The spectating cultivators who witnessed the memory on the light curtain were shell-shocked. There was no better word to describe what had happened.

Just to get a bun for a ‘sister’ who has no blood relationship with him, the notorious Demon Emperor Jiang Zhige, who was unparalleled in the world, actually knelt down and kowtowed.

If it was somebody else, such a scenario would have not evoked a huge reaction from the spectating crowd. 

However, this is the demon emperor who wantonly murdered people like swatting flies on a whim and ruled over the Heavenly Realm.

Such a figure actually demonstrated benevolence and righteousness?

The memories revealed that the Demon Emperor in his childhood was not as violent as what most cultivators thought of him to be, but it was apparent that his temperament drastically changed later in his life for some unknown reason.

Looking at the people in the hall who were so shocked that they couldn’t speak, Nangong Rou’s heart still didn’t have much disturbance.

So what if the Demon Emperor kowtowed for a bun for her? Didn’t he still betray her much later in life?

At this time, the better Jiang Zhige treats Nangong Rou, the more she hated Jiang Zhige’s betrayal.

In the end, the boss of the steamed bun shop was still a soft-hearted kindred soul. He eventually took two steamed buns from his shop and handed them to Jiang Zhige.

Jiang Zhige never asked for steamed buns directly from beginning to end, but his sincerity, which could not be faked, was enough to move the heart of the boss of the steamed stuffed bun shop.

Moreover, giving two steamed buns would not affect his business’ bottom line.

As he said before, the main reason why he didn’t let Jiang Zhige get away with the steamed bun was that he thought Jiang Zhige would become a thief because of this.

Knowing that Jiang Zhige did not do it for himself, he could still forgive him this time.

Jiang Zhige got up and took the steamed buns with both hands. He said in a serious tone with gratitude: “Thank you. Although Jiang Zhige is a beggar, your kindness will surely be returned one day.”

Seeing Jiang Zhige’s earnest expression, the boss of the steamed bun shop did not know whether to laugh or cry, “It’s just two steamed buns, you should hurry back and get back to your sister.”

Jiang Zhige nodded earnestly. He knew that the boss of the steamed bun shop looked down on his favor as he was a beggar, but he only needed to remember this act of kindness and keep it to himself.

Although Jiang Zhige was a beggar, as any other nine years old kid, his heart also had lofty aspirations and dreams.

Never look down on the poor young man because the young man’s future is boundless.

After bidding farewell to the boss of the steamed bun shop, Jiang Zhige could not wait to run outside the city.

“Rou’er, you should be waiting for me anxiously, right?”

Feeling the steamed buns in his hand, Jiang Zhige felt a sense of relief.

For the last half a month, he dreamed of seeing Nangong Rou happily smile again.

Not only because of starvation, a seven-year-old girl who suddenly lost her parents must be feeling helpless and frightened.

Jiang Zhige begged for a living. He had a low status and was unable to help Nangong Rou find her parents.

What he could do was to accompany Nangong Rou with an identity as ‘her brother’. To try to provide her with some feeling of warmth of home and allay her fear as much as possible.

“Looking at this resolute expression, the Demon Emperor was destined to be someone great since he was a child.”

“I admire him. If I had been a beggar since I was young, I would have long lost my ambitions.”

“No, why are you praising the Demon Emperor so much? No matter how powerful this guy is, he’s still a heinous scum!”

“That’s right. Someone who has stepped on thousands of corpses is not worthy of being called an emperor.”

“That’s not true. Looking at the past, which great emperor has not stepped on a mountain of corpses?”

“Hearing you praise the Demon Emperor so much makes me wonder why you even join us in attacking the Demon Emperor? Why not join Xuancang Holy Land instead?”

Anyone who was present in the hall was someone who was greatly respected in the outside world. Naturally, no one would obey the other. A heated argument had immediately begun.

“Everyone, don’t argue with each other. The Demon Emperor is not dead, it’s not yet time to feel at ease.”

Qu Yun’s face was ugly and he felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

Just his childhood memories were enough to make hundreds of powerhouses who had reached the summit of the world fall into a quarrel.

If you ask any cultivator as to who held such weight, then most would have the Demon Emperor Jiang Zhige as the first candidate to pop in their minds.

Even if he had killed countless people, it did not hinder the world’s appreciation of him.

Nangong Rou beside him also bore a complicated expression. She hated Jiang Zhige deeply, but she also had to admit that Jiang Zhige’s life was legendary. He went from a beggar to the great emperor who ruled the world for nearly a thousand years.

If it hadn’t been for his evil deeds which triggered the joint attack from all forces, Jiang Zhige would have been able to control the Heavenly Realm for at least another millennium.

After getting out of the city, Jiang Zhige hurried into the ruined temple.

“Rou’er, look, I…”

He was stunned before he finished speaking, because Nangong Rou was not in the ruined temple at all.

Jiang Zhige’s heart skipped a beat as he had a very bad premonition.

“Rou’er! Rou’er!”

“Brother found something delicious for you. Don’t be angry!”

Jiang Zhige anxiously looked around, but no matter how much he shouted, he never got a response. Nangong Rou was obviously no longer nearby.

“Could it be…”

Jiang Zhige’s face turned pale. Nangong Rou had disappeared inexplicably so it was most likely that she had gone out to look for her parents.

He immediately rushed out of the ruined temple, praying that he could find the footprints of Nangong Rou’s departure nearby.

Unfortunately, snow had been falling since the morning, and the footprints were already covered by it.

Jiang Zhige stood in the snow with his eyes full of despair.

Nangong Rou was only seven years old. If she got lost outside, even if she didn’t encounter any bad people, bad weather could kill her.

I finally found someone who I could call my family. Can I just let my younger sister die outside?

No, Jiang Zhige couldn’t. Although the chance of him finding Nangong Rou was slim to none, he just could not bring himself to give up on at least giving it a try.

“I have to find her…”

Jiang Zhige summoned his strength and walked towards Yucheng again under the falling snow.

If he could not find her in one day, then search for two days. If you could not find her in two days, then search for three days. He believed that ‘heaven helps the worthy’. As long as they were alive, they would surely meet again.

For the next half-day, Jiang Zhige searched all the familiar places and haunts in the city, but he never saw Nangong Rou.

He felt more and more uneasy in his heart as he kept shouting the name of Nangong Rou in the city.

In fact, during the half month of being together with Nangong Rou, Jiang Zhige also harbored some selfish thoughts. He didn’t want her parents to really come over to find her, making him lose her as his sister.

At this moment, Jiang Zhige regretted that he did not try his best to find Nangong Rou’s parents and that he failed to take good care of her.

If Nangong Rou was able to meet her parents, she would not be reduced to living with him as a beggar, nor would she be in the current danger.

As long as she could live happily, why was he so reluctant to give up? All of this would have been avoided.

Seeing that it was getting late, Jiang Zhige was completely desperate and walked down the street in despair.

He had been comforting himself, but he could not deny that a young girl who could not even take care of herself could hardly survive the current weather.

“Don’t worry, little girl. My family is rich. As long as you are willing to be my maid, I can ensure that your brother and sister can eat and drink without worry and enjoy all forms of glory and riches.”

“Really, really? But that other brother said that I’m too young to be a maid…”

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from not far away.

Jiang Zhige suddenly perked up and raised his head with his eyes full of excitement.

He would never miss recognising that voice. It  definitely belonged to Nangong Rou.