Chapter 62:

Rescue Operation

In the infirmary, Veronica directed the riot squad to handcuff the last group of inmates.

"Captain, should we handcuff these two little troublemakers too?" a team member asked.

Veronica glanced at the unconscious twins on the floor and replied, "Of course, handcuff them. They're the most dangerous here; make sure their hands are secured behind their backs."

Thinking back to the recent battle, Veronica still felt a lingering unease.

Despite their young age, these twins were formidable, they always aiming for vital points with every move.

If it weren't for the enhanced strength of the werewolves, Veronica believed she might have ended up like the prison guards initially attacked by them. After a few moves, she stopped holding back.

The riot squad members looked at their new captain with admiration.

When the alarm sounded, Veronica charged in alone, like an unstoppable warrior.

They were initially worried they might find the new captain needing to be retrieved, but upon arrival, they discovered Veronica had already subdued most of the inmates. One of the twin assassins lay incapacitated, and she effortlessly handled the remaining one, even knocking out another prisoner along the way.

With her leading the charge into the enemy ranks, the remaining inmates lost their will to fight. Making the riot squad easily gained control of the situation.Ñ00v€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.

"Finally, it's over," Veronica sighed as she watched the turmoil settle. The prison doctor emerged from the examination room, patting her chest.

"We have quite a few casualties. I'll rely on you for the medical treatment," Veronica gestured towards her.

The doctor surveyed the scene and nearly choked, "So many people!?"

The area was chaotic, with a mix of prison guards initially attacked by inmates and those knocked down by Veronica. There were at least thirty injured individuals. The Rose Prison hadn't experienced such a large-scale riot in a long time.

Despite the grim situation, the doctor had to face it head-on.

"You guys, lend me a hand. Set the inmates aside for now, prioritize treating the guards. Help me assess the injuries, find out who's seriously hurt... and be careful not to move the injured recklessly. I'll handle that," the doctor instructed, taking charge of the situation.

Veronica also examined the situation and quickly noticed something amiss. "Doctor, come over here and take a look!"

He had learned about her from the Twin Killers' files and suspected that the infirmary might already have someone affected by the twin's petrification curse.

So he brought Merujinu over.

Merujinu's expertise in dark pharmacology could be used for harm or for healing.

She displayed some surprise on her face, "Warden, you even use a prisoner like me who wanted to kill you?"

"Many prisoners want to kill me; you're not unique. I'm asking if you can help those people," Aiden emphasized.

"I do have a way, but Warden, aren't you afraid I might sabotage it?" Merujinu squinted.

"You are clever and you wouldn't do something so stupid. Don't forget you're in my hands and we haven't settled this debt. If anything happens under my watch, you know the consequences," Aiden replied expressionlessly. "Today, if anything happens to my people, you'll understand."

After a brief eye-to-eye confrontation, Merujinu withdrew her gaze. "Fine, get me some paper. I'll write a prescription."

Aiden turned to Veronica, "Keep an eye on her. She's the mastermind behind this incident. If she acts suspiciously, don't hesitate."

"The mastermind..." Veronica looked bewilderedly at Merujinu. "Her?"

"Yes, her. The inmates in the infirmary were manipulated by her. She conspired with others to escape and tried to kill me," Aiden briefly explained the situation. "I'll give you the details later."

"And you're okay with this?" Veronica was shocked.

"It Just a small scene, a small scene," Aiden replied, feigning ease.

In reality, even though he knew in advance that Dailey and Arsena might betray Merujinu, he was still quite nervous when confronting her in the corridor.

In a person's life, there aren't many moments facing imminent danger. Despite his many years as a prison guard, experiencing a riot of this scale was a first for him. Fortunately, he managed to hold his ground, partly due to his extensive experience dealing with dangerous inmates over the years.

The fact that he emerged unscathed until the resolution of the incident was, to some extent, thanks to Evangeline resisting Merujinu's orders at a critical moment. If Evangeline had chosen to oppose them at that time, even if Dailey and Arsena catch them off guard, whether he could stand here unharmed would still be an unknown factor.

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