“Rou’er, I’m sorry. Brother is too thin…”

In order to prevent Nangong Rou from discovering the blood, Jiang Zhige grabbed a handful of snow and pressed it on the wound on his thigh before going back.

A sharp pain came from the wound, which made Jiang Zhige almost faint. He gritted his teeth and was almost unable to breathe.

After a long time, Jiang Zhige finally managed to calm down, leaving his body soaked with sweat.

He rolled back his pants, got up and limped into the cave while trembling slightly.


Seeing Jiang Zhige safely return, Nangong Rou’s expression immediately brightened.

At this time, she did not care whether Jiang Zhige had found food. As long as he could come back alive, everything was fine.

Jiang Zhige adjusted his condition, raised the meat in his hand, and said with a smile: “Look, Rou’er, brother has found something to eat.”

“Meat? Brother, it’s snowing so hard outside. Where did you find the meat?”

Nangong Rou blinked. She had already forgotten how long it had been since she last ate meat.

Jiang Zhige unsteadily sat down beside Nangong Rou and explained: “Brother hadn’t gone far before he ran into an uncle who was out hunting. He looked at my pitiful condition and gave me some of the meat of his prey.”

Nangong Rou didn’t try to get to the bottom of the meat’s origin and said happily: “That’s great, brother. We have meat to eat!”

Jiang Zhige nodded with a smile and began to roast meat as if nothing had happened.

In order to prevent Nangong Rou from seeing any clue, he deliberately put the skin side under the fire.

After a while, the smell of roasted meat filled the cave.

Nangong Rou greedily swallowed her saliva and asked impatiently, “Brother, is it ready?”

“It’s ready.”

Jiang Zhige carefully checked that there was nothing wrong with the roasted meat, and then handed it to Nangong Rou.

Nangong Rou took the roasted meat but did not rush to eat it. She asked with a doubtful expression, “How about you, brother? Aren’t you going to eat?”

Jiang Zhige felt ashamed as he shook his head and said: “No, actually, that uncle gave brother a steamed bun at that time. Brother is already full.”

When he mentioned the steamed bun, he thought of the two steamed buns kindly given by the boss of the steamed bun shop. If he hadn’t accidentally lost them while looking for Nangong Rou, they wouldn’t have been reduced into this situation.

“Okay then…”

Nangong Rou didn’t blame Jiang Zhige for eating his fill first and began to eat the roasted meat like there was no tomorrow.

Dead silence loomed in the Zhengyang Hall.

The hundreds of cultivators who had been discussing Jiang Zhige’s past all fell into deep silence and lowered their heads.

At this moment, everyone present was greatly shaken.

Was this elder brother who did not hesitate to cut his flesh for his sister’s sake really the Demon Emperor they knew?

Perhaps, the rumors about Demon Emperor Jiang Zhige were too one-sided.

No one really understood Jiang Zhige, nor did anyone know what he was thinking when he was dying.

Nangong Rou’s eyes were filled with tears. She bit her lip tightly and turned her head, a little afraid to look at the scene projected on the light curtain.

Maybe it was because of her emotional turmoil, she didn’t feel any discomfort when she witnessed the scene of her eating human flesh.

Qu Yun’s face was gloomy. He didn’t need to look to know that Nangong Rou was definitely moved at this moment.

He had to admit that Jiang Zhige was really good to Nangong Rou in the past, but now, she was the woman he liked. He would never allow her to change sides.

Just as Qu Yun was thinking about how to turn the tables, a woman’s voice suddenly sounded from the side.

“Xiaorou, I really envy you a little. At least Jiang Zhige used to be good to you.”

When everyone looked at the source of the voice, they found that it was said by a charming and beautiful woman in a red dress.

“It’s Fairy Ziyan. When did she come? Wasn’t she dealing with the remaining followers of the Demon Emperor?”

“With Fairy Ziyan’s cultivation which was at the peak of the Obscurity Pondering Level, it would naturally not take too long to deal with useless troops.”

“It is rumored that Fairy Ziyan was once a disciple of the Demon Emperor, but she was later drugged by him to take away her chastity. Now that the Demon Emperor is about to die, she should have come here to see his tragic state.”

Mo Ziyan looked enchanting and sexy in a red cheongsam dress. Her every frown and every smile could make men absent-minded. She was one of the three heroines in the novel.

Although there were rumors that her innocence was taken away by the Demon Emperor, she was still as beautiful as a fairy. Her beauty is unparalleled. She could still overwhelm many peerless beauties and ranks among the top ten beauties in the Heavenly Realm.

At this moment, Mo Ziyan had a complicated expression on her face as she stared at the sad little boy projected on the light curtain.

For some reason, even though she was about to get her revenge, she couldn’t feel the slightest joy.

At this moment, Nangong Rou suddenly let out an extremely miserable chuckle.

“Good to me? Ziyan, do you know how he treated me later?”

Nangong Rou no longer tried to avoid this matter and looked straight back at Jiang Zhige who was in the center of the hall.

Tears formed in her eyes, and she shouted hysterically: “Kill my father and take the treasure of my clan, he is a scum, he deserves to die!”

Tears that were filled in her eyes finally became a stream as she cried hysterically: “He killed my father just to get my family heirloom. He is a scum. He should die!”

It was those memories that were hard to let go which made Nangong Rou hate Jiang Zhige so much.

She hated Jiang Zhige’s ruthlessness, and even more hated Jiang Zhige’s betrayal.

Obviously, she was deeply in love with Jiang Zhige, but she was betrayed when she trusted him the most.

“Why! Why are you doing this to me?!”

Nangong Rou’s face was full of tears as she complained over and over again.

If Jiang Zhige had been pretending to be nice from the beginning, she would have felt better.

But Jiang Zhige wasn’t. Judging from the scenes projected on the light curtain, his friendship with Nangong Rou at that time was by no means fake.

Qu Yun secretly rejoiced. It seemed that his worries were superfluous. Nangong Rou did not seem to reduce her hatred for Jiang Zhige.

After editing the memory of surviving in the snow, Jiang Zhige was relieved. This memory almost moved him to tears. Nangong Rou would be more or less sympathetic, right?

Unexpectedly, Nangong Rou’s cry sounded just as he began to imagine a happy life after getting out of this situation.

“Damn! Judging by the sound of the cries, forget ditching Qu Yun to my rescue. I’m gonna be left to die”

Jiang Zhige felt guilty for a while, but he never expected that when Nangong Rou saw the touching memories of the past, not only did she not regret helping Qu Yun to kill him, but resented him more and more.

Thinking about it carefully, Nangong Rou originally hated Jiang Zhige because of his betrayal. The more he cared about her back then, the more she hated Jiang Zhige’s later betrayal.

In order to ensure that Nangong Rou would definitely rescue him, Jiang Zhige still had to revise Nangong Rou’s ending plot.

“Forget it. Rou’er, just wait and shed tears for your brother.”

Jiang Zhige was quite confident in revising his memories, because not only had he read the original novel, but also knew many love stories that would last forever.

As long as the past memories with the three heroines were edited well, not only would the three heroines feel remorse, but it may also make thousands of people in the Heavenly Realm change their impression of him as a Demon Emperor.

At that time, Jiang Zhige would be able to get out of his current trouble and take control of this entire world. 

Just as he was thinking about his next course of action, Jiang Zhige suddenly felt weak all over his body and his consciousness became increasingly vague.

“What’s happening? Isn’t this only the first day?”

Jiang Zhige panicked and almost forgot that the Heaven-Binding Chains was still absorbing his life.

At this rate, he may not survive the full seven days before dying.

“No, I have to think of another way out.”

With only seven days left, Jiang Zhige couldn’t pin all his hopes on the three heroines.

With his cultivation of the Demon Emperor, as long as someone was willing to help him untie the seal of the Heaven-Binding Chains, he should be able to escape.