Although there was a lot of money in her house, everyone ignored her, and when she got sick and was hospitalized, they barely visited her and sent only a few books.

“The Saint’s Wish”

That book was also among the books she received one day. It was quite different from the usual books her family sent her.

While Grace liked romance fantasy novels, her family considered such novels to be rubbish and disliked her reading them.

So one day, Grace received “The Saint’s Wish” and was fascinated by it, reading it over and over again.

‘Oh, it’s just useless sentimentality.’

Grace shuddered and tightly gripped her blanket.

“Are you feeling cold?”

“I guess so. Today, I’ll go to the study as you suggested. Will you bring me some warm tea there?”

“Sure, anytime.”

Grace headed towards the study with a shiver.

‘Could the diary be in the study?’

There’s a saying that if you want to hide a tree, hide it in the forest. Grace thought that perhaps the original Grace had hidden her diary in the study, and she didn’t hesitate to head towards the study.

‘Maybe it would have been easier if I didn’t remember anything at all…’

It would have been easier to pretend to have amnesia if she didn’t have vague knowledge about this world or the bits and pieces of Grace’s behavior that lingered in her mind.

For example, useless things like “How excited Grace was when she saw Benjamin at the wedding hall.”

“Is this it?”

Grace arrived at the door of the study and hesitated before opening it.

When Grace opened the door to the study, she was stunned by its enormous size.

‘This is insane.’

The study in her memory wasn’t that small either. She knew there were a lot of books.

“It’s so different from what I remember.”

However, when she actually faced the study, she couldn’t help but be stunned by its terrifying size.

‘I remembered it as being smaller than this.’

The bookshelves were so high that they were divided into levels, and there were stairs scattered throughout.

The books, divided by genre, were neatly arranged in alphabetical order, and even from a distance, it was clear that they were perfectly organized.

Despite never having visited the study since her possession, the warm interior was not stuffy, but refreshing.

The carpet on the floor seemed to have been cleaned every day, as there wasn’t a speck of dust on it.

Grace couldn’t help but admire the interior.

‘The smell of books is so nice.’

The smell of books she used to smell at the hospital sometimes made her feel sick, but she never expected it to be so fragrant like this.

Unknowingly, Grace smiled widely.

‘This is so nice.’

Whenever she let her guard down, negative thoughts and sounds would always overwhelm her, but in this annex, she felt at peace and content.

In the study’s sunniest spot, there was a soft and spacious sofa prepared. It was Grace’s favorite place to sit and read books.

‘The windows are also well-maintained.’

Grace walked briskly towards the window. It was the window right next to the sofa.

Looking outside through the window, she could see the main building.

As soon as she saw the main building where Benjamin was staying, Grace’s mood soured, and she made a face.

‘The scenery isn’t that great.’

Grace left a very brief comment and picked up any book before heading back to the sofa and leaning against it.

A little while later, Sally brought out tea. Small white flowers were floating on top of the tea.

“How cute.”

“I heard it’s a recent trend.”

“The tea?”

“Yes, it’s from a dessert shop. We can’t do things like this well at home. We have strict standards for our tea.”

Grace showed a positive reaction, and Sally smiled broadly.

“Flower desserts are also trending. Should I bring some of those too?”



“Desserts make you gain weight.”

Grace’s firm refusal made Sally’s expression darken. However, Grace, who was admiring the flowers in the tea cup, did not notice this fact.

“Then go out and take a look around. I think I’ll be here until mealtime.”

“Yes, have a pleasant reading time.”

Sally, with a gloomy face, confidently left the study.

Grace watched Sally leave and looked at the table of contents of the book before slamming it shut.

‘This is not the time.’

Grace lifted her head.

Her eyes fell on the desk.

‘A diary.’

She needed to find the diary.

She couldn’t remember where she had hidden it, but…

‘My body remembers.’

As soon as Grace’s body entered the study, it naturally moved toward three places in total.

The first place Grace headed towards was the window, followed by the sofa she was currently sitting on, and finally the desk.

Grace immediately went towards the desk.

‘It’s not here.’

The first drawer was filled with writing tools, paper, and bookmarks.

‘It’s not here.’

The second drawer had sealing wax and candles. The third drawer had envelopes, letter paper, and a few exchanged letters.

‘Why isn’t it here?’

Grace rolled her eyes and slammed her hand on the desk, wondering if she was wrong. She was getting frustrated with her repeated failures.