramas, as if they had never discussed Mr. Xi just now. Private life is the same.


Xi Heming drove Jiang Wanwan to a high-end shopping mall in this city. Both of them were tall and handsome, and they attracted the attention of many passersby as soon as they entered.

Jiang Wanwan didn't care about these curious gazes, but Xi Heming couldn't help but straightened his face, and his whole body exuded an aura that no one would enter.

Looking at the dazzling array of commodities, Jiang Wanwan asked anxiously: "What do you usually buy for your father?"

Xi Heming also had some headaches. In the past, he arranged for an assistant, secretary or driver to prepare gifts for the old man. He had never bothered about it. Inviting Jiang Wanwan out today to buy gifts for the old man is just an excuse. He originally wanted to calm down when he went abroad. He suppressed his feelings for Jiang Wanwan, but he did not expect that after he went abroad, he would not calm down, but would be disturbed by strange thoughts. His thoughts are a little absent-minded even when working.

Xi Heming has never been a wrongdoer. After discovering that he couldn't help but miss Jiang Wanwan's every move and smile, he immediately booked a ticket to return to China. Since I fell in love with Jiang Wanwan and was attracted by her unconsciously, it is better to take the initiative to open Jiang Wanwan's heart before the five-year contract expires and let her become the real Mrs. Xi.

Xi Heming glanced around the bustling shopping mall, and suggested with some uncertainty: "Why don't we just stroll around and buy what is suitable. Anyway, the old man is not short of money or things, and everything he gives is the same."

"Let's do it." Jiang Wanwan wandered in the mall side by side with Xi Heming with her handbag. The first floor was almost full of cosmetics and various luxury brands. It is now late summer, and the new autumn clothes are already on the market. Jiang Wanwan's eyes can't help but float on the clothes displayed on the models in various stores.

Xi Heming paused, then turned around and walked towards the women's clothing store where Jiang Wanwan's gaze stayed. Jiang Wanwan hurriedly followed up and reached out and pulled the long sleeves of his shirt: "That's women's clothing!"

"I know." Xi Heming's eyes rolled around his wrist, and then he withdrew his gaze nonchalantly: "Didn't you just look at this clothes? If you like it, try it."

Jiang Wanwan really likes one of the clothes, but I came out today to buy a gift for Old Man Xi, so it might not be appropriate to try on the clothes myself.

"No need, I'll come another day." Jiang Wanwan smiled and prepared to move on, Xi Heming quickly grabbed her wrist: "Since we come out, we will buy it together, anyway, it's time!"

Jiang Wanwan hesitated for a moment. Xi Heming looked at her and said in a cool tone: "Are you free and have so much time for shopping! Have you developed professional robots? Are you ready for the launch of home robots? Smart Cloud Platform Have the intended customers contacted?"

Xi Heming said that Jiang Wanwan would be a freshman. Before he could finish the questioning, Jiang Wanwan had pushed away Xi Heming's hand and walked towards the store. He could try on three sets of clothes when he heard his rumors. Up.

Several service staff in the store had already noticed Xi Heming and Jiang Wanwan. They were discussing how many digits the outfits are worth. They saw the two walking towards the store one after another, their eyes brightened. Greeted him, and bowed in unison when Jiang Wanwan entered the door: "Welcome."

Jiang Wanwan didn't waste any time, and pointed directly to the new autumn models that he fancy in the window: "I will try one set."

"Okay, wait a minute, madam!" The service staff immediately went to pick up the clothes. Xi Heming put his hands in his pockets and swept through the shop casually, his eyes fell on a dress: "You can give her a try. "

When Jiang Wanwan heard the words, she turned around and saw that it was a dress with delicate and elegant lace fabric as the design element. The shoulders were designed with eye-catching narrow straps, which looked **** and fashionable.

Jiang Wanwan shook her head hesitantly: "Good-looking is good-looking, but this skirt is less likely to be worn. The off-shoulder design is not suitable for the company, and it is not formal enough to wear to the reception. There is no suitable occasion to wear it."

"Why not!" Xi Heming looked at her, "Isn't it good to wear today? Go to the old man, you don't have a professional dress. It's not so formal or casual. It's just right. It’s also more appropriate for friends to go out to eat and watch movies."

Jiang Wanwan's eyes lit up. During this time, all her thoughts were about the company, and she didn't even go back to her natal family. Except for professional dresses and gowns for dinner parties, she really didn't think about what she usually wears.

Although the company is still struggling to make ends meet, but there is still money to buy a few clothes, Jiang Wanwan simply ordered a few more clothes: "This, this and this one are all taken down for me to try."

Several waiters were busy, taking down all Jiang Wanwan's favorite clothes and sending them to the changing room for her to try one set. Jiang Wanwan is tall and slender like a standard clothes rack, no matter what clothes she wears, she fits perfectly, as if she was tailor-made for her.

Especially the lace dress that Xi Heming chose for her to wear on her body is even more difficult to look away. She is young and looks charming and sweet. She also has some elegant aura. The advantages of this skirt are all brought out, and the beauty seems to be like an elf falling into the world.

Jiang Wanwan looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Every day she wore professional attire and combed her hair to be President Jiang. She almost forgot that she was no longer the female president in her thirties, but a girl in her early twenties. In the past, she always complained that she let her wear the book. Now she thinks that this may be a benefit given to her by God for being too hardworking, so that she can return to her youth and make up for the time she did not cherish.

Jiang Wanwan smiled like a flower in the mirror, Xi Heming, who was standing on the side, couldn't help but walked behind her, raised his hand and gently tugged on her curled up bun, with big wavy shawl and long hair pouring down from her head, hanging down. Back.

Xi Heming held Jiang Wanwan's hair accessories in his hand, but his eyes fell on Jiang Wanwan's face in the mirror.

Since succeeding to the Xi's Group, he has seen a lot of beautiful women, some of whom are more beautiful than Jiang Wanwan. But neither the glamorous nor the sweet fan can attract his attention, and even he hasn’t even made any waves. It is precisely because of this that he finds it difficult to fall in love with a woman, and he has never expected it. Own love.

But after fascinated by Jiang Wanwan, he realized that his world was suddenly different. He knew what yearning, expectation, and cowardice were. He also knew that he had no feeling for the beauty of the women before because they had never entered his heart. Once tempted, he found that even her hair strands were more attractive than others.

"This dress is suitable for putting down the hair." Xi Heming looked at Jiang Wanwan with deep eyes, and his voice was deeper and hoarse than usual: "I'll find you a pair of shoes again."

Jiang Wanwan was originally surprised that Xi Heming untied her hair, but she was distracted when she came out of this sentence, and she almost didn't control her astonished expression: Xi Heming, that narcissistic, proud and hypocritical man would actually take the initiative to give it to herself. Picking up shoes, Jiang Wanwan felt that Xi Heming's personal design in her heart was about to collapse.

Xi Heming seemed to know that Jiang Wanwan was looking at him, took the initiative to avoid her sight, stopped for a moment in the shoe area, and brought a pair of silver low heels.

The waiter in the shop immediately praised it with a smile: "Mr. Good foresight, this shoe is a new style from the shop, and it is especially suitable for this skirt."

Since the attendants had recommended them, Jiang Wanwan was not hypocritical, and she sat down and took off the shoes on her feet and carefully put them into the new shoes.

As soon as his feet entered, Jiang Wanwan felt that the feet that had been bound for a day felt an instant release. The round-toed toe shape made the toes less constricted, and the silver sequins and small high-heeled design added fashion and liveliness to the shoes. The sense of youth is indeed very suitable for this skirt.

The most important thing is that wearing these shoes for shopping is much more comfortable than the big high heels she wore before.

Jiang Wanwan took out her bank card from her bag and handed it to the waiter. She said naturally, "I want these clothes and these shoes."

Xi Heming, who was just about to pick up his wallet, looked at Jiang Wanwan very helpless. Although he had not been shopping with a woman, he felt that since the two were shopping together, the man should spend money. But Jiang Wanwan is not an ordinary woman. He can send the necklace out smoothly today in the name of a gift. If he is forced to pay, I am afraid that Jiang Wanwan can throw his bank card directly back on his face.

Xi Heming put down his hands sadly, and muttered in his heart that there will be a day to pay the bill sooner or later!

The service staff packed Jiang Wanwan's clothes and shoes. This time, before Jiang Wanwan reached out, Xi Heming took the lead to pick up the things.

Jiang Wanwan looked at him with some doubts: "Why are you so diligent today? Is there anything you want to ask me?"

Xi Heming looked at her nonchalantly: "I have something to ask you? Do you think it is possible?"

Jiang Wanwan thought about it for a long time, and smacked her lips with regret: "It seems that there is really nothing to ask for me. Then why are you so proactive to help me carry things? It's not like what you did, Mr. Xi?"

Xi Heming looked at her and asked curiously: "Then what do you think I do to be like what I do?"

Jiang Wanwan thought for a while and portrayed the image of Xi Heming in her own mind: "Well, you, the standard expression is a look of disgust, spit me from head to toe, and then boast about my taste and appearance. The main point of the final statement is No one can be worthy of the noble you, warn me not to fall in love with you."

Jiang Wanwan said very righteously: "Don't worry, I will definitely not fall in love with you."

Xi Heming's heart is so congested, the sins committed by heaven can be forgiven, and the sins committed by himself cannot be lived. Why is his mouth so owed before!

"Actually, I said before that those were half jokes." Xi Heming tried to reverse Jiang Wanwan's ideas: "Don't you think we get along very pleasantly?"

Jiang Wanwan didn't connect the string in Xi Heming's head at all, and said perfunctorily: "Yes, we are friends, we must be happy to get along with each other."

Xi Heming: "..."

The heart is tired and I don't want to talk.

The air pressure on Xi Heming's body instantly dropped, and he looked glum. Jiang Wanwan didn't know where she was annoying him again. She tentatively stretched her hand over to pick up the seven or eight shopping bags: "Or I'll carry them by myself. These shopping bags are really not worthy of your temperament. ."

Xi Heming raised his hand to hide, looking at her with no energy: "Where to go shopping with a woman and let me take things by myself, where to put my face."

Yes, yes, I almost forgot about this hypocritical person who loves face the most. Jiang Wanwan let go and said unsteadily: "Should I put it back in the car first?"

Xi Heming knew that his impression in Jiang Wanwan's heart would not be able to reverse it for a while, so he could only figure it out slowly. But there are indeed a lot of bags in his hand, and it is not convenient for him to go shopping with her. Xi Heming looked around and saw a cold drink shop not far away: "Go there and sit for a while, I'll just put down my things and come over. "

Jiang Wanwan was really uncomfortable with sitting and letting Xi Heming do the work, but before he could speak, Xi Heming's face became hardened: "I'll let it go, you go and rest."

Jiang Wanwan was regarded as serving this uncle, and she really did not hesitate to save her face. In this case, she was still happy and relaxed.

"Okay, OK, then I thank you very much, and I will invite you to have a cold drink later."

Xi Heming's expression immediately eased, and there was a happy atmosphere all over his body: "Okay."

Looking at Xi Heming's cheerful back, Jiang Wanwan was very puzzled. How did it feel that Xi Heming took the wrong medicine today? Feel awkward everywhere!

Watching the figure of Xi Heming into the elevator, Wanwan shook her head and walked towards the cold drink shop, but as soon as she was seated, she regretted it. Her plastic sister Hua Siliya came with her eyebrows and Xi Heming. There are three to four similar men.

She knew at a glance that this was the little white face that Seliya bought to seduce the original owner in the original book.

But the little white face that Seliya chose was too low-matched. Not to mention the rough features, she was half a head shorter than Xi Heming, and there was no image of walking dangling. It was insulting Xi Heming to say that he was Xi Heming's stand-in.

Among other things, Xi Heming's long legs can reach his waist!