Ye Qian didn't show a very flustered expression when facing the black gas of the evil gas in front of him.

Although the words of the other party were very arrogant and provocative, ye Qian at this time also knew quite clearly that he could not help himself before the evil Qi had not condensed into an entity.

Therefore, after a little thought, ye Qian's confident smile once again filled his mouth.

"Hehe, you're just a bunch of magic gas that hasn't been formed yet."

"I can't kill you. I'm afraid you can't kill me."

"Otherwise, as the original breath of the devil ancestor, I'm afraid you would have started early and wanted to tear me apart."

When yeqian said this, the black air was stunned.

But soon, his laughter spread again in Ye Qian's ears.

"Hahaha, hahaha."

"Little fellow, you really deserve to be the person chosen by the old man. You really have some savvy."

"That's right. With my current strength, I really can't help you."

"So this time, I took the initiative to show up and bring you here. I don't want to kill you."

Listening to the understatement of "demon Zu", yeqian, who stood opposite him, also showed a curious expression.


"Why do you come here if you don't want to kill me?"

"Is it difficult, just for the sake of the Kowloon border on Kunlun mountain? It's too unreasonable."

Ye Qian didn't finish his words, so the man shook his head immediately.

"No, no, no, no, although the nine dragon barrier in the human world is mysterious, I will not take it in my eyes."

"After all, I still value you more than such a dead thing."

Hearing the other party's blunt remarks, yeqian immediately guessed the intention of the "demon ancestor".

"Are you trying to convince me to use it for you?"

Asked by yeqian, the black spirit laughed again and said, "take it?"

"Not really."

"After all, I have been suppressed in the deep underground of the Xuankong gate for so many years, and I have already figured out a lot of things."

"The world, whether it is human or ancient times, is colorful."

"All I ask is to live well."

"So, we can keep the well water away from the river."

"You live your free life, and I will be my evil master."

"In this way, it is a good thing to be at peace with each other."

Listening to the words of "demon Zu" from the bottom of her heart, let alone Ye Qian, even little Molly, who stood beside him with vague consciousness, looked surprised.

"Would you be so kind?"

While talking, little jasmine swayed repeatedly, as if she wanted to break free from the shackles of those night demons.

However, when little Molly asked about this straight line, the black air was chuckling: "little fox, although I am called the devil ancestor, I am not a single individual."

"Therefore, it doesn't make much sense for me to be kind or unkind."

"Moreover, the reason why I took the risk to come here today is not to seek your advice, let alone peace."

"I came here just to tell you the truth."

"As for how you will decide after listening, it is your own business, not mine."

Listening to such a righteous and awe inspiring speech of "demon ancestor", ye Qian was surprised on the spot with a strange look on his face.

"The truth?"

"I wonder what you call the truth?"

Asked by yeqian, the black Qi thought for a moment and then opened his mouth again.

"Naturally, it is those sanctimonious guardians who want to destroy my truth."

"In fact, I told you before that you don't know what kind of existence I am."

"All you know is that I'm called the devil."

"He's a big devil who kills people."

"But you don't know what my origin is?"

"You don't know why the immortal who fits the law of heaven can't wipe me out after three wars."

"Because I am different from you."

"Whether it's the lotus heart of the twelve purple and gold lotus, or the little girl reincarnated by the Fox family around you, no matter what you do, it comes from physical cultivation."

"But I am different."

"Instead of being cultivated by the entity, I am also condensed by the nine realms and thousands of demons."

"In other words, I am the evil side of all the creatures in the nine realms."

"Of course, for ordinary people, their evil nature is still very small, so they can usually suppress their evil side in the deepest part of their hearts."

"However, some of these nine realms are different from ordinary people."

"Because they can practice Taoism, they can practice the mind of heaven."

"Moreover, as their cultivation grows, they will separate their evil thoughts."

"And this method of stripping evil thoughts out of the body is called" beheading three corpses "in their Taoism."

"For this reason, my original essence is actually the evil corpse cut by the old immortal."

Hearing this, even ye Qian's expression became extremely serious.

"Well, how is that possible?"

"Are you the evil corpse that Taoist miscellaneous Mao cut off?"

Seeing ye Qian's frightened appearance, the "demon ancestor" smiled with satisfaction.

"Yes, but not all of them."

"Because that old immortal later took in many disciples."

"So, except for a few of them who demonstrated their virtue, the evil corpses cut by the rest were gradually swallowed up by me."

"At this point, you should have understood why the old man always wanted to kill me, but he never succeeded."

"After all, I am part of him."

"If I die, he will not survive."

"If he can't survive, the nine realms will be restarted. At the same time, hundreds of millions of creatures in the world, regardless of their demons, demons, or people, will be completely destroyed in this storm."

"That's why he chose you from hundreds of millions of people."

"Because you are not human, witch, demon or demon."

"This is your last strength."

"After all, even if these nine realms die, even if you are beaten back to your original form because of this battle, you will still not die."

"Moreover, after thousands of eras, you can even be reborn and become the creator of the new era."

"Speaking of it, such a deal is really worth it."

"It's a pity that the old man made a mistake."

"That's when you fell into the world and grew a heart."

"So, now you are reluctant to give up these nine realms, and at the same time, you are reluctant to give up hundreds of millions of creatures in this world..."

"Am I right?"

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