Chapter 7: Start of Romance?

Cassis Perspective

The next day

He asked angrily, “What do you want me to do with this?” She was offering him another tablet, so he pushed his jaw away.

Cassis felt he had to construct a wall between himself and the girl because of his current situation. In any case, he was entitled to act rebellious. She had already knocked him out twice, which was insane. Not once, but twice!

He became enraged. “I won’t eat anything you give me. Just quit.”, he said. 

His harsh barking was in sharp contrast to the girl’s gentle voice. Her statements were just as unyielding as his, despite the sweetness of her voice.

“You didn’t comply previously,” she remarked.

“And now you expect me to be quiet?” stated Cassis. 

Despite his stern response, the girl made no attempt to pause.

The girl remarked, “It’s wise to be cautious. The enemies who strive to gain your favor before you get to know them are the most deadly. Watch who you trust in this situation. Don’t accept anything from anyone else besides me. There won’t be anyone else in this house who approaches you with good intentions.”

Cassis felt astonished. Was this young woman the devil? How was she so sure that he would believe her? He didn’t really know anything about her.

He assumed that they were approximately the same age because of how young-sounding her voice was, how she had groomed her hair, and how thin she was. Because of her age and gender, he was unable to relax his guard. She had already twice knocked him to make him take the pills.

Yes, he did harbor resentment toward her. He was more at ease than before, if he were to be entirely honest with himself. The girl did speak softly to him, and when she probed his body to look for wounds or caressed his lips or lips, her fingers were delicate.

He had no ability to read this female.

Cassis became mute and fixed his eyes on her. Even though his vision was still blurry, he made an effort to sense the atmosphere and determine whether the female had any bad intentions.

The girl didn’t touch him, but patiently awaited his next words.

“What did you give me to eat last time? After you went, I had a medicinal taste in my mouth,” Cassis said.

She said, “I put some antibiotics and painkillers in your prescription. I’m unable to attend to your wounds without anyone else noticing. Wait a while and be patient. Once you’re able to walk, your muscles will feel less stiff.”

“Who—,” Cassis stopped before asking. Even though she had immediately responded to his first question, there was no way of knowing if she would do so again. He was interested in who she was but held back from asking because he didn’t think she would reveal it.

“Does anyone have any plans to let me go someday?” He changed the topic. Before she offered him a silent confirmation, he already knew the answer. Cassis stated bluntly, “Lant Agriche must have planned to have me assassinated here.”

Except for the hermits who lived in the woods, everyone was aware of Lant Agriche’s notoriety. He was an erratic and belligerent dictator. It didn’t matter why Lant Agriche had abducted him, whether it was due to the political conflict between the Agriche and Pedelians or another issue with the Marchils, who the Pedelians were associated with.

An Agriche would never release him. There was no need for it. The Pedelians and the Agriche would start a war if Cassis was able to flee. The Pedelians would rain blood on anyone who tried to abduct their heir. Cassis himself would rather die than forgive the humiliation he had endured in this place.

“Who did you say?” The girl spoke awkwardly. It was a pointless inquiry. He spoke, and she heard him. 

“Lant Agriche,” Cassis said.

Once more, he was grimly satisfied by her silence. He was at least more conscious of his predicament. He was interested in her response and a little pleased that he had taken her by surprise.

She continued to murmur next to his ear, “You won’t die, because I—” The only sound that could be heard in the prison cell was their breathing.

In the corridor, a faint sound could be heard. Someone seemed to be talking on an upper floor. The girl sighed and moved slightly, as if recollecting herself. She came closer to Cassis.

She gently held his chin in her hand. 

“Eat this,” she said.

His mouth was touched by something that felt hard and thin, like a pill. Cassis cast a half-blinding glance to the girl’s face. She was right here, but he was still unable to see her face. His vision was still poor, albeit it had improved from yesterday.

In any case, their eyes appeared to be level.. Cassis opened his mouth slowly. Unlike the first time, he swallowed the pill easily.

After he took the pill, the girl remained in front of him and did not move. It was distinct from the prior meetings they had. Previously, after checking his condition, she had already left the cubicle. Now that he knew what the Agriche had in store for him, did she feel bad for him?

Cassis concentrated on all five of his senses , wanting to read her clearly.

“Name,” he said.

“Yes?” she said.

“What is your name?” Cassis said.

He didn’t inquire about her job. All he needed to know was her name.

She didn’t answer.

“Is that so”, Cassis chuckled inside before giving up

“Roxana.” Her whisper lingered in his ear. 

Roxana, his lips moved wordlessly. The name rang in his ears.


He appeared to have clearer vision as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes. Behind his eyelids, the pitch-black night to which he had never gotten used was suddenly fading.  The golden hair around Roxana’s shoulders illuminated her features, as if the sun was rising behind her.

Even though it was still hazy, he could make out the color.

Those crimson eyes.

He was beginning to see her face.