Chapter 340 Honeymoon (2)

Name:The Tyrant's Wife Author:Avalorian_
Chapter 340 Honeymoon (2)

Ciel had earned its name for being the perfect description of heaven on earth. Whoever had named it was not wrong. It was paradise—which was why Zaria chose the place for their next honeymoon destination.

For the last two days, they had explored as much of Luxenville as they could within the limited amount of time. By the time they got to their hotel room in Ciel, they slumped into bed one after another in fatigue.

"Oh, I forgot to give you something." He remembered as soon as he sat down and stood to find it. What was so urgent that it couldn't wait until he had some rest? She wondered, moments before he returned with another envelope.

This time, she didn't wonder whether or not to be scared by the sudden appearance of what must be a legal document. She blinked in confusion. He had already gotten her enough gifts to last a decade. What else was he giving her?

She took the envelope and opened it, only to find property ownership papers. Her jaw dropped. "Desmond, you can't just buy a bed and breakfast out of the blue."

His expression proved her wrong. Okay, maybe he could. But... "I don't need a bed and breakfast."

"It's close to your childhood home. Whenever you want to spend time there, you will be able to drop by any time of day or night." He explained.

She blinked, trying to make it make sense. "Then we could simply book a room when we want?" she tried to reason with him.

"Then we can stay anywhere else."

"What if it's booked out?" He argued.

"Then we can stay anywhere else."

He didn't back down. "The owner was overjoyed when I made the offer. She knows she doesn't have much time left to live and her unreliable grandsons will sell the place to the first person who offers ten bucks to buy it. When she learned you lived next door as a child, forget selling the place to me. She was almost willing to pay me to have it."

If he put it that way...

Though she was not entirely convinced, she knew better than to argue with her husband about spending too much money on her. He would simply crush her with the 'what's mine is yours' atomic bomb.

So she thanked him and decided she might as well make good use of it.

He sat down beside her and added, "You can turn it into anything you want if you don't want to keep the bed and breakfast business going. If you want to turn it into a home instead, that's alright."

"I'll think about it." It was an enticing idea, but she wasn't certain how much time they could spend in Luxenville. Maybe the perfect choice was keeping it as it was.

They fell asleep in each other's arms and woke up in what felt like immense darkness at first.

"What time is it?" She stretched her limbs, careful not to wake him up. She had fallen asleep in a chaotic position and in the clothes she was wearing when they left Luxenville. But now, she realized he was reclining against a pillow and had her nuzzled against his chest, and she was wearing a silky nightgown.

It was not a surprise. She had been sleepy enough to snooze through the apocalypse. Pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek, she shuffled off the bed as gently as she could and checked the time. It was 11 pm. No wonder she was so hungry.

Their suite had a pantry off the living area and she hoped it was stocked with food. There was nothing wrong with ordering room service at any time but she felt awkward about it.

So when she found the cookies they had brought from Ms. Crane's stall, she was relieved as she bit into one. Nothing like the taste of her favorite flavor. She proceeded to search for anything else and stopped when she heard Desmond's voice, nearly jumping out of her skin from his sudden approach.

"What are you doing, little cookie thief?"

"No one said I couldn't have cookies." She rolled her eyes. "Are you hungry? I'm trying to find something to eat."

She groaned as soon as she realized what she had said. Only months ago, she would have considered herself fed if she snagged a cookie or two. But now, she didn't even think it was a snack. It was a pre-snack snack—if that was a thing.

"Your baby is going to turn me into an elephant by the time they make it out of me." She jokingly groaned.

He smiled, his hand finding its way under her nightdress. For a moment, she thought he was going to rub her belly but she should have known. Her man was finding every excuse in the book to grope her boobs, which were so sensitive that all it took was a gentle rub for her nipples to stiffen.

His other hand slipped into her panties and right through her folds. "You're soaking."

"That's what happens when your husband's hands are always on you." She leaned into his chest and let him fondle her, moaning when he rubbed her clit.

"Let's order some room service first. There's nothing in here that can qualify as real food." He pulled his hands out of her clothes, leaving an unwelcome chill in his wake. She wanted him to keep touching her like he was a moment ago, but she was also hungry and it couldn't wait.

Luckily, the hotel's services were fast and their food arrived much sooner than they expected. It couldn't have been more than five minutes. Five agonizing minutes that she had to watch her man and not touch him because their food would arrive any second.

When it arrived, she was distracted for a moment, taking in the enticing aroma of grilled salmon. She could smell a myriad of spices, all of which made her mouth water.

The attendant placed the food on the table and she couldn't wait to dig in when he left.

"The reviews weren't wrong." He picked up his cutlery, enticed by the aroma of the food. Most of the ratings from previous customers had pointed out the delicious food at the hotel and he had almost assumed it was exaggerated.

"I know we shouldn't think about work," she cut up a piece of salmon and chewed it, closing her eyes to savor the unique, delicious taste. When she swallowed it, she finally remembered to complete her statement. "But if The West served food half as good as this, it would be the highest earning resort in the world."

"I agree with you but who the hell thinks about work on their honeymoon?" He raised a brow, though he had to admit he was guilty of thinking about it once or twice. He couldn't help it, having been so busy before the wedding.

She shrugged. "It's either that or..."


He didn't need to wait for her answer. She crossed over the table and crashed into his arms, attacking him with her lips. She impatiently fumbled with the hem of his pajama shirt and gave up when it didn't immediately get off him, sliding her hand into his pants instead. She found his cock and stroked it, all while gyrating her center against his thigh.

"Fuck," he sucked in a breath. The rest of his words were swallowed in her kiss. She licked and sucked his lips needily, impatiently while she squeezed him in her hand.

Taking that as a cue, he abandoned the food and carried her off to the bedroom, barely able to restrain himself against her onslaught.

When he put her down on the bed, she ditched her clothes faster than he could fumble out of his pants and pulled him against her. "Take me," she pleaded.