Chapter 497 - Chapter 497: Is Jiejie going to inherit Dad’s company?

Chapter 497: Is Jiejie going to inherit Dad’s company?

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Li Zekai sat down.

“I don’t like playing on my phone either. Brother Xinxin is different from me. He likes playing games the most,” said Li Zekai.

“Gaming is my profession, okay?” Li Zexin said.

“That’s true. Brother Xinxin said he’s a pro gamer. When he makes money, he’ll buy me a lot of toys.”

[Brother Xinxin is really great, right, Jiejie?]

“Yeah, Brother Xinxin is definitely great.”

[What does Jiejie want to do in the future? Brother Xuanxuan is a celebrity. Brother Xinxin is a professional esports player. Maybe Jiejie will become an esports legend too. Is Jiejie going to inherit Dad’s company?]

“I don’t want to start a company. Dad is very busy with his company, and I and Tutu have already agreed. In the future, we’ll make various Ultraman figures ourselves. We’ll make the parts and assemble them ourselves, and then, we can sell them.”

“Didn’t you want to be a pilot before?” asked Lin Wan.

“Yes, I wanted to, but now I want to make Ultraman figures. Just yesterday, Tutu and I discussed making Ultraman figures together in the future.” Li Zekai raised his little head. ‘We’ll need our big brother to invest.”

Lin Wan was speechless.

“Big brother, big brother! Come over here. We need your investment!”

Li Zexuan, who was drinking tea in the kitchen, heard the call and thought something had happened. He put down his cup and ran out. “What’s going on?”

“Jiejie said that when he grows up, he wants to make Ultraman figures with Tutu and wants you to invest in his project. And in case I have no job in esports in the future, I’ll need your investment too.” Li Zexuan was speechless.

“Why don’t you ask Mr. Li?” Li Zexuan asked.

“Big brother, are you unwilling to invest in our future?” Li Zekai asked.

“Of course, I’m willing,” Li Zexuan said.

[Xuanxuan is really good to his younger brothers.]

[Of course, our Xuanxuan doesn’t talk much, but he’s very kind.]

[If all siblings could be as loving as the three children in the Li family, it would be great.]

[In my family, my two kids fight every day, but whenever one of them gets bullied outside, the other one rushes to help.]

[Same in my house. My sister and brother fight every day, but if one of them makes a mistake, the other always sides with them.]

[Don’t tempt me to have a second child.]

[My son and daughter already have their own families. Although they only return home together during Chinese New Year each year, they are still very close. My younger sister is in her thirties, but she always puts her older brother first when they’re together at home.]

[I envy those with two children.]

“We’re lifelong brothers,” Li Zexin said firmly as he looked at the screen.

“Please don’t mind their constant bickering. When it matters, they stick together. All three of them love each other very deeply,” Lin Wan said proudly.

“And there’s Ms. Lin and Mr. Li too. They’re my favorite people,” Li Zexin said.

[Suddenly, I understand why I like watching this variety show. Because it’s so real.]

[Yes, the way they interact on and off-camera is the same. It’s without any pretense.]

[This is what many people crave, isn’t it? A real and simple family life.]

[I like watching it because I don’t find it exaggerated. Each person in the Li family is true to themselves, but they also care about each other. Being true to themselves means they don’t care about online comments, but when a family member is attacked, they stand up to defend them.]

[You said it so well. I’ve cried several times while watching this show. I really feel my emotions echo theirs.]

[@Previous Poster, you said it so accurately.]

“I didn’t act when I was here. I don’t know if my brother did or not.”

“Who’s acting now? If someone praises you, you can’t stand it, can you?” Li Zexuan patted Li Zexin’s head.

“I was just joking.”

“Ms. Lin, you should rest. We’ll take over the livestream.” Li Zexuan sat down. “Alright, don’t talk nonsense on the camera,” Lin Wan said as she got up.

The three children nodded together.

In Xiao Yi’s home, after Li Zexin went away, he played a game in the yard while Xia MO and Xiao Tianlin cooked in the kitchen.

Because there was no interaction, there were very few viewers in Xiao Yi’s livestream room.

Bai Xue and her daughter were responding to comments in front of the camera. [Yueyue, who cooks better? Dad or Mom?]

Qi Yue wanted to say that neither of them, but she had to take care of her parents’ image on the camera. “I like both their cooking just the same.”

[I thought Teacher Bai Xue didn’t know how to cook. Does “about the same” mean that Teacher Qi Ming also can’t cook? Then, who’s cooking now?]

“It’s my dad. I’m not picky.”

[Yueyue has a high emotional intelligence.]

[Good child, you eat whatever your parents make, right?] [Yueyue really knows how to talk.]

[Don’t say rich people’s kids can’t endure struggles in the future.] “The food my family makes is all pretty good,” Qi Yue said earnestly.

[Is this talent? The Qi family has a background in food. Even though Teacher Qi Ming is a singer, he’s still from the Qi family, so he must be a natural at cooking.] [That’s right.]

At Tutu’s house, Tutu was picking vegetables.

“Don’t take the yellow ones… The shriveled ones are okay as long as they are boiled with water. Dad said it’s better if they have bugs…” Tutu remembered Su Wei’s advice, and he repeated it to himself.

[Is Tutu reciting a rhyme?]

[Hahaha… It seems that Su Wei taught Tutu how to pick vegetables.]

[Tutu, if they turn yellow, you shouldn’t eat them. Just keep them to feed the pigs.]

“Tutu, I finished scaling the fish. Do you need my help picking vegetables?”

“No, Dad, I’m almost done.”

[Tutu and his dad have a clear division of labor.]

“Dad, is the fire ready? You can cook the fish first. I’ll be done soon,” Tutu said.


[Wow, Tutu even knows how to organize things. Impressive!]

[Tutu’s life survival skills are impressive.]

[Find a mom for Tutu soon. This kid is becoming more responsible, and it’s heartwarming to watch.]

In Wheatley’s home, Michael was responsible for cooking, while Nannan and Wheatley livestreamed.

[Nannan, are you live-streaming children’s clothing tonight?]

“Unless there are other tasks, I’ll be doing that.”

[Great! Can you skip trying them on and just show us the clothes and announce the sizes?]

[I was just thinking the same thing. Just inform us about the sizes and let me know if I can order them right away.]

[It seems like everyone is not making rational purchases, huh?]

[Rational? Can you even grab something if you spend an extra second thinking about it?]

[Nannan’s stuff is really good. I bought from her store before, and I’m very satisfied.]

[Even when I’m not rational, I can’t buy anything fast enough.] “Everyone, choose only what you need. Don’t order blindly.”

[Nannan, what you stream is what I need.]

[Exactly! Whatever you stream, I need it. Please, sisters, give me a chance.]

Nannan smiled. “Thank you all for trusting me so much, but I still hope that everyone will spend their money rationally. Please order only if you need it.”

[Nannan, others want their sales to be as high as possible.. Why do you keep stopping us from buying?]