Chapter 430End - The End of All Feuds

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Finn Taylor looked up toward the sky, seemingly able to see his grandpa.


After enduring 20 long years of humiliation and contempt, it was finally time for Timothy Taylor to take revenge personally.

He had already taken his revenge against his grandma, father, and mother. Now, the only one left was his younger twin brother—Donovan Taylor.

For over 20 years, the family had treated Donovan Taylor as a saint, saying that he was a blessing to them. Yet, even though they were born just minutes apart, Finn Taylor was treated as a jinx who would bring down the family.

‘Why? Why should I be treated in this way? We are both from the Taylor family, and we are even twins. Why is there such a huge difference between our statuses?’ As Finn Taylor glanced at the men beside him, he chuckled all of a sudden. “Do you know Gremlin’s true identity?”

Francis Larson and the others turned to him in confusion. ‘What does he mean by this?’ Do you mean that Gremlin was just a cover for someone else?’ 

“Actually, the man you saw wasn’t Gremlin. Sprite was just a cover too.”

‘What does he mean by this?’ It wasn’t just Francis Larson who was confused; even his daughter and the other men were as well. ‘What is Finn Taylor trying to say?’ 

“Actually, my brother—Donovan Taylor—is Gremlin, while I’m Sprite.”

“That’s impossible!” Francis Larson had met Gremlin, as well as Sprite, so he had no idea what his son-in-law was going on about.

“The Taylor family gave us fake identities to protect us. The men you saw were just our body doubles. Now that both Gremlin and Sprite have appeared, Donovan Taylor will show up too.”

Francis Larson was dumbfounded. “Do you mean…”

The older man didn’t dare to complete his sentence.

It was obvious what the other meant: It was time for the final battle within the Taylor family.

“Take care of Yvette. I’ll go meet him alone.”

There was much more to these words than what met the eye, and Francis Larson understood that even his son-in-law didn’t dare to promise that he’d come back alive. He could very well perish in this battle.

“Finn, what do you mean? What are you going to do?” Yvette Larson tugged on her husband’s arm. She had a premonition that the latter was headed off to do something very dangerous, and she was terrified.

Finn Taylor took her into his arms. “Don’t worry. Trust me; I’ll be back.”

Yvette Larson burst out into tears, not knowing what to say.

Perhaps it was better not to say anything.

Eventually, Finn Taylor left and arrived at a lakeside outside the city. He was dressed in white, and he spotted a kayak along the banks of the lake.

On it was a young man in black.

They seemed like polar opposites, yet they were actually twins—Timothy Taylor and Donovan Taylor.

As the kayak floated up to the shore, the man in black got out and strolled up to the man in white.

The two men looked identical. If not for their different attires, people probably would’ve confused the two.

“You’re here?”

“How did you know that I would come?”

“I just knew.”

“Are you ready to die?”

“The only one who will die is you.”

The man in black suddenly let out a sinister laugh. “Timothy Taylor, you’ll never be able to guess who’s the one who has been supporting me.”

Just then, Finn Taylor’s phone rang.

The caller ID displayed the name: Triton.

Finn Taylor was overwhelmed with emotions when he spotted the name because he had sent Triton and Phoenix to Mars in order to bring his grandpa back. ‘Could it be that they’ve found Grandpa?’

The man in black said blandly, “You can answer that. It’s about time you know the truth.”

‘The truth? What is Donovan talking about?’ 

“Triton, have you found Grandpa?” Finn Taylor excitedly picked up the call and asked.

“It’s me.”

What surprised Finn Taylor was that it wasn’t Triton or Phoenix on the other end of the call, nor was it his grandpa—Brian Taylor. It was someone completely unexpected—his master, Maximus Brugel!


“I think you must be curious why I’m on the line, but you probably have some idea.”

A thought indeed ran through Finn Taylor’s mind, but he hoped that it wasn’t true. ‘I’ve been discriminated against in the Taylor family for more than 20 years, my grandpa went missing, and I’ve always been fighting against my brother and father. Someone has been behind this whole mess in the Taylor family.’ 

Finn Taylor hated to think that the person behind all this was his master. After all, the latter was the only person he respected the most save for his grandpa. Yet, he had gotten an answer through the call.

“You’re absolutely right.”

“Why?” Finn Taylor wanted an explanation. Given Maximus Brugel’s position in the Taylor family, he never should’ve betrayed the family.

“Because your grandpa let me down. He had to die. The whole Taylor family has to die.”

“What did my grandpa do?”

“Years ago, I was deeply in love with Jessica Daimler, but your grandpa forced me to stay in the Taylor family to protect all of you. I wasn’t allowed out of the house for ten whole years! He was the one who ruined my life! Although the Taylor family grew in strength, my life was already ruined. He was the one who ruined it! Naturally, he had to pay for that. Finn, I’ll be honest with you. I’m having a duel with your grandpa today while you have yours with Donovan Taylor. Who survives will be entirely up to fate.”

With that, the call ended.

However, Finn Taylor was still in a daze.

His brother piped up, “What, are you shocked? Are you still confused?”

Finn Taylor was indeed stumped. ‘Why would he do this? What’s going on?’

But before he could give it any further thought, Donovan Taylor charged over.

San Francisco, the peak of Pacific Heights, Number One Pacific Heights.

Yvette Larson gazed out at the city, having already exhausted all her tears. ‘It’s been three days, but Finn isn’t back. Is he really dead? What a b*stard! He promised me to return safely. He can’t die! Why is he so vicious to leave me here alone?’ 

“Don’t cry. You’ll look ugly if you cry any more.” A familiar voice suddenly sounded.

Yvette Larson was stunned for a moment before she raised her head, only to see her husband rushing toward her.

Yvette Larson leaped up and hurled herself at her husband, who did the same.

The couple drew each other into their embraces, where they remained for an eternity.