Qi Feng had always hated Pei Ming for becoming a disciple of Yue Xiuzhai. Now Pei Ming also mentioned “Shizun”, which immediately added fuel to his anger. Besides, he thought Pei Ming’s words were simply too ridiculous. How could he not draw Qi into his body in order to lay a foundation? Spiritual circles all advocate that the earlier Qi is drawn into the body, the better. Because people are born, there will be a stream of innate Qi, which is helpful to practice. As time goes by, the innate Qi will slowly dissipate. The earlier you draw Qi into the body, the earlier you can reduce the escape of congenital qi.

He didn’t believe that Yue Xiuzhi didn’t teach Pei Ming how to draw Qi into the body, but he did. It was Pei Ming couldn’t draw Qi into the body!

So he said, “Lay a foundation? It’s funny. The basic thing is to draw Qi into the body. Ordinary people know that the earlier you draw Qi into the body, the less the natural Qi will dissipate. I drew Qi into the body when I was three years old. I was a six segment spiritual master before I entered the realm, but now I am a seven segment spiritual master. But you have no aura in the first three months. I’m afraid you are not unable to induce qi into the body so you hide it, right?”

Hearing this, Pei Ming’s body stiffened slightly.

He used to be a little beggar and didn’t care about other people’s insults, but Qi Feng’s words hit his heart.

Yes, why didn’t Master teach him to breathe?

He heard Liu Ye say that most of the disciples who came in with him had achieved accomplishments in drawing Qi into the body ahead of time. A few of them had not started to practice, and they also started to draw Qi into the body after they entered the realm. Now most of them have reached the second spiritual division.

Only he was every day learning to read and write, practicing only the frame of the martial arts, but no cultivation.


The dialogue ended with Liu Ye’s return, and Qi Feng slipped ahead of schedule. However, he didn’t find anything unusual.

When Yue Xiuzhi came back an hour later to check his apprentice’s learning progress, he realized that the little brat was unhappy.

“What’s the matter?” Yue Xiuzhi asked.

The little boy put down his sword and buried his face in Yue Xiuzhi’s arms without saying a word.

Yue Xiuzhi did not know what it happened. He could only touch the little boy’s head and asked softly, “Are you tired of practicing sword?”

The cub in his arms shook his head, but still said nothing.

“What’s the matter? Tell the Shizun. Who made A-Min unhappy?” Yue Xiuzhi tried his best to coax the cub. (A: another term of endearment)

“Shizun, why don’t you teach me to breathe? Why, why have all the other people who started with me induced Qi into their bodies?”

And they were all second-degree spirit masters and above, most of them were third or fourth-degree spirit masters now.

The cub thought to himself, but the five year old’s expressive ability was not enough for him to say such long sentences.

Yue Xiuzhi’s heart clattered.

He has been worried about it all the time.

The little cub’s Extreme Vein Holy Devil Body, is necessary to have the stimulation of spiritual and demonic qi. And after being stimulated, his evil nature cannot be hidden. When others see him, he will be a demon that should be killed. This is unless, like Big Brother Pei in the later period, his cultivation is high enough to seal himself. Besides, even if you can hide it, you can’t hide it from yourself. You know you are different when you are only five years old, which is too bad for children’s mental health.

In case of exposure, Pei Xiaoming is expected to become the man who hates heaven and earth in his previous life.

But I’ve been keeping it from you. Sooner or later, I will find that I can’t practice. What should I do?

He has been searching the system store recently, hoping to find something that can solve this problem. He only hated that he was so quick to speak that he made the system angry and the system turned off the customer service function, which made him have to search pages by himself.

There are more than thousands of things in the system store. He can’t find them for a while.

Now, it can only be delayed for a while.

So he patted the child on the back and told him a lie: “You are a talent of nine veins, which is different from ordinary people. If you draw Qi into the body early, your accomplishments will grow quickly, which will hurt your foundation. I hope you can draw Qi into the body later to strengthen your foundation.”

He also knew that his nonsense could not be coaxed for long, so he quickly shifted the little boy’s attention: “Today, the kitchen made golden cream puffs. How about I accompany you to taste them?”

The little child is estimated to be hungry before, after coming to the Liu Ya Peak, every time Yue Xiuzhi teased the child too much to get angry, with some small snacks, the package to coax the child to smile was done.

For this reason, Yue Xiuzhi also specially sent people to invite famous chefs to the Liu Ya Peak.

But this time, Pei Ming could not be coaxed by the delicious food. In order not to worry his Shizun, he nodded reluctantly, but his heart was still heavy.

Later, Yue Xiuzhi used the array in the yard to reproduce what happened after he left in order to know why the little bean suddenly paid attention to the matter of Qi entrainment.

After watching, he couldn’t laugh or cry.

Even if it is just a parallel world of the secondary world, the power of the plot is still strong.

Qi Feng, a ten year old boy, was able to sneak into the Liu Ya Peak without saying anything about it. It happened that Liu Ye left halfway that day.

You know, Liu Feng and Liu Ye usually stays by Pei Ming’s side. Even if something happens occasionally, such as going to the kitchen to pick up snacks today, only one person will go there. It’s too coincidental that both of them went there today. Moreover, Qi Feng, the little boy, was really funny. He took great pains to sneak into the Liu Ya Peak just to make fun of the main character.

As expected, in the end of the novel, the villain’s mockery of the protagonist is always ubiquitous.

Although Yue Xiuzhi was aware that the plot power was irresistible, he still punished Liu Feng and Liu Ye a little, after all, this time it was originally their negligence. Then he continued to go through the system store.

At night, the little brat stared at the ceiling alone for a long time.

He remembered the words of the man called Qi Feng, who said, “How can a loser like you be worthy of being a disciple of Vahtan-zun!”

Pei Ming had always had a deep inferiority complex in his heart; three months ago, he was nothing more than a small beggar in the yin and yang corner of town, with no food to eat and everyone to despise. All of a sudden, he walked through that ladder and became a disciple of Shizun. A powerful master, so good to him master.

The fact that his master treated him so well gave him a deep sense of unreality. In his private heart, he also thought that he did not deserve to be a disciple of his master.

But he was eager to prove: No, it’s not. I am worthy to be Shizun’s disciple!

Why didn’t Master teach him to induce qi into his body? Was he really unable to cultivate?

No, he didn’t believe it.

The young pup who had been dazed suddenly got up and sneaked out of the room.

He went to the book collection pavilion of the Liu Yan Peak and started looking for a book with the method of inducing qi into the body.

This is not difficult to find, this is the most basic Qi method in the spirit world, thrown on the street will not be wanted, usually written at the top of some basic Qi method. Because people with cultivation talent to start is to lead the qi into the body, and no talent to practice a million times can not lead the qi into the body.

At the same time, far away in another world in the deity realm of Pei-dage, found out his soul had a subtle connection with somewhere.

It was as if a part of his primordial spirit had possessed his young self again in that strange world, but this time, there was more than just one in this body.

There was another one, this body’s own spirit.

Big Brother Pei found this body seemingly in a book collection, rummaging for something.

“What are you looking for?” He asked out loud.

Pei Xiaoming was startled by the sudden appearance of the voice, and the book in his hand fell to the ground.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Me? I’m probably the …… other you?” Pei-dage said with some uncertainty.

“The other me? You’re in my, body?”

“Almost, although I am another you, but I just temporarily reside in your body …… Anyway, children should not care so much.” Pei-dage was too lazy to waste his words to explain.

Pei Xiaoming actually really did not ask again, because this voice really gave him a very familiar feeling, as if it really is another him.

“So, what are you looking for?” Big Brother Pei continued his previous question.

“I’m looking for the method to draw Qi into the body.” Pei Xiaoming replied.

The big brother let out a snort: “You better not bother, you can’t possibly induce qi into your body.”

At these words, Pei Ming’s body stiffened, and then retorted in a stern voice: “Impossible, Shizun said that he wanted me to induce qi into my body later because he wanted to stabilize my foundation!”

The big man was not impressed by the child’s answer, and even felt disgusted when he heard the child say “Shizun”: “Shizun? Are you talking about Yue Xiuzhi? That’s just a scum who deserves to die by a thousand cuts, you believe all his nonsense.”

If the first sentence of this voice just stepped on Pei Ming’s sore foot, this latter sentence slandering Shizun was to set off all the mines in his minefield, and immediately the little bean blew up: “No slandering Shizun! How can you say that! You this, this ……”

The five-year-old brat which understand what cursing words, he only felt that this person is really abominable, but do not know how to say, and finally put their eyes are holding red.

Just now when this person said he was his other self, he still believed it very much, but now he strongly doubted it: how could he be me? How could I possibly say that about Shizun?

“Whatever you want.” Pei-dage didn’t bother to argue with this silly kid, but just quietly watched this kid, after calming down, rummage through the boxes again to find books with the method of drawing Qi into the body.

The big man watched coldly as this little kid, who could be considered his “young self”, persistently tried to induce qi into his body and suddenly felt full of mockery.

He remembered that when he first entered Jiuhuaxiao, Yue Xiuzhi offered him a very pleasant face, and even doted on him, but later learned that he could not cultivate, and this so-called Shizun was very indifferent to him. At that time, he was also the same as this little kid, every day to think of various ways to draw Qi into the body, hoping to be close to Shizun again. Until he was nine years old, he has been ostracized by the handyman in the Liu Ya peak, all kinds of difficulties, everyday hunger, winter to the point of wanting to freeze to death. He had been suffering for four years.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Shi Ze had been secretly helping himself…… then he would probably have really died in a corner that no one knew about, but after he was locked up to take blood, he never saw Shi Ze again. Later, he also tried to find it, but he could not find the person in the whole Jiuhuaxiao – just like those who were short-lived in his life.

His past ridiculous self couldn’t wait for the day he and Shizun respected and cultivated well, but the day came and he was found to be possessed of “evil nature”. So he went from being ignored by others, to being imprisoned, tortured and being taken blood every day. At that time, he swore that one day, he would let Yue Xiuzhi repay him a thousand times.

Pei Ming thought this way and could not help but snicker again: later, he did it, did not he?

The first thing you need to do is to take your own blood. So he drained the last drop of blood from Yue Fengzhi. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product. So he turned Jiuhuaxiao into a devil’s cave.

Thinking about these past events, Pei Ming became even more disgusted with Yue Xiuzhi, and even more bored with the stubborn persistence of this little brat in front of him.