The next day, crossing over from the previous day.

Now it’s time for today’s memory verification.

We headed to the Royal Library, which boasts the largest collection of books in the country, with the familiar four people!

It was a library that exuded a dignified atmosphere even from its appearance from a distance, so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.

When we arrived, it was truly beyond my expectations…!

The three-story floor was a spacious atrium, and the books neatly arranged on the walls were so beautiful that I was speechless.

Perhaps to avoid a sense of oppression from the massive amount of literature, even the ceiling had a historical mural painted in colors that evoked the past.

It can only be described as magnificent.


Just like when I was in front of a showcase full of cakes, I am now moved…!

“Now let’s look for books. First, we need to find books about magic, monsters, and holy swords!”

When I turned around to Nakia and Kyle, who were showing their excitement, they had disappointed expressions on their faces.

………. I see!

“Please pretend you didn’t hear that just now. Now, where can we find books that describe the history of this country and its relationships with neighboring countries?”

I asked Nakia for directions and we proceeded quickly.

Judging from the guide board, it seemed that specialized books were the main focus rather than entertainment books.

With this amount of specialized books, I feel like I can learn just about anything, and my heart starts to race.

Before I knew it, the pile in Kyle’s arms had grown as he kept adding more and more books.

My feet following behind me seem to be shaking slightly, but I want to believe that I look confident as I walk ahead.

“I’m also interested in books about the medical field.”

Nakia, who confidently leads the way without hesitation, makes my heart skip a beat.

Nakia is such an amazing person…!

I’ll follow her wherever she goes, just like a mother duck and her ducklings, and we headed towards our destination.

We soon arrived at the medical bookshelf, but many of the books were written in a foreign language that I couldn’t possibly understand at my current level.

It’s frustrating.

However, there were a few things I could understand.

Firstly, judging by the fact that many recently published books from other countries were lined up, there seems to be a culture of actively absorbing medical technologies from other countries.

Secondly, based on the fact that there are various books written by a person named Hennessy, it’s possible that there may not be a clear distinction between surgeons and internists.

Lastly, although it was something I had imagined, there wasn’t a single book on nursing.

It could be that the profession of a nurse doesn’t exist or it hasn’t been established as a separate field of study like it was in my previous life.

I wanted to know what the medical standards are like here…

If there are no specialists, then it’s probably best to learn about the country’s unique medical practices.

From the looks of things, there’s no way to have a conversation without reading books from other countries.

Translating specialized books takes time and money, and they are often limited to a small readership. Even if they exist, the content may be outdated, so it would be preferable to read the original texts.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how many books from different countries are here or what language I should learn.

I doubt even Nakia knows this much, and asking her father is out of the question because it’s not his area of expertise.

Hmm… this is just a matter of curiosity, so I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along.

“Oh my, it’s unusual to see a young lady in a place like this,” said the gentleman who suddenly spoke, wearing a monocle and smoothing back his hair.

A monocle!? In my previous life, I had never seen anyone actually wearing one. That rare item…!

“It seems like you’re troubled about something. If you’d like, I’m willing to assist you,” he said, smiling at me.

It seemed that fortune had smiled upon me. I held back the urge to act overly excited about the rare item and elegantly bowed to him.

“I am Liselotte von Lotus, the third daughter of the Earl Lotus’ family. Your kind words are much appreciated. I am thinking of studying medicine for my future, but I am at a loss as to where to start.”

In reality, what I really want to know is the difference in medical standards between your past life and this world, but it’s not something I can just tell him outright. I’m not really aiming to become a doctor, but close enough, so let’s just go with that.

“Oh, you are the young lady of the Earl Lotus’ family. I see, your intelligence must be inherited from your father. If I recall correctly, your family isn’t known for excelling in medicine, so it may be a struggle to seek advice. My name is Boris zu Hennessy, and I am a doctor. I may be of assistance to you in some way.”

…Hmm? …Hennessy?

It seemed like I had just seen that name in a book.

“Could it be that this ‘B. Hennessy’ is…”

I nervously read out the name of the author from the book that I had just entrusted to Nakia, and Lord Hennessy’s composure faltered.

“Oh, you are quite knowledgeable. There is no mistake that I am the author you mentioned.”

W-What… he’s not just a renowned doctor in our country, but in other countries as well!

If you want to inquire about medical matters in this country, there’s no one else to turn to but him.

But he’s probably very busy, so I can’t keep him here for too long.

Ugh… if this were my past life, I could have given him my business card and exchanged emails later!

“Lord Hennessy, I beg of you despite the inconvenience. Please tell me what books are necessary to understand the current state of medicine, even if it’s just the basics.

Also, which countries’ medical practices and drugs are you incorporating the most? I want to improve my language skills, so could you please tell me the leading nations in both medicine and pharmacy?”

“Oh my, well, well…”

Lord Hennessy’s eyes widened in surprise.

Even though I tried to ask for information that I needed in the minimum amount of time and in a way that wouldn’t seem unnatural for a young lady aspiring to become a medical practitioner, maybe it wasn’t the kind of question to ask Lord Hennessy after all…

Or have I revealed too much of my true thoughts?

Maybe I’ve made a socially unacceptable remark as a 10-year-old young lady…?

It felt like an eternity as I waited for Lord Hennessy’s response.

Come on, Lord Hennessy, respond already.

If he thought that it was pointless for a child to know such things, or that she was only playing make-believe and should go play with her friends instead, then he should just say it outright.

As I hesitated on whether I should say something, Lord Hennessy kneeled in front of me and took both of my hands, which were at a loss for where to go.

“Miss Liselotte, please come to my house. We have many medical books that are not in this library. We also have introductory medical and language books that were prepared for my son, so please feel free to use them.”

Lord Hennessy’s offer was unexpected and generous, and I couldn’t help but be moved by his kindness.

The offer and the gesture from Lord Hennessy were so unexpected that it left me at a loss for words. Was I really being invited to their home? It seemed too incredible to be true.

“I am truly humbled by your offer. If I may ask, is your son… no longer with us?” I wondered if perhaps there was some tragic story behind his offer to help me.

“Oh no, quite the opposite actually. My son is a rather hopeless case when it comes to studying. He doesn’t seem to be using any of the materials I’ve provided him with. I believe having someone like you around would be a good influence on him,” Lord Hennessy explained.

I tried to hide my surprise at this revelation. “I’m sure your son is very talented, Lord Hennessy. But if there’s anything I can do to help him, or if there’s anything he can teach me in return, I would be grateful for the opportunity.”

Lord Hennessy smiled warmly at me. “You are too kind, my dear. I look forward to seeing you at our home and having you teach my son a thing or two.”

After exchanging a few words, Lord Hennessy turned out to be a truly remarkable person.

If I could, I would have liked to hear more from him, but my past medical knowledge suddenly popped up, and I didn’t want to arouse suspicion about who I really am.

I told him that I would contact him later about visiting his mansion, and reluctantly left the place. Then, I stopped by a flower shop and headed to the hospital I had my eye on.

…or so I thought.

◇  ◇

“I-I can’t find him here either?”

After visiting three hospitals, there was no sign of the boy from yesterday being admitted.

I had thought he must have been taken to one of them since a small private clinic wouldn’t be able to handle his condition.

If that’s the case, I don’t want to think about it, but what if he took a turn for the worse during transport…?

Maybe I should have stayed with him until the end… but there was nothing more I could do.

It’s a really unsatisfying result.

As I turned to head back to the mansion, a staff member rushed over to me in a panic. Apparently, someone had left a box with a request to deliver it to the person who had come to visit the boy.

The condition was that the person was a blonde-haired and green-eyed girl, which would likely be me.

Assuming there was no one else who fit that description, that would be me.

When I opened the palm-sized wooden box, I found a beautifully crafted hair accessory and a card inside. The hair accessory was made of a delicate pink gold, decorated with flower and butterfly motifs, and adorned with jewels in the same color as my eyes.

It was not too flashy or childish, and it was absolutely perfect for me. I refused the offer of a reward, but I wanted it so much that I would have bought it myself.

The card enclosed simply said “Thank you.”

It could be interpreted as gratitude for saving the boy or for recovering from the shock.

Hmm, I hope it’s the former…

There was no name on the card, and neither of us introduced ourselves, so there was no way to verify.

Maybe I should have asked for their name.

I hope the sender is still alive and well in this world.

Since I didn’t really understand the gods of this world, I just hailed again for now.