Chapter 52:

Chapter 52: Hot Spring Commotion (1)

Ascal leaned back in his executive chair, appearing weary.

Once you become a minister, there are numerous places you get called to. The Empire was host to many events, and Ascal was often summoned to the larger ones.

At these events, he would shake hands with influential nobles and high-ranking officials, socialize a bit, and expend his mental energy. By the end, he would feel almost like a half-zombie.

'Ah... I wish I could go to the Kingdom of Kelli. I want to spend my lifetime there.'

He recalled a book he had read in his previous life, which said, if you desperately want something, believe you have already achieved it. Then, naturally, you will obtain it.

'I am already in the Kingdom of Kelli. Lying under the warm sunshine at the beach. In a warm hot spring.'

However, nothing happened.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

As a child, he had saved up his allowance, penny by penny, to buy a book for ten thousand won. Looking back, he should have spent that money on something delicious. Ascal resolved that if he could return to his original world, he would sue the author of that book.

"Its time for the State Council meeting, Ascal-nim."

Lia spoke with a respectful demeanor.

"I feel a bit unwell today."

"If it were something else, I wouldnt mind, but the State Council meeting is crucial for the Empire. You must attend."

"If only someone could go in my place. Someone more capable and of higher status than me"

Then, Ascal glanced at Lia, specifically at the ribbon tied in her hair. Fortunately, she showed no sign of wanting to untie it.

'This is tolerable.'

Lately, Ascal had been checking Lia's limits how far he could push before she would untie her hair. After seeing her with her hair down a few times, he felt the need to be prepared.

Lia stepped forward and gently massaged Ascal's shoulders.

"You seem very tired. Your shoulders are a bit tense. Shall I prepare something sweet for you?"

"Thank you."But Lia was no pushover.

Instead, she implemented a softening policy by treating the tantrum-throwing Ascal kindly. Ascal felt a twinge of guilt. Indeed, it was a move worthy of an imperial princess.

"Let's stay strong today too, Minister. You got it!"

She even raised her fist in encouragement. Was this a signal that if he still didn't listen, she would punch him in the head with that fist?

"I'll go. I will go."

Lia smoothly got up and watched Ascal as he put on his coat, tilting her head slightly in wonder.****

The State Council meeting.

A gathering where all the ministers of the Empire and the Emperor discuss the major affairs of the state.

Although it sounded grand, the State Council had only recently started functioning properly.

'No matter what we discuss here, if the sycophants have their say, it all goes back to square one. How could one be motivated?'

But now, with the sycophants gone and the Crown Prince managing state affairs instead of the Emperor, the State Council was regaining its original function.

The attendance rate, which was once a mere 20%, had impressively crossed 50%.

'It's clear why the Empire fell.'

The ministers who still didn't attend were mostly from wealthy noble families. They were absent with a bold attitude of 'cut me off if you dare'.

And indeed, they were cut off, just as they wished. Yulia, who had become a tyrant, decisively beheaded them.

The Crown Prince looked around at the ministers and smiled.

"Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules. I won't take more of your time than necessary, so let's discuss the agenda briefly."

Though it felt almost like a regency, the Crown Prince was not yet the Emperor. He seemed to give way to the ministers with more practical experience.

"First is the matter of exporting improved magic stones. As you know, our Empire's magic stones are unparalleled in quality and efficacy compared to others. This is all thanks to the efforts of the Minister of Evaluation. Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude again."

"I'm not a general store, you know."

Grumbling, Bernstein brought out a tool that resembled a thermometer.

"It's a homemade hot spring water contamination measuring device. It's certified by the association, so there should be no issues using it."

"How long did it take to make this?"

"A day?"

Ascal looked at Bernstein, speechless.

To think he says he's incompetent, just lucky? Ridiculous. Such a man should be kept in the Empire and put to work for life.

"Make sure to pack other tools necessary for the job."

"I can't thank you enough."

"Just bring me back a souvenir."

"I'll bring something expensive."

But Ascal felt something was off.

Bernstein was too compliant.

"Also, I've arranged for someone from the Department of Development and Innovation to accompany you to Kelli. It's a shame I cant go myself... but the person is exceptionally talented and will be a great help."

"Is this talent the kind I'm thinking of?"

"Of course. Excellent in magic and very smart. You know this person."

Bernstein smiled.

'Someone I know?'

Ascal racked his brain for someone he knew from the Department of Development and Innovation, but couldn't easily come up with a name.****A few days later.

The day Ascal left for the Kingdom of Kelli.

He discovered who Bernstein's referred person was.

"I'm Seri Lavione, the new member at the Department of Development and Innovation. I might be inexperienced, but I'm looking forward to working with you."

Serena curtsied, holding the hem of her skirt.

Once on the carriage, Serena tapped the seat next to her, inviting Ascal.

"Come on, we need to get going before Princess Yulia notices, okay?"

With no other choice, Ascal climbed into the carriage.

But he chose the seat opposite her.

Serena playfully tapped Ascal's leg with her toes, giggling.

"You're being too playful, Princess."

"I'm not a princess, I'm Seri. Call me that, and I'll stop."

Ascal dodged his legs here and there, but Serena persistently teased him.

'Bernstein, this is unforgettable...'

His plans for a peaceful, solitary vacation had gone awry. He had intentionally left without any attendants, and yet here was this siren-like strategy at play.


"Sing a song!!!! Seri!!!!!!"

And so, upon reaching the hot springs, the two found themselves in the midst of a crisis unlike any other.

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