Chapter 623 - Chapter 623: 623. Side Story (Hello, 20-year-old Li Yanchen)

Chapter 623: 623. Side Story (Hello, 20-year-old Li Yanchen)

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The autumn sun shone through the treetops, casting specks of light on the ground.

Lin Wan was wearing a red volunteer ribbon as she stood at the entrance of H University.

Li Zexuan opened the cap of the mineral water bottle and walked over from afar.”Ms. Lin, have some water.”

“What did you call me?” Lin Wan took a few sips of water.”

“Lin Wan.”

“He’s here, he’s here.” Lin Wan excitedly took small steps on the ground. Li Yanchen carried his school bag while dragging his luggage with his right hand.

The boy was admitted to H University’s Law School as the top student of Ling Zhou High School.

He stood at the school gate and looked up at the gilded words on the porch.

The twenty-year-old Li Yanchen had fair skin and a hint of handsomeness to his features. His eyes were pure and clear, and his body was exuding a cold aura.

“My dad was so handsome and sunny when he was young.”Li Zexuan couldn’t help but say.

Lin Wan nudged the boy beside her.””Don’t talk nonsense. We’re seniors now, and he’s a junior.”

Li Zexuan nodded and quickly walked forward. “Hello, junior. Welcome to H

University. This will be your home for the next four years. I’m your senior, Li Zexuan. We’re today’s volunteers. Next, we’ll take you to report. Please hold your admission letter in your hand.”

I’m your senior, Lin Wan.” Lin Wan’s eyes were fixed on Li Yanchen.

Li Yanchen took a step back warily.

“This is our student ID.” Li Zexuan took out the card.

Only then did Li Yanchen hand the luggage over to his senior.

“Let me see your acceptance letter.”Lin Wan asked despite knowing the answer.

Li Yanchen took out a file from his bag.

“In the middle of the Cl teaching building of the law major, there are eight trees.”Lin Wan read.

“Student, your dormitory is in Building Three. After you report, we will send you there.”Li Zexuan called his father his classmate. He was proud of himself. He did not expect that one day, his father would actually become his junior.

“The female dormitory is next to yours. Although it’s the same courtyard, the entrance is guarded by the dormitory manager, so you can’t go in. “Lin Wan continued.

Li Yanchen held back his laughter. Was Lin Wan afraid that he would run into the girls ‘dormitory?

“Oh.” He nodded slightly.

“Well, it’s fate that we picked you up today. I’m in Law Grade 07, one grade higher than you. “Li Zexuan straightened his back, looking like he wanted to be the big brother.

“This is my classmate, Lin Wan. She’ll take care of you too. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask us and I’ll give you her number.”Li Zexuan introduced Lin Wan.

Li Zexuan kept talking. It wasn’t easy for him to be older than his father, so he had to hurry up and satisfy his craving. He could wake up from his dream at any time. When he woke up, he would be suppressed by his father again.

“Senior, senior.” Li Yanchen replied politely.

“Yes, well, I’m not a casual person. It’s because fate brought me to meet you that I left my number. “Lin Wan explained. She did not want Li Yanchen to think that she was a frivolous person.

“Yes, Miss Lin. Student Lin is very cold in class. There are many people chasing after her, but she doesn’t like any of them.”Li Zexuan explained on behalf of his stepmother.

“Yeah, her husband is very handsome. She doesn’t like anyone else.”Li Yanchen raised his head with a tsundere expression.



“Brat, you still want to be my big brother?”Li Yanchen stopped pretending.

“Dad, you’re here too…”